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Small Businesses Are Targeted for Cyber Threats

Cybersecurity sounds like one more thing a small business owner doesn’t want to have to think about. However, small businesses are increasingly being targeted by cyber terrorists. Why? They have valuable data and they are generally easy targets. But what can you do to protect yourself […]
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3 Tips for Keeping New Year’s Business Resolutions on Track

We’re a few months into 2017 already and for all too many of us, those New Year’s resolutions that we made in earnest have begun to fade off into the sunset. But, there’s no better time than the present to make sure that you’re on track […]
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Play Full Out and Aim for Your Personal Best

As a manager, I have weekly reviews with each member of my team. We talk about three things each week: What has gone well (and how can we do more of that), what needs improvement (and how can we can improve faster), and what the general […]
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Are Dress Codes Only for Big Businesses?

I actually am one of those entrepreneurs who frequently works in their pajamas until I finally get the time (or remember) to shower. However, if you have employees and a physical location, you will at some point need to think about whether you want to have a […]
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International Expansion: One Billion Potential Customers

Many of you have small businesses that you’re happy to keep small. However, some of you may be dreaming very big dreams for your company. Carol’s recent post on shares tactics for how you can get your products in front of Chinese consumers via Alibaba Group. […]
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The Intersection of Entrepreneurship and Learning

If you want to be an entrepreneur, many paths can lead you there. Do you need a college degree? MBA? Engineering degree? For some types of businesses, formal education could be a great foundation. For others, it might not be necessary. Sometimes, on-the-job training makes the […]
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The PITA Principle

People my age remember a bestselling business book entitled The Peter Principle. Named after its author, the late Dr. Laurence J. Peter, its point was that people are promoted based on their past performance, not on their future potential – so people ultimately rise to a […]
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80 of the Best Entrepreneurship Quotes

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we can all use some words of wisdom to help guide us, inspire us and motivate us at various times throughout our business endeavors. So, we reached out to the insightful contributor network of business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs […]
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5 Ways to Generate More Sales from Existing Customers

If you don’t have a strategy for maximizing the lifetime value of a customer, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to bring in revenue. Carol shares some great tips in a recent post on MasterCard.Biz, “Repeat Business: How to Sell More to the Customers Who […]
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Looking for VC Funding? Make Sure You Do These Things First.

As a “recovering” investment banker and billion-dollar dealmaker, Carol has helped a lot of companies get funding. She shares some of her best advice in this post, “5 Things Your Business Should Do Before Talking to Venture Capitalists,” on Bank of America’s Small Business Community site. […]
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