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3 Tips to Avoid Business Meeting Fumbles

Business meetings are often a necessary part of running most companies. But, what starts off with the best of intentions can quickly be intercepted and devolve far away from what the original intent of said meeting was. A twenty minute meeting can easily turn into an […]
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Opting Out: Sometimes It’s Good for Everyone

In the span of about six weeks, I read two, similar emails. The first email was more a complaint. “I really like your other newsletter, but is it possible to not get any more emails like this one?” She was replying to a client’s weekly email that […]
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Mobile Payments: What You Need to Consider

Carol’s latest post on is about something many of you may be considering: mobile payments. If you don’t currently take them, you probably should look into it. In “Mobile Payment Apps: How to Choose the Right One” Carol begins: “Software providers, financial institutions, computer hardware […]
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Setting Customer Expectations: Consistency Is Key

When you are establishing your business or launching a new product or service, it’s prudent to take a longer view and determine whether you will be able to continue doing something in the future. Customers come to expect certain things from your business, and when you […]
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How to Protect Your Business’s Online Reputation

Sometimes a good offense really can be the best defense. You work hard to create a good name for your company – and you need to make every effort to protect it. Carol recently wrote a post for titled “Prepare to Protect Your Online Reputation […]
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When Your Customer Is a Jerk

Rude. Demanding. Capricious. Unreasonable. High-maintenance. These are some of the words that come to mind when many small business owners think of their “favorite” customers – the ones you silently (or not so silently) roll your eyes about. These are the people who are never happy […]
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The Biggest Business Frustrations

Along with its incredible highs, running a business definitely can have its frustrations and low points. Sometimes, it can help to air those frustrations and know that you’re not alone. So, in that spirit, the terrific contributor network of business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs […]
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When Faster Isn’t Necessarily Better

Faster is better, right? We all value our time, and we want other people to value it as well. As business owners, it seems like if we can do things for our customers faster, they’ll be happier with us. This can be the case, but sometimes […]
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Product Launch Lessons from KIND Snacks

I love KIND bars. I carry them with me everywhere because they travel well and I’m prone to low blood sugar. They’re healthy, delicious, and satisfying. People make fun of me for always carrying around snacks, like a mom does for a toddler. So be it. (Unless […]
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How Giving Back Can Give Your Small Business a Boost

As a new small business owner, your path to success will be shorter if you find viable—and affordable—ways to get your name out there, and build a network of strong professional connections. When I transitioned from working as a product manager at a telecommunications company to […]
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