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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

In Business You Need More than Passion- You Need Goals

Written By: Carol Roth
Many entrepreneurs end up pursuing business ownership because of passion, circumstance or perhaps an exciting idea, forgetting about...

Marketing Messaging: Try One vs. Try Once

Written By: Carol Roth
In an establishment recently, I saw the following sign:   I am pretty sure that they were trying...

Avoid Being the Business Booty Call

Written By: Carol Roth
Every once in a while it’s good to dust important things off from the archives. The idea of...

Etiquette: 4 Important Business Etiquette Tips

Written By: Carol Roth
In this technology-laden world that we now inhabit, common courtesy and the benefit of the doubt have seemingly...

Entrepreneurs Should Always Be Marketing

Written By: Carol Roth
If you are an entrepreneur, you are in many ways your business-there is barely a separation between our...

Responsibility vs. Flexibility vs. Accountability

Written By: Carol Roth
In order for our businesses and ourselves to grow, it’s critical that we are able to give others...

You Can’t Automate Common Courtesy

Written By: Carol Roth
Technology allows us to do amazing things to streamline our businesses.  However, we are reaching a point where...

Investment: Crowdfunding Project Tips

Written By: Carol Roth
With the economic climate as tough as it is right now, financial backing and investments are harder than...

Calling BS on Doing Your Best

Written By: Carol Roth
When businesses, professional endeavors or even personal pursuits aren’t going as intended- or perhaps aren’t going anywhere- the...

Influence: About the Professional Company That You Keep

Written By: Carol Roth
You can tell a lot about a person by the company that they keep.  I think the saying...