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Frenemies: Why Playing Nice with the “Competition” Makes Sense

Befriend the competition? Mon Dieu! You spend so much time hiding from them, spying on them, stalking their Yelp pages and figuring out what makes you different. But take a step back and see the possibilities for your business. Smart small businesses that are clear on Read More

3 Ways to Boost Book Marketing and Sales

For many entrepreneurs, business owners and would-be business owners, writing a book can be a great way to put yourself, your brand or your business out there. But, thinking that “if you write it, they will come” will ensure that your book ends up with the Read More

Writing Good Sh*t that Goes Viral: Secrets Revealed

Okay, I lied. There are no secrets to writing good shit that goes viral. So there’s no need to read any further. Unless you want to know the one thing every good writer does well and often to get their work read and shared. Don’t write Read More

Are You a Business Muppet?

I love The Muppets.  It’s a fact that I cannot look at one without smiling. And since they are back on the big screen with their Muppets Most Wanted movie, I thought that I would revisit the concept of seeking your inner business Muppet. See, as adorable Read More

Networking for Success

Networking — it can be a dirty word for entrepreneurs and other professionals alike. However, doing it successfully can really help you to succeed. I am emceeing the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce’s event “The Exchange” on April 2, 2014.  It’s the biggest networking event in the Read More

Does Your Business Control You?

If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably heard: You should work on your business, not just in your business. It’s a catchy phrase. It sounds simple enough. However, it creates frustration for a lot of small business owners. They already have too much to do. How can Read More

To Make Great Online Videos, Watch More Television

It wasn’t so long ago that the big TV networks pretty much controlled the media, but the Internet has totally leveled the playing field.  With free tools and resources like YouTube and Google Hangouts, small businesses can get in the game just like the big boys.  Read More

Tradition Can Trump Change

On a recent visit to Tennessee (where I went to college back in the 1970’s), I was struck by the power (at times) of NOT changing. We are told that businesses need to be open to innovation, and that is true: some sectors, like technology, demand Read More

Advice for Entrepreneurs Starting New Businesses

March is National Start a Business Month and so my client Regus wanted to help small businesses by curating some of the best tips for entrepreneurs related to starting a business. With that in mind, we reached out to the contributor network of business owners, Read More

BCBG Strategy

There’s a fine balance between keeping things fresh, but not changing things too much to lose the interest of your loyal customers. I think that the BCBG brand does it brilliantly. Most fashion brands change frequently to keep up with trends.  However, BCBG also has a Read More
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