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Robert Holmes Th.D, PCC is an expert in the science of human behaviour. He is a Founding Partner at Frazer Holmes Coaching - where art and science fuse. Robert is an international journalist and author of six books on leadership, coaching, business, fiction and theology.

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Employing Eeyore as Your Advisor: The Upside of an Eternal Pessimist

I loved reading about the adventures of Christopher Robin and his childhood friends in Hundred Acre Wood. It was only recently I realized that the author of Winnie the Pooh, A. A. Milne, gave these childhood characters a range of mental illnesses. Think about it. Pooh […]
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Being a Ulysses Leader: 4 Ways to Stop the Sirens’ Song

Business is full of ups and downs. These are created by a combination of market forces, luck and our preparedness. We also go through natural ups and downs. What happens when a good mood coincides with a good period of business? It can be a fantastic […]
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Why Spending $15,000 on a Marketing Hire Is the Worst Idea

It has been well said that you should hire your weakness and focus on your strengths, and most of us feel vulnerable in the area of sales and marketing. So it seemed perfectly reasonable that I should get outside help, bring in a marketing “expert” to […]
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Do Less, Get More

The Japanese have an enchanting and beautiful way of arranging flowers, an art form they call Ikebana. One of the key principles of Ikebana says: “It is the space between things that matters.” Placing a flower or an object, considering its color and effect is only […]
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Who’s Your Girlfriend?

Everyone is tempted at one time or another to be unfaithful. Those who run their own businesses are especially prone. We work long hours, oftentimes alone at the office with staff members of the opposite sex. I got home after one particularly harrowing day, kissed my […]
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