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The Silent Partner You Can’t Ignore

One of my primary philosophies is that it makes no sense to separate the person from the professional – it’s an artificial distinction and doesn’t work. Solo or small business owners ARE their businesses, so anything that is going on in their lives can affect their Read More

7 Steps to Inspiring Buyers and Selling More

You started a business and you’re all fired up! Your team is fired up! What you’re doing is better than your competition. In fact, it might just change the world. But nobody knows about it. At least most of your potential buyers don’t. Let’s assume for Read More

Customer Service: ‘No Problem’ May BE Your Problem

This has been a pet peeve of mine for a while. It’s a big customer service faux pas. Invariably this happens at fast food or low-price retail establishments, but do you say this to your customers? Customers who may be paying you handsomely for your products Read More

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Entrepreneurial Time

Entrepreneurs wear every hat in the closet and are always pressed for time. It’s arguable that no matter how talented the entrepreneur or how brilliant the business model, success or failure boils down to time management. Here are a few ideas for taking control of the Read More

The Cost of Taking a Break

For 15 years, I’ve made a decision every fall that I invariably regret in the spring: I take a break from running. It’s a bad habit, but I’ve come up with many good reasons to justify the decision. It’s uncomfortable to breathe hard when the air Read More

The 10 C’s of YouTube Marketing Domination

So you’ve got a marketing video on YouTube? You and one billion other people!  Welcome to the club – or maybe it’s more like a mosh pit.  If you’re going to join the 100 hours of new video content that is uploaded to YouTube every hour Read More

Tips for Getting More Organized in Business

Spring is in the air and now is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning and organizing with your own business. So, to help your business organize, prioritize, plan and set up in the most efficient way, I have once again looked to the Read More

The Most Destructive Distraction

What’s the single, most destructive distraction on your path to success? This may surprise you. It’s not social media or the Internet. It’s not your phone or your e-mail. Nor is it music, TV, YouTube videos or games. So what is it? It’s worry. Worry keeps Read More

Confirmation Bias: Don’t Believe Your Own BS

As small business owners we need to believe in ourselves. Not only that, we need to believe in our products and services enough to make others believe in them too. Without a doubt we need to be completely committed to growing our businesses, but we also Read More

The Correct Way to Make a Business Introduction

There is the correct way and the less-effective way to make business introductions. A good business introduction is like a nugget of gold – and a deposit in the “karma bank.” It can strengthen your connection and value to and with the people you introduce. You Read More
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