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Five Steps to Creating a Delusion-Based Business

Let’s face it – designing, launching, and running a successful business requires a lot of hard work. It also requires a couple of things that seem to be in increasingly short supply – common sense and a firm grasp of reality. Why go to all of Read More

5 Don’ts When You’re Starting a Business from Home

Working in your pajamas, holding meetings from your living room, picking your projects, working when you want to—oh, the luxury of the home-business life, right? Right! And, also… wrong. Ask anyone who runs a business from home and you’ll hear the same thing; while the perks Read More

What Tango Dancing Taught Me About Small Business

I caught the tango dancing bug years ago in Chicago. Every night, there are several places that you can go to dance the night away. It is a magical obsession with music, mood, parties, shoes, and yes, dancing tango. People who have been to my website Read More

Forget Demographics, Focus on Verbographics

Are you trying to figure out what your customer wants?  Well, some fancy marketing person may try to get you to segment your customers into all kinds of “graphics”.  Do you want to target customers of a certain income level?  How about gender?  Age?  Or perhaps Read More

5 Ways to Maximize Your Selling Price

The biggest obstacle to making money is fear. When it comes to pricing, most sellers go in low. They’re afraid of being hit with a price objection. They’re afraid of a competitor embarrassing them with a much lower price. They’re afraid of jeopardizing a relationship that Read More

Mob Rules: Leadership Lessons From The Mafia

“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”  That one line from The Godfather is arguably the greatest and most quoted movie line ever.  Aside from being a memorable movie quote, it’s also a real-life negotiation tactic that’s been used in business for centuries. The Read More

Wireless Payments are the Wave of the Future

Small business owners have enough to deal with in their retail sales operations than to be an expert in the payments industry as well. But if you have been reading the latest marketing hype, you would have been led to believe that a “Brave New World” Read More

Sales Strategy Lessons in Penn Station

Recently, I was waiting in Penn Station during rush hour for my nightly train home, when I witnessed what was perhaps the worst sales strategy. For those not familiar, Penn Station during rush hour is like a bull rush – thousands of people running in all Read More

Are You Too “Plugged In”?

From eighth grade until about a year ago, I had an alarm clock, the same alarm clock, sitting by my bed. It was white with big friendly green numbers and a very painful alarm sound. Tragically, that alarm clock fell off my nightstand one day when Read More

The Best Interview Questions to Ask a Prospective Hire

Interviewing a new employee is sort of like a first date. Everyone tries to put their best foot forward and it can take weeks or months to discover what that person is really like or if they are a good fit. So, to make it easier Read More
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