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Brad Shorr is the Director of B2B Marketing for Straight North, an Internet marketing agency headquartered in Chicago. With many years of entrepreneurial experience, he writes frequently on business strategy and content marketing topics.

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7 Things To Loathe, Hate And Despise About Social Media

Social media makes me sad. When I joined Twitter in 2006, it was a terrific experience. I hear people talk about Facebook the same way, back when that platform was the exclusive territory of college students. What happened? What went wrong? Marketers, rather than conversationalists, dominate. […]
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Cheapness Is Not a Sense

“I’ll sniff out a deal. I have a sixth sense.” “Cheapness is not a sense.” ~ George and Jerry, in Seinfeld, “The Reverse Peephole” Seinfeld was chock-full of sage business advice, and these cautionary words about cheapness are a case in point. Indeed, cheapness got Seinfeld […]
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7 Don’ts for Online Content

The problem with online publishing is everyone can be an author. However, just because you have access to a PUBLISH button does not make you a skilled writer. If you are serious about writing high-quality content for your business, it’s imperative to learn and follow certain […]
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Is Perfectionism Your Fatal Flaw?

This small-business management post sings the praises of making mistakes, duplicating efforts, rushing to judgment, going off half-cocked, and all other forms of organizational disorganization. Why would I do such a thing? Because too many promising businesses fail by going to the other extreme, by being […]
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How to Write Effective Job Descriptions on Your Website

It’s hard enough to attract high-quality job applicants — but what do you do when you drive applicants away by posting shoddy job descriptions on your website? Here are a few tips to make your job descriptions generate interest from the people you most want to […]
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The Most Popular Bad Advice About Social Media

These days, it seems like every business wants a seat on the social media bandwagon. Facebook seems to have more users than there are people on Earth. Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tumblr, Reddit, Yelp and Pinterest all have multitudes of loyal, engaged followers, along with niche […]
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What’s the Difference Between Content Marketing and Blogging?

There’s a good reason why companies confuse blogging and content marketing: No two people seem to have the same definition of content marketing. The Content Marketing Institute, a credible source, defines content marketing as: “… [A] strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, […]
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To DIY or Not to DIY, That Is the Question

Trying to decide whether to outsource a business function or do it internally? If so, asking these questions will help you determine the right answer. Do you have expertise? If you don’t know the first thing about the business function in question, hiring a person to […]
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The Pros and Cons of Freelancing – Is It Worth It?

Are you considering leaving a secure corporate job to work without a net as a freelancer? This decision will have long-term impact on your personal and professional life, so consider it from every angle. To assist you, here are three important pros and cons to consider […]
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Dead or Alive: Surviving the Busy (or Slow) Holiday Season

When I started in the packaging business, November and December were dead. Customers dead like us were partying nonstop. Busy customers were packing 20 hours of work into 16-hour days. Nobody had time to talk about packaging. But with the Internet coming to town, e-commerce took […]
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