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What Pinball Can Teach You About Business

I dearly enjoy pinball. It’s an addictive game, which I have made more addictive by placing a “Simpsons Pinball Party” machine in my living room.  But this addictive game is not just a way to pass free time, it can teach you about business as well.  Read More

Breaking Bad Lessons for Small Business

(Note: Some spoilers below.) Manipulator, monster, meth king … Say what you want about Walter White: He built up a business from scratch that is now so big he literally has more money than he can count. What can we learn from the evil Breaking Bad Read More

The Entrepreneur Story – Is Bigger Better?

We love a good story. We love a story where people overcome big obstacles to succeed. In fact, one of our favorites is that of the dedicated entrepreneur starting in a garage or bedroom and building a multi-national company worth billions. We love that story. It’s Read More

4 Quick and Dirty Entrepreneurial Lessons

Entrepreneurs are hardwired very differently from most people.  They almost always have an interesting mix of passion, drive, intuition, creativity, leadership, exceptional communication skills, and unreasonable optimism. They also have the capacity for self-criticism, unrealistic expectations, a propensity for “perfectionism,” and the tendency to take on Read More

Be a Distiller and a Thief

Once we realize that the minds of our potential and actual clients are filled with static, distraction, clutter, and everything-but-you, it becomes clear that we have a one primary task above all others. Break through the noise. Lift the fog. It is not up to our Read More

Great Business Networking Tips

Every business owner and entrepreneur needs help- there’s just no way around it. No matter if you need help with marketing, getting more clients, PR, or even employees, networking is essential to getting that help. So, I have sought the advice of the trusted contributor Read More

How to Successfully Get a Loan

There are a ton of lenders, including traditional banks and alternative lenders, that want to extend credit. But often, small businesses can become their own worst enemies when it comes to applying for loans. Here are some tips to increase your success in accessing debt capital. Read More

Why the Web Doesn’t Matter

What most business owners and marketers think of the internet is now largely obsolete. Websites, search advertising, and even social media marketing are all dying breeds. (I say this with a full understanding that this assertion seems a bit odd coming from the former CEO of Read More

Possible is Different than Probable

I was speaking on a panel a few weeks back when I shared some of the downsides of crowdfunding during a capital raising question. Crowdfunding is often touted as the “second coming” of capital raising. However, the challenge of a crowdfunding model is the same challenge Read More

Are You Making This Time Management Mistake?

Many business owners are chasing improvements to their time management as a way to achieve more in less time, and achieve goals faster. Good idea you would think. Sadly, this is not so in many cases. Don’t get me wrong, being proactive about improving how we Read More
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