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This blog features New York Times Best Selling author Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.
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George Krueger and Mary-Lynn Foster are the co-founders of BIGG Success, your place for entreprenurturing(TM). They also co-host "BIGG Success in a Minute," a syndicated radio show now playing on stations around the United States.

Articles by: George and Mary-Lynn

Sell More with the Last Thing You Say to Customers

It costs a lot of money to get a customer to buy from you for the first time. Do you make money on that first transaction? Many businesses don’t. They need to get the customer to come back again. So it’s a mistake to focus all your Read More

A Tool More Important than a Business Plan or a Budget

If you’re like us, you’ve heard a lot about the importance of business plans. However, we don’t hear much about a tool that’s even more important – your annual plan. The annual plan brings your business plan to life. The business plan tells you “what.” The Read More

2 Critical Questions to Ask Your Customers

We took advantage of the beautiful weather in our area over the weekend. We love to get out of our small city and go for a drive. There’s an outlet mall about thirty minutes from us. So we stopped and shopped! We like to combine work Read More

Expose Yourself for Success as an Entrepreneur

We reached our conclusion after reading the transcript of a speech about getting rich. It was delivered by scientist, professor and author Jared Diamond at the Museum of Natural History in New York. He talked about a natural experiment that highlights the cost of isolation. The Read More

Everything Is Marketing but Marketing Is Not Everything

Do you sell products or services? Or do you promote a brand? For the most successful small businesses, it’s the latter. They realize that it’s the way to capture mind share with customers and prospects. Everything is marketing If you want to be one of them, Read More

Are You a Two-Faced Entrepreneur?

“Find your passion.” It’s a popular piece of advice these days, which fits our generation of entrepreneurs. You spend most of your time at work. You might as well love it. “Don’t get emotional about business. It clouds the judgment.” This is a quote from Gordon Read More

Don’t Get Hooked on the Silent Killer

A person can become addicted to a number of things, from drugs and alcohol to sex and gambling. Any of them can destroy your life. People will witness the damage being done, right before their eyes. If you’re lucky, they care for you enough to confront Read More

The Most Destructive Distraction

What’s the single, most destructive distraction on your path to success? This may surprise you. It’s not social media or the Internet. It’s not your phone or your e-mail. Nor is it music, TV, YouTube videos or games. So what is it? It’s worry. Worry keeps Read More

Does Your Business Control You?

If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably heard: You should work on your business, not just in your business. It’s a catchy phrase. It sounds simple enough. However, it creates frustration for a lot of small business owners. They already have too much to do. How can Read More

A Trick for More Stable Cash Flow

It turns out we haven’t evolved much after all. Research shows we view risk much like our pre-historic ancestors. We analyze it two ways – logically and emotionally. Most of the time, we instantly use the second way – our feelings. It’s just how our brain Read More
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