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The Best Interview Questions to Ask a Prospective Hire

Interviewing a new employee is sort of like a first date. Everyone tries to put their best foot forward and it can take weeks or months to discover what that person is really like or if they are a good fit. So, to make it easier Read More

Your PR Person Sucks

PR is helpful in creating exposure for you, your business and/or your products and services. I have been on both sides of the PR process (as a client and as part of the media receiving pitches) and it seems that as media has evolved, many PR Read More

Benefiting from Other Businesses’ Misfortunes

The economy has been tough for a while and many businesses have been struggling, put out of business and more are likely to exit soon. If you have a competitor that is struggling, on their way out or has already exited, their misfortune can create an Read More

5 Consequences of Insecure Business Communications

We hear quite a bit these days about the increased digitization of the business world. Indeed, as technology continues to improve, many businesses are conducting more and more activity over the Internet, allowing for higher efficiency and more convenience than ever before. What we hear less Read More

13 Small Business Tools to Help Eliminate Distraction

Researching tools can be a form of procrastination, so I’ve pulled together a list of the top tools to help you banish distraction. Whether you’re working on your business, working for clients or just want some uninterrupted time, you can use these online and desktop tools Read More

Non-Cash Staff Incentives That Work

Sure, it’s easy to attract top talent when the money’s flowing—who’s going to pass up a 20% raise or a yearly bonus—but what about when it’s not? When employees know that no big fat paycheck or shiny expense account is coming around the pike, how are Read More

Are You Good Busy or Bad Busy?

People always advise us to “work smart,” but how do we do that, specifically? Indeed, all work is not created equal, and just because you are laboring mightily doesn’t mean that your business is prospering. As a matter of fact, hard work can actually impede success. Read More

You Suck at Writing and Don’t Have Time to Blog. Now What?

Blogging. It’s important, perhaps critical, for small businesses and startups for several reasons. Blogging is good for search engine optimization (SEO). If you set up your blog correctly, each time post, you add a new page to your website. New, fresh content is key to Google Read More

Social Media: 3 Social Media Mistakes in Business

Let’s face it; everybody and their mother (and their grandmother!) are on social media in one form or another. And it is so important for businesses be a part of it as well, so that they can leverage all that the social media platform has to Read More

Why Your Business Plan Sucks (And What You Can Do About It)

Back when you were all wide-eyed and energized about starting your business, you may have written a business plan. It held all of your audacious goals, romantically defined your market opportunity and came with a beautiful spreadsheet of your yet-untested financial forecasts. You even took your Read More
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