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12 Posts from Carol 2013 – Day 2


Holiday 2Day 2 – oh yeah! Season’s Greetings with snarkery today in the best of.

George Krueger and Mary-Lynn Foster suggest you leverage best practices of dog training with your clients in Treat Your Customers Like Dogs.

Brad Shorr gets the nod for best riff on pop culture this year with Breaking Bad Lessons for Small Business.

Steve Woodruff got my attention with this great title and excellent suggestions for honing your message in Be a Distiller and a Thief.

Carol Roth, as you probably know, is a recovering investment banker but here’s a calculation I’ll bet they didn’t teach at Wharton (but maybe they should have) Pursuing R.O.E. (Return on Ego).

Tomorrow is the last day so be sure to check back.

If you missed yesterday’s best of, you can find it here

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Thanks for the thumbs up on my post. I don't know what to do with myself now that Breaking Bad is over. 

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