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Business Unplugged™
This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

Use Content to Answer Not Lecture

Written By: Mark E. Goodman
As content creators, the first question we often ask is, “What do we want to say?” This is the wrong question....

Make Sure That You’re Keeping These 3 Business Resolutions

Written By: Carol Roth
We’re a few weeks into the new year and for all too many of us, our resolutions may already be a...

Tapping into the Wisdom of the Group

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Carol’s recent post on CorpNet, “Making Mastermind Groups Work for Your Business,” shares tips for evaluating whether a group is a...

Valued Employees Create Value for Your Business

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Carol’s recent post on the Nextiva blog, “Your Employees are Always Right, Too” shares tips for leveraging one of your business’s...

Case Study: Speaking for Free Can Have a Big Payoff  

Written By: Catherine Morgan
In the speaking world there are two tracks: paid speaking and free speaking. You either get paid to speak or speak...

Communication Skills: Brutally Honest Is Just Brutal

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Anyone who has spoken with Carol or me will vouch for the fact that we are direct and call it like...

Carol’s Crystal Ball for 2018

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Whether gotten from crystal ball, Magic 8-Ball, or other source, Carol shares her predictions for 2018 on the Bank of America...

Change One Word and Feel Better Immediately

Written By: Catherine Morgan
As you’re thinking about the things you would like to change over the upcoming year, I’d like to add one suggestion....

The New Year Means New Goals for Your Small Business

Written By: Catherine Morgan
It’s that time of year! You’re probably making resolutions – personal and professional. But what types of resolutions should you make for your small...

Want Funding? Don’t Make These Common Mistakes (Part 3)

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Here’s the last installment in Carol’s three-part series on the Bank of America Small Business Community. In “Small Business Guide to...