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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

5 Marketing Mistakes Companies Make Every Day

Having assisted small, medium and large organizations on marketing projects for a number of years, I’ve watched the same mistakes occur over and over. To be sure, marketing is an inexact science, but if you avoid these errors, your chances of success increase dramatically. Unwillingness to Read More

Fear: Easy Does It

How do you overcome a fear? This is a loaded question. It ties together both of my “day jobs” of being a small business owner and a psychotherapist. And I hope the answer will change the way you look at your small business. In my experience, Read More

8 Facebook Don’ts for Business

Looking for better engagement on your Facebook fan page? Feeling a little unsure of what else to try? Before you launch any new campaigns, take a look at this list—eight major Facebook don’ts for business. To get the most out of your Facebook involvement, here’s what Read More

Building Business Relationships: Trust Takes Time

It’s a rush-rush world out there. A world of immediate gratification and 24/7 connectivity. It also is a world of a zillion shallow connections. So how do you build business relationships that last and deepen over time? How do you build relationships that make you money Read More

How to Gain and Lose a Customer in 24 Hours

I received a wonderful gift from a friend of these crazy and delicious marshmallow crispy treats from a small business. They were unique and tasty, and I decided that they were going to be gift that I wanted to give on an ongoing basis. I immediately Read More

A Common Mistake Newly Successful Entrepreneurs Make

Here’s a true story about an entrepreneur that launched a business. He started with very little capital. The first year in business was rough. He was constantly scrounging for sales. The business lost money. Yet somehow, he kept the bills paid. The second year was a Read More

Questioning Your Way to Contentment

I don’t believe it’s realistic to try to be “OMG Happy” all of the time. Not every moment can be like the holidays with your family. Not every moment can be like when you snuggle under blankets with a cup of cocoa on a cold and Read More

Dumbing Down Video: Why Content Matters More Than Quality

Video has become the way that we communicate, the way that we create and the way that we connect.  In fact, Cisco Systems reports that in the next few years, 90% of all web traffic will be video.  So, if you’re still not using video to Read More

Expert Advice for New Entrepreneurs

Starting something new (especially a business!) can be overwhelming, intimidating and downright scary. And since I have already written extensively about this topic, I decided to reach out to the contributor network of business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs to find out their best advice Read More

Your Business Doesn’t Really Need Social Media

Many times when I’m consulting with clients, I get asked, “Does my business really need social media?” And I’ve realized that the answer is often no. No, your business doesn’t need social media. I’ve actually come up with a little quiz for you to take to Read More
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