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This blog features New York Times Best Selling author Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.
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Brad Shorr is the Director of B2B Marketing for Straight North, an Internet marketing agency headquartered in Chicago. With many years of entrepreneurial experience, he writes frequently on business strategy and content marketing topics.

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Stop Sugarcoating Bad News

Although Valentine’s Day is approaching, the reflections in this post are anything but sugary. Reason being, business today has become a tad too sweet for my taste.  We’re getting flabby by gobbling up verbal candy instead of taking our medicine, swallowing the bitter pill. As a Read More

Cooper’s Hawk: How to Excel in Customer Service

When a restaurant goes the extra mile, it gets my attention. When it goes the extra 5 miles, it’s time for an article. Recently some friends and I went to Cooper’s Hawk in Naperville, IL – a popular, upscale restaurant/winery featuring a Napa Valley-like wine-tasting bar. Read More

Great Sales Reps Identify Reasons Behind Reasons

Selling is a tough gig. From the morning bell to the 5 o’clock whistle, sales reps have to fight the “used car salesman” stereotype just to get an audience, let alone close a deal. And what’s really galling (I know, because I’ve been above, below and Read More

5 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Made by Small Businesses

Marketing is tough for any company to get its arms around, and for small firms in particular, it’s easier to go wrong than to go right. Nevertheless, if you avoid making the following five mistakes, you are on your way to having an effective marketing function Read More

The Most Valuable Sales Advice I Ever Received

When I started my sales career, it was an uphill battle. I struggled with pretty much every aspect of the job, but in particular, I had a hard time figuring out what price to quote to a prospect and how to overcome price objections.  This left Read More

Breaking Bad Lessons for Small Business

(Note: Some spoilers below.) Manipulator, monster, meth king … Say what you want about Walter White: He built up a business from scratch that is now so big he literally has more money than he can count. What can we learn from the evil Breaking Bad Read More

Two Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Sales Reps

A sales rep is a terrible thing to waste, and yet many small companies squander their sales talent because of poor training and management practices. Here are two techniques that have worked terrifically for me – perhaps you can make them work in your operation. 1. Read More

All Things to All People Marketing

KAREN: What, you got a little thing for her? GEORGE: No, No! She’s going out with a friend of mine. It’s only courteous that we should try and like each other. KAREN: What difference does it make? Who cares if she doesn’t like you? Does everybody Read More

The 5 Least Important Qualities in a Sales Candidate

Evaluating sales talent is a tricky business, but your success depends on it. To appreciate the impact, consider professional sports teams that do a lousy job of evaluating talent. Here in Chicago, our Cubs and Bears have endured epochs of ineffectiveness because they picked the wrong Read More

5 Marketing Mistakes Companies Make Every Day

Having assisted small, medium and large organizations on marketing projects for a number of years, I’ve watched the same mistakes occur over and over. To be sure, marketing is an inexact science, but if you avoid these errors, your chances of success increase dramatically. Unwillingness to Read More
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