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12 Posts from Carol 2013 – Day 2

Day 2 – oh yeah! Season’s Greetings with snarkery today in the best of. George Krueger and Mary-Lynn Foster suggest you leverage best practices of dog training with your clients in Treat Your Customers Like Dogs. Brad Shorr gets the nod for best riff on pop Read More

12 Posts from Carol 2013 – Day 1

Being the editorial director of Business Unplugged™ does have some perks – and one of them is getting to pick the 12 “best of” posts for this year. In no particular order, I recommend rereading (or reading for the first time!) these great posts from our Read More

Great Sales Reps Identify Reasons Behind Reasons

Selling is a tough gig. From the morning bell to the 5 o’clock whistle, sales reps have to fight the “used car salesman” stereotype just to get an audience, let alone close a deal. And what’s really galling (I know, because I’ve been above, below and Read More

Holiday Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

The holiday season has arrived, complete with the usual flurry of holiday marketing campaigns vying for consumer attention and dollars. But, using the wrong ideas, strategies and tactics can not only waste your business’s marketing dollars, it can cost you sales, too. So, to help your Read More

Avoid Imposter Syndrome: Find Your Sweet Spot

I’ve had several recent discussions with people who secretly feel like they are a bit of a faker, or a hypocrite. It’s called Impostor Syndrome, and it is experienced by people who have difficulty internalizing their accomplishments. These professionals regularly feel like frauds, with a fear that it’s just Read More

Online Video FAQs: “Foolishly Asked Questions”

When it comes to online video, most people as still asking the wrong questions, or what I jokingly refer to as, “Foolishly Asked Questions.” Okay, so maybe foolish is a bit harsh.  After all, you don’t know what you don’t know!  With that in mind, here Read More

Escaping the Positive Thinking Trap

“You’ll see it when you believe it” - Wayne Dyer, PhD “If you can dream it, then you can achieve it” - Zig Ziglar, CSP “Down with positive thinking” - Rich Gallagher, LMFT What could possibly be wrong with positive thinking? Isn’t it a little like Read More

A Twitter Gift for Small Business Saturday

I hope you are getting ready for Small Business Saturday, either by opening for business or by supporting small business owners by shopping “small.” Because this is the season of giving, Twitter wants to give you a boost.  They are offering $100 in free ad credits Read More

3 Ways to Boost Website Engagement

Having a website is an absolute must for most any viable business nowadays. But, merely having a business website doesn’t do you any good if the only visitors that see it are your mom and some spambots from Russia. And since pretty much anybody with 10 Read More

Accountability: It Increases Results

Do you hear the word accountability and just cringe?  It’s such a buzz word.  Does it make you think of keeping score?  Does it turn you off?  Many business owners know they need more accountability for themselves and their teams but at the same time they Read More
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