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This blog features New York Times Best Selling author Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.
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Carol Roth is a national media personality, ‘recovering’ investment banker, investor, speaker and author of the New York Times bestselling book, The Entrepreneur Equation. She is a judge on the Mark Burnett (Shark Tank, The Voice, Survivor, The Apprentice) produced technology competition series, America's Greatest Makers, airing on TBS and Host of Microsoft's Office Small Business Academy show. Previously, Carol was the host and co-producer of The Noon Show, a current events talk show on WGN Radio, one of the top stations in the country, and a contributor to CNBC, as well as a frequent guest on Fox News, CNN, Fox Business and other stations. Carol's multimedia commentary covers business and the economy, current events, politics and pop culture topics. Carol has helped her clients complete more than $2 billion in capital raising and M&A transactions. She is a Top 100 Small Business Influencer (2011-2015) and has her own action figure. Twitter: @CarolJSRoth

Articles by: Carol Roth

Social Media Case Study: From Twitter Engagement to Television Plug

Does Twitter- or any social media for that matter- work for your business? It can, if you are using the tools effectively (and of course, using the media where your customers are at).
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18 Business Tax Tips

Filing taxes can be such a daunting and overwhelming task. And with the Tax Day filing deadline looming just around the corner, many business owners are feeling a sense of panic and dread start to set in. So, to help ease some of this panic, I […]
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SPIYT: What’s the Best Way to Raise Capital in the Current Environment?

One of the top questions that I receive is “Where’s the Money?” There’s no right answer, just a right answer for you. See the video.
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Five Tips to Get the Most Out of Hosting a Social Media Event

By leveraging social media, you can create an experience for your existing customers and connect with new customers as well. But there are some best practices...
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Business Spending: Expenses Vs. Investing

As business owners are faced with spending money on their businesses, I find that there isn’t a good enough grasp of the difference between outlaying cash or even incurring debt for an expense versus outlaying cash or incurring debt for an investment. Spending to make a […]
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How to Really Achieve Your Business Goals- 6 Questions with Wendy Lipton-Dibner

... how do you go about setting and achieving your business goals? Wendy Lipton-Dibner...weighs in on this with me.
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60+ Ways to Leverage & Use Twitter to Grow Your Business

When it’s used effectively, Twitter can be an amazing asset to your business. When it’s not, it can be confusing, overwhelming and extremely time-consuming. Today’s blog post is brought to you by PEEPS AND COMPANY®, who just launched their amazing new online store It’s super […]
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What’s The New Small?

How does new technology enable small business to be nimble, compete effectively and grow?  That’s the premise behind Phil Simon’s newest book, The New Small.  Since Phil’s the technology guru, I asked him (aka “Passed the Buck” to him) to record an interview between us on The New Small.  […]
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You Can’t Crowdsource Loyalty: Why “Vote-for-me” Awards Should Die

There is a disturbing formula that a lot of companies and brands- both large and small- are using to drive awareness and ostensibly loyalty.  It’s one that I hope dies because it’s both insulting and largely ineffective in its ultimate goals. And that’s the faux-award that’s […]
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What can Microsoft’s Former COO Teach You About Small Business?

Can a small business learn from the C-Suite of Microsoft?  Hear what Bob Herbold, the former Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft Corporation and the author of “What’s Holding You Back? Ten Bold Steps that Define Gutsy Leaders” told me regarding lessons that small business owners can […]
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