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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

Don’t Get Hooked on the Silent Killer

A person can become addicted to a number of things, from drugs and alcohol to sex and gambling. Any of them can destroy your life. People will witness the damage being done, right before their eyes. If you’re lucky, they care for you enough to confront […] Read More

5 Easy Ways to Create Great Video Even On Bad Hair Days

Online video has become powerful marketing tool, but there are some days when the traditional “talking head” video just won’t cut it. Maybe you took a red-eye last night and you look like something the cat dragged in, or maybe you’re just having an epic bad […] Read More

Is Cutthroat Business Necessary?

Why do we encourage and celebrate ruthless, cutthroat business? (“Never let’ em see you sweat”…right?) What exactly are we saying? Never allow yourself to be affected or afraid or honest? Or don’t let others see that side of you? What kind of advice is that? Our definitions […] Read More

Entrepreneurs: Tips to Create the Right Mindset for Success

Dealing with the inevitable ups and downs of entrepreneurship can be a difficult challenge, to say the least. So, to help you create the right mindset for success in your business endeavors and stay mentally strong, I have sought the expert advice from the contributor […] Read More

The RED Strategy for Business Success

When you hear the word “red” in the context of business, it is usually not a good thing (i.e., it’s preferable not to be operating in the red/losing money). However, RED is a color that you should embrace because it encompasses an effective formula to help […] Read More

The Silent Partner You Can’t Ignore

One of my primary philosophies is that it makes no sense to separate the person from the professional – it’s an artificial distinction and doesn’t work. Solo or small business owners ARE their businesses, so anything that is going on in their lives can affect their […] Read More

7 Steps to Inspiring Buyers and Selling More

You started a business and you’re all fired up! Your team is fired up! What you’re doing is better than your competition. In fact, it might just change the world. But nobody knows about it. At least most of your potential buyers don’t. Let’s assume for […] Read More

Customer Service: ‘No Problem’ May BE Your Problem

This has been a pet peeve of mine for a while. It’s a big customer service faux pas. Invariably this happens at fast food or low-price retail establishments, but do you say this to your customers? Customers who may be paying you handsomely for your products […] Read More

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Entrepreneurial Time

Entrepreneurs wear every hat in the closet and are always pressed for time. It’s arguable that no matter how talented the entrepreneur or how brilliant the business model, success or failure boils down to time management. Here are a few ideas for taking control of the […] Read More

The Cost of Taking a Break

For 15 years, I’ve made a decision every fall that I invariably regret in the spring: I take a break from running. It’s a bad habit, but I’ve come up with many good reasons to justify the decision. It’s uncomfortable to breathe hard when the air […] Read More
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