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Rich Gallagher is a former customer service executive and practicing therapist who heads the Point of Contact Group. His books include two #1 customer service bestsellers, “What to Say to a Porcupine” and ”The Customer Service Survival Kit: What to Say to Defuse Your Worst Customer Situations,” both released by AMACOM. He has taught over 30,000 people what to say in their worst customer and workplace situations.

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Top Five Tips for Getting Referral Business

I sometimes joke that my most successful marketing strategy is waiting for the phone to ring. Because, in point of fact, it is. The majority of my speaking engagements, writing gigs and therapy clients all come from other people sending them my way. People underestimate the […]
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The Five Parts of A Successful Book Proposal

Quick question: why are you here on Yes, she is a great small business strategist, a lovely person, and one of quickest wits in the business community. But I am guessing you first heard of her through her media platform. Which in turn was fueled […]
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50 at 50: My Secrets to Success

This is my 50th blog for my good friend (and literary partner-in-crime) Carol Roth. To celebrate, I am going to share with you 50 principles that I honestly feel are my own secrets to success, many of which are distilled from my four-plus years of blogging […]
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The Myth of Working Harder

Decades ago, when I was an engineering student and my father was an engineering professor, I would go to him for help with tough assignments. His answer was always the same: “You just have to work harder.” Nowadays, I feel that this is one of the […]
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Sell Like Your Doctor

I noticed something interesting when I went in for my annual physical this year: my longtime family doctor is booked a month in advance. With no billboards, advertising, or sales pitches. And I don’t think he would ever be interested. I see the same thing in […]
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When Your Customer Is a Jerk

Rude. Demanding. Capricious. Unreasonable. High-maintenance. These are some of the words that come to mind when many small business owners think of their “favorite” customers – the ones you silently (or not so silently) roll your eyes about. These are the people who are never happy […]
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What a Tightrope Walker Can Teach Your Business

The title of this post makes an important point. Many people feel that starting a small business is a lot like being a performer going out on a tightrope. And they are absolutely correct. But not for the reason they might think. Both groups of people […]
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Silencing Your Biggest Critic

Many small business owners have an enemy. A critic who seems bent on making you fail. This person is unfailingly harsh, judgmental, and often just plain rude. In fact, far too often it seems like this person’s sole purpose in life is to humiliate you into […]
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Communication Skills: How’s Your Metacommunication?

People often feel – mistakenly – that business success revolves around communications skills. I do not agree. I feel that success actually revolves around your metacommunication skills. Psychologists define metacommunication as the sum of your verbal and non-verbal communication. For example, if you say “Glad to […]
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The Real Secret to Overcoming Objections

If you are selling something, what is the best way to overcome a prospective customer’s objections? My answer is simple: don’t. Let’s look at a real-life example: this morning, I just got off a phone call that went something like this: Them: “Hi, this is the […]
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