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This blog features New York Times Best Selling author Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.
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Carol Roth is a national media personality, ‘recovering’ investment banker, investor, speaker and author of the New York Times bestselling book, The Entrepreneur Equation. She is currently an on-air contributor for the national cable television station CNBC, the pre-eminent name in business news. Previously, Carol was the host and co-producer of The Noon Show, a current events talk show on WGN Radio, one of the top stations in the country, and a frequent guest on Fox News, CNN, Fox Business and other stations. Carol's multimedia commentary covers business and the economy, current events, politics and pop culture topics. Carol has helped her clients complete more than $2 billion in capital raising and M&A transactions. She is a Top 100 Small Business Influencer (2011, 2012 & 2013) and has her own action figure. Twitter: @CarolJSRoth

Articles by: Carol Roth

Holiday Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

The holiday season has arrived, complete with the usual flurry of holiday marketing campaigns vying for consumer attention and dollars. But, using the wrong ideas, strategies and tactics can not only waste your business’s marketing dollars, it can cost you sales, too. So, to help your […] Read More

3 Ways to Boost Website Engagement

Having a website is an absolute must for most any viable business nowadays. But, merely having a business website doesn’t do you any good if the only visitors that see it are your mom and some spambots from Russia. And since pretty much anybody with 10 […] Read More

The Best Marketing Advice on a Budget

Marketing is essential for a successful business. But, for both new and established businesses, it can be expensive and difficult to determine the proper avenues and strategies that will work best for your business. So, with that in mind, the contributor network of business owners, […] Read More

The Angry American Apologizes

So, the other day I received an unsolicited, hate-filled email that stemmed from a prior tv appearance.  If you missed the discourse, you can find it here.  It was one of many that I receive that are similar in tone. My course of action was to […] Read More

New Rule: America Needs to Get a Grip on Its Anger

This blog doesn’t really have to do with small business, with the exception that how we communicate affects our business relationships and life as much as our personal one. As a figure in the public eye, I get a lot of commentary, on Twitter and Facebook, […] Read More

3 Tips for Solopreneurs

So, you’ve decided to branch out all by your lonesome and start a business. Now, you’re free to set your own hours, make all of your own decisions and work in the manner that you best see fit (which may or may not include bunny slippers […] Read More

What Not to Do During an Interview

With the unemployment rate being so high, it makes the competition for jobs and business even more difficult. And after reading recent articles where interviewees are now bringing their parents along to interviews, I thought that I should ask the fabulous contributor network of business […] Read More

3 Business Travel Tips

Many people have to travel regularly for business and for a lot of us, we travel much more often than we would like. From the expenses incurred and the time investment involved to being inspected by those TSA agents, business travel can be a major hassle. […] Read More

Small Business Resources

For better or for worse, there is no shortage of information out there for those in business. But how do business owners know which of those resources to use? To help answer that question, I have asked the wonderful contributor network of business owners, experts, […] Read More

Great Business Networking Tips

Every business owner and entrepreneur needs help- there’s just no way around it. No matter if you need help with marketing, getting more clients, PR, or even employees, networking is essential to getting that help. So, I have sought the advice of the trusted contributor […] Read More
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