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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

Sales Advice Entrepreneurs Should Ignore

Big businesses have reams of data, history, and experience to rely on to operate their businesses. Entrepreneurs, at least to some extent, must trust some other sources to learn what’s working and not working in important areas of their business. One source many trust is the Read More

Is Social Media Really Homogeneous White Milk?

On a regular basis, someone in the world of social media publishes a list of “power users” or “influencers.” Sometimes it is a list meant to represent a certain niche in the online world. For example, you might see a list of the “50 top marketers Read More

How to Determine the Best Price for Your Product or Service

Pricing is complicated, especially if you want to make a profit.   And who doesn’t? Depending on the size of your company, you may have to study every factor affecting it to create a proper price point—the sweet spot where expenses end and profit begins.  The challenge Read More

Discover Your Fit

Anyone can start a business. Just as anyone can walk into a store and try on a bunch of different clothes. If you don’t know what style and size works best for you, however, and you buy outfits at random, you’re going to walk out of Read More

Table for 2? Sorry, We’ve Only Got a 5

On a recent mini-vacation to Stuart,Florida, my husband and I experienced both ends of the customer service spectrum, from fantastic to pitiful.  I thought it might be helpful to rehash the pitiful, not for the purpose of venting my frustration, but to let other business owners Read More

3 Ways to Improve Business Productivity

When talking to business owners and entrepreneurs, one of the most frequent issues that I hear about is working too many hours. People are spinning their wheels, spending so much time working on their businesses that they ultimately burn out. However, this is an easily fixable Read More

Be Your Own Mentor

Mentors are Myths.  Or at least unicorns.  If you are waiting for a mentor to help develop you professionally, my best advice is to stop waiting for the magic mentor and go create your own opportunities. I have written about the concept of five minute mentors, Read More

The 5 Least Important Qualities in a Sales Candidate

Evaluating sales talent is a tricky business, but your success depends on it. To appreciate the impact, consider professional sports teams that do a lousy job of evaluating talent. Here in Chicago, our Cubs and Bears have endured epochs of ineffectiveness because they picked the wrong Read More

Four Ways To Determine If You Have A Job Or A Mission

One theme in Carol’s book, The Entrepreneur Equation, is that people can become easily confused as they begin their entrepreneurial endeavors. They think they have found their “calling,” or maybe they think they would do much better working for themselves than their previous boss. Maybe they Read More

Turn Your Limited Time Into MORE Income

Ask any entrepreneur what their main goal is and you can be sure that increasing income is at the top of the list. Let’s face it. There will always be bills to pay, saving accounts to pad, vacations to plan – you name it – and Read More
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