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5 Tips for Managing Small Business Challenges

When managing a small business from the ground up, it’s all too easy to be afraid of your company’s shadow. From finances to marketing, the tasks that lie ahead may be so daunting they tempt you to hibernate — but you shouldn’t. If you know what […]
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5 Ways to Network for Your Small Business

If there’s one thing that can make or break a small business, it’s networking. Working with a group is almost always more powerful than working alone. But what’s the typical problem for most entrepreneurs and solopreneurs? Networking doesn’t always feel easy. How do you make new […]
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Is Blogging a Good Idea for the Solopreneur?

You want to boost your business, so you think about blogging—everybody says it’s good for building an audience and gaining exposure for your brand. The only problem? Blogging takes time, and, just like extra cash flow, time is a thing you ain’t got when you’re running […]
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12 Signs You Might Be a Workaholic

Overworking is more than a bad habit—it’s a dangerous one. People who work round-the-clock are much more susceptible to stress, not to mention the health problems associated with it. Think you might be a workaholic or know someone who is? Here’s how to find out if […]
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Have You Hit a Rut?

Taking the leap into self-employment is pretty exciting—but sooner or later, even an entrepreneurial lifestyle becomes routine. What should you do when “setting your own pace” starts to feel humdrum? How do you keep yourself from hating your work? Here are a few tips for staying […]
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12 Loathsome Employee Behaviors

“He’s such a control freak.” “She is always calling meetings!” “They promise raises … yeah, right.” Do these comments sound familiar? If you’re like most employees, you have no trouble recognizing bad boss behavior. You talk about it with your coworkers; you think about it at […]
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Do You Overshare Online?

When it comes to the Internet, oversharing may seem amusing—but in the corporate world, it can be downright dangerous. From information leaks to privacy breeches, constantly posting updates online opens up opportunities for risk and annoyance. How can you tell if you’re sharing too much online? […]
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5 Signs You’re Facing Business Burnout

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you started your business with hope and optimism—but, as time went on, have your feelings changed? Does running your business feel increasingly difficult? Are you tired and unmotivated, looking for a way out? If so, you may be facing business burnout. […]
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8 Facebook Don’ts for Business

Looking for better engagement on your Facebook fan page? Feeling a little unsure of what else to try? Before you launch any new campaigns, take a look at this list—eight major Facebook don’ts for business. To get the most out of your Facebook involvement, here’s what […]
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5 Don’ts When You’re Starting a Business from Home

Working in your pajamas, holding meetings from your living room, picking your projects, working when you want to—oh, the luxury of the home-business life, right? Right! And, also… wrong. Ask anyone who runs a business from home and you’ll hear the same thing; while the perks […]
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