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Rich Gallagher is a former customer service executive and practicing therapist who heads the Point of Contact Group. His books include two #1 customer service bestsellers, “What to Say to a Porcupine” and ”The Customer Service Survival Kit: What to Say to Defuse Your Worst Customer Situations,” both released by AMACOM. He has taught over 30,000 people what to say in their worst customer and workplace situations.

Articles by: Rich Gallagher

Book Publishing: How to Make It to the Big Leagues

I recently reached a nice milestone as an author: As of this year, I have sold over a million dollars worth of books. At this point I consider myself to be the writing equivalent of an everyday MLB or NBA player – more like a solid […] Read More

How to Deal with Business Burnout

Are you feeling burned out? You have lots of company. And there is no lack of chirpy articles on how to deal with burnout in your life. They tell you to take a walk, see a movie, or stop and smell the roses. Or perhaps take […] Read More

The Ever-Fatal Sales Check In

What are the five words your customers dread the most when they pick up the phone? (Besides “Hi, this is the police” or “Dad, we need to talk”?) It is “Just calling to check in.” Common sales wisdom often tells you to check in with your […] Read More

How to Turn Your Crappiest Employees Around

If your small business is successful enough to start growing, you can count on one guarantee: some day you will have to contend with having a crappy employee. Or two. Or five. Of course, you can always fire crappy employees. And sometimes you should: if they […] Read More

How to Find Your Market

by Rich Gallagher and Sarah Thompson In November, I (Rich) wrote a blog about what I feel is the most ignored – and most critical – advice in starting a small business: work backwards from the market, not forward from your crazy idea. Which naturally led […] Read More

Why Your Book – or Business – Will Be a Flop

People often ask me for advice on how to land a book contract (I’ve penned nine and ghostwritten several others) or start a business (I’ve been successfully self-employed for much of the last two decades). And I gladly give it. But the vast majority of them […] Read More

The Crappy Way to Success

I have been fortunate enough to know a lot of fairly successful people: authors, musicians, business owners, and more. And with few exceptions, there is one common denominator to their success: they all began as crappy authors, musicians, and business owners. So much so that I […] Read More

You Are What You Eat

The foodies are out to kill me. Seriously. As a public speaker, I often travel and have to eat out. Many people don’t realize that I have a cluster of food allergies and carry an epinephrine injector with me. And therein lies a tale of where […] Read More

Why No One Reads Your Blog

Many articles on small business success tell you to “connect with your customers” – and in particular, to write blogs. So you write a bunch, post them on your website, and hear nothing but crickets. Why is that? I am guessing that it is because you’ve […] Read More

The One-Word Secret to Small Business Success

Pick up a book on how to succeed in small business. Any book. You will find all sorts of advice on how to write a business plan, advertise, hire your first employees, and fill out your taxes. Most, however, will cough and sputter when they get […] Read More
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