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Best Type of Social Network? Not What You Think.

Editor’s note: As you probably know, Carol writes for several other sites. Her recent post on is one that I think you will really enjoy. She talks about her father’s amazing social network that really came through and supported her book. It’s a great story […]
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5 Things Entrepreneurs Are Wasting Time On

Time is the entrepreneur’s most valuable commodity, and great entrepreneurs know how to make every minute count. Do you? Many small business operators teeter on the brink of failure because they are not using their time wisely – i.e., productively. Here are five of the most […]
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How to Ride the Coattails of the Biggest Website

Leverage the power of this site for more visibility, traffic and sales… YouTube recently passed Facebook as the largest social media site on the web.  And it’s been the second biggest search engine online for years. The traffic and exposure that YouTube generates is astronomical.  The […]
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Managing Risk

In order for us to move forward in our lives and our businesses, we need to take on risk.  However, there seems to be a pervasive feeling that being willing to sink or swim is required to be successful. In my experience, that couldn’t be further […]
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Summer Camp, Red Boots, Lifetime Business Lessons

The summer heat reminds me of how and when my entrepreneurial spirit began: summer camp.  Not going to summer camp,  but holding a week-long summer day camp at my house for the neighborhood kids.  I was 12 years old and lived in Daytona Beach, Florida.  My […]
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Tips to Maximize Work Time

It’s the middle of summer and you’d really love to have some extra time to enjoy it, but nobody told that to your ever-growing workload. So, how can you maximize your time at work, improving your productivity and efficacy, so that you can get out there […]
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Gone Fishing: We’re on Vacation!

We’re on vacation. We are going fishing – or going to sit by the pool – or something. It’s summer here in Chicago and Business Unplugged is taking the next two weeks off. We’ll be back on Tuesday, August 5. See you then!
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When Your Biggest Strength is Your Biggest Weakness

As I advise and strategize with entrepreneurs, I am noticing a trend, particularly amongst those driven by creativity and passion. It’s that their biggest strength- the creativity that sets them apart- is often their biggest weakness in business. I have gone deep with the owners of […]
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Online Marketing: What Not to Do

Editor’s note: I was so sorry when Rich Gallagher, one of our favorite guest contributors, published this on his blog first. It is exactly the kind of smart and snarky post we like to publish here at Business Unplugged. Since you might have missed it, I […]
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Who’s Your Girlfriend?

Everyone is tempted at one time or another to be unfaithful. Those who run their own businesses are especially prone. We work long hours, oftentimes alone at the office with staff members of the opposite sex. I got home after one particularly harrowing day, kissed my […]
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