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Tips for Dealing with Internet Trolls and Haters in Business

Businesses today need to be on the Internet, period. And with all of the positive things that come along with that exposure also comes the inevitable major downside- the dreaded Internet haters and trolls. And while I do enjoy a hater from time to time, these […] Read More

Sell More with the Last Thing You Say to Customers

It costs a lot of money to get a customer to buy from you for the first time. Do you make money on that first transaction? Many businesses don’t. They need to get the customer to come back again. So it’s a mistake to focus all your […] Read More

The Future of Retail for Small Business

A modern, high-tech shopping experience isn’t for big companies only. Smaller businesses can take advantage of new technology and innovation to offer their customers a more fun, engaging shopping experience—and better empower their employees at the point of sale. At Microsoft*, I’ve seen many smaller retailers […] Read More

Why Asking for Help Isn’t Failing

“I can do it myself.” Without fail, my five-year-old niece offers up this predictable response to any offer of help. She utters this phrase with complete confidence, despite being too short for certain tasks. Any words of caution are met with another, equally certain statement: “I […] Read More

Why Spending $15,000 on a Marketing Hire Is the Worst Idea

It has been well said that you should hire your weakness and focus on your strengths, and most of us feel vulnerable in the area of sales and marketing. So it seemed perfectly reasonable that I should get outside help, bring in a marketing “expert” to […] Read More

What’s the Difference Between Content Marketing and Blogging?

There’s a good reason why companies confuse blogging and content marketing: No two people seem to have the same definition of content marketing. The Content Marketing Institute, a credible source, defines content marketing as: “… [A] strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, […] Read More

4 Tips for Interviewing Potential Employees

The employees that you hire can make or break your business. And while first impressions are important, it can be difficult to discern a prospective hire’s true personality, work ethic and how well they will fit into your organization within the limits of a half-hour interview. […] Read More

How to Turn Your Crappiest Employees Around

If your small business is successful enough to start growing, you can count on one guarantee: some day you will have to contend with having a crappy employee. Or two. Or five. Of course, you can always fire crappy employees. And sometimes you should: if they […] Read More

How to Do Video If You’re a “Vidtrovert”

Nearly three-fourths of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2019, according to a new study by Cisco Systems.  That’s a 13-fold increase between now and 2019, proving once again that video is a juggernaut.  With so many of us gobbling up content on […] Read More

Cut Out So-So to Focus on the Good

I’m really good at many things. I also recognize that I’m really bad at other things. But I get into trouble when it involves the things between those two categories. I want to be really good at some of those things in the middle. But the […] Read More
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