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Is Blogging a Good Idea for the Solopreneur?

You want to boost your business, so you think about blogging—everybody says it’s good for building an audience and gaining exposure for your brand. The only problem? Blogging takes time, and, just like extra cash flow, time is a thing you ain’t got when you’re running […] Read More

New Rule: America Needs to Get a Grip on Its Anger

This blog doesn’t really have to do with small business, with the exception that how we communicate affects our business relationships and life as much as our personal one. As a figure in the public eye, I get a lot of commentary, on Twitter and Facebook, […] Read More

Delicious Idleness: Dolce far Niente

Our capacity for self-deception is staggering. The busyness of doing more is used as a badge of honor; the message is: If you do more, you ARE more. This is the sickness of our day and I know it intimately. Just because you are able to […] Read More

Video Marketing Mistakes: 6 Rookie Missteps

Most businesses are seeing the writing (or images) on the wall and quickly realizing that video marketing is the key communications tool of the future.  With the immense popularity of YouTube and the emergence of Google Hangouts as a broadcast medium, businesses are eagerly getting on […] Read More

Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest, or Easiest, Word

Small business owners and entrepreneurs tend to like to think out of the box.  I’m all for that.  However, that means that sometimes, we get things backwards, often with unintended consequences.  This includes knowing when to apologize. When NOT to Apologize As an entrepreneur, it’s not […] Read More

Customer Service Horror Stories: The Small Biz Edition

Do you run a small business? Then this Halloween, I am going to share a very frightful observation with you. See that big box store down the road from you? Their lowliest employees know more – in fact, probably a lot more – about customer service […] Read More

3 Tips for Solopreneurs

So, you’ve decided to branch out all by your lonesome and start a business. Now, you’re free to set your own hours, make all of your own decisions and work in the manner that you best see fit (which may or may not include bunny slippers […] Read More

It’s Not Online Versus Offline, It’s Personal Versus Professional

The other day, I was rolling through my Twitter stream when I saw a post about the ROI of a certain conference. Finding posts of substance about marketing these days is becoming increasingly difficult so I jumped right in. I was expecting to at the very […] Read More

Why You Need to Mentor Yourself

It seems like there’s a bit of an obsession of late with this idea of finding a mentor. It’s probably connected to this idea of the “hidden job market.”  It’s almost like the new version of getting an internship. The story goes that to really succeed, […] Read More

Hosting Successful Webinars and Driving More Traffic on a Budget

I’m always looking for ways to refine business tactics to make them more effective, as well as find new ones to help you drive business. To that end, here are a couple of free resources to help you drive more traffic on a budget and to […] Read More
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