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This blog features New York Times Best Selling author Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.
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George Krueger and Mary-Lynn Foster are the co-founders of BIGG Success, your place for entreprenurturing(TM). They also co-host "BIGG Success in a Minute," a syndicated radio show now playing on stations around the United States.

Articles by: George and Mary-Lynn

The Most Destructive Distraction

What’s the single, most destructive distraction on your path to success? This may surprise you. It’s not social media or the Internet. It’s not your phone or your e-mail. Nor is it music, TV, YouTube videos or games. So what is it? It’s worry. Worry keeps Read More

Does Your Business Control You?

If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably heard: You should work on your business, not just in your business. It’s a catchy phrase. It sounds simple enough. However, it creates frustration for a lot of small business owners. They already have too much to do. How can Read More

A Trick for More Stable Cash Flow

It turns out we haven’t evolved much after all. Research shows we view risk much like our pre-historic ancestors. We analyze it two ways – logically and emotionally. Most of the time, we instantly use the second way – our feelings. It’s just how our brain Read More

Setting Goals to Skyrocket Your Success

“Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.”  ~ Neil Armstrong These words were spoken on July 20, 1969 as three men – Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins – landed a spacecraft on the moon for the first time. They had launched their mission Read More

A Business with No Expenses

We find that accountants often lead us entrepreneurs astray. They make us classify outlays of cash as investments or expenses. But small business owners can’t afford expenses. They have to view expenses by their true nature: They are investments. An accounting phenomenon When you purchase inventory Read More

Entrepreneurs and the Hero’s Complex

We recently caught the movie Kiss the Girls. Morgan Freeman plays Alex Cross, a detective and forensic psychologist whose niece went missing. Foul play was suspected. It was feared that she was in the hands of a serial kidnapper, who “collected’ young women. Detective Cross tried Read More

What Do You Really Sell?

We were asked recently to share insights with the strategic planning committee of a bank. One of the questions we asked them was: “What do you sell?” It’s a question we’ve asked ourselves. We also ask it of our coaching clients. It’s a part of one Read More

Are Your Financial Statements Misleading You?

Accounting is the language of business. You must have a basic understanding of it in order to succeed. However, your financial statements can mislead you. To help illustrate this point, let’s think about the Balance Sheet of an airline. They have a line item for Inventory. Read More

Treat Your Customers Like Dogs

Effective marketers know a secret to building a loyal customer base. Like many great ideas, they didn’t think of it themselves. They stole it from dog trainers. If you want to create raving fans, you just have to follow their lead: Treat your customers like dogs. Read More

A Common Mistake Newly Successful Entrepreneurs Make

Here’s a true story about an entrepreneur that launched a business. He started with very little capital. The first year in business was rough. He was constantly scrounging for sales. The business lost money. Yet somehow, he kept the bills paid. The second year was a Read More
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