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Tradition Can Trump Change

On a recent visit to Tennessee (where I went to college back in the 1970’s), I was struck by the power (at times) of NOT changing. We are told that businesses need to be open to innovation, and that is true: some sectors, like technology, demand […]
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Surround Yourself with Smarties If You Want to Succeed!

“Board of Advisors.” It sounds so official, doesn’t it? And perhaps even expensive. Well, if you’re in business, you probably need one. Either an official board, or an unofficial set of go-to smarties; but one way or another, you stand a much better chance of success […]
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You Can’t Fix Your Boss

As an employee, you’re often expected to fix stuff. Fix a product, or a customer service problem, or a software system, or a marketing challenge, or….well, the list is endless. But there’s one thing you’re not going to fix. Your boss (or the rest of the […]
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Avoid Imposter Syndrome: Find Your Sweet Spot

I’ve had several recent discussions with people who secretly feel like they are a bit of a faker, or a hypocrite. It’s called Impostor Syndrome, and it is experienced by people who have difficulty internalizing their accomplishments. These professionals regularly feel like frauds, with a fear that it’s just […]
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The Age of Opportunity

I was sitting by our outdoor fireplace a while back, talking with a long-time friend (who is about my age) regarding his desires to start something new. Like many of us who have worked for others over many years, he’s looking ahead and wondering if there […]
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Not All Business is Good Business

I don’t remember who said it to me first, many years ago, but the advice has always stuck with me: Not all business is good business. What does this mean? Simply this: There is business you can take on that will likely hurt, not help you. […]
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Be a Distiller and a Thief

Once we realize that the minds of our potential and actual clients are filled with static, distraction, clutter, and everything-but-you, it becomes clear that we have a one primary task above all others. Break through the noise. Lift the fog. It is not up to our […]
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Discover Your Fit

Anyone can start a business. Just as anyone can walk into a store and try on a bunch of different clothes. If you don’t know what style and size works best for you, however, and you buy outfits at random, you’re going to walk out of […]
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Five Steps to Creating a Delusion-Based Business

Let’s face it – designing, launching, and running a successful business requires a lot of hard work. It also requires a couple of things that seem to be in increasingly short supply – common sense and a firm grasp of reality. Why go to all of […]
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Open Letter to a Client

Dear Client, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for entrusting me with your project. It is my intention to do the best possible work I can for you; but based on a few things I’ve begun to see, we need to talk. Can […]
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