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Facepalm Marketing Moves: Brands and Tragedy

There have been several facepalm marketing moments recently. Brands and tragedy just shouldn’t mix. On September 11 several brands displayed bad taste and worse judgment. And then there is the Urban Outfitters fiasco. Anybody who has ever worked for a big company – and I am […]
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IRS Needs to Acknowledge Freelance Economy

Carol’s recent post on the CNBC blog suggests that the IRS should revise employee and contractor definitions. She states: “As we look at ways to put people back to work and foster a pro-growth environment for small business, a simple definitional change in the tax code […]
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Partnering with Your Partner: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Some of you may be thinking about starting a business with your significant other. Carol worked with her husband for 10 years and shares the plus points and the negatives in her recent post on – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly on Partnering […]
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10 Ways to Beat Business Burnout

Successful entrepreneurs burn as much energy as champion marathon runners; they not only run long, they also run fast. Some entrepreneurial ventures fail not from a lack of good ideas, but because they run out of gas. Here are 10 ways to avoid burning out before […]
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Tips for a Great Business Meeting

Whether you’re meeting with a potential client, a current client, a colleague or even your staff, sometimes, those meetings go off the rails and leave you scratching your head as to what the purpose of that meeting really was. So, to improve the productivity and ultimately, […]
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Everything Is Marketing but Marketing Is Not Everything

Do you sell products or services? Or do you promote a brand? For the most successful small businesses, it’s the latter. They realize that it’s the way to capture mind share with customers and prospects. Everything is marketing If you want to be one of them, […]
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Why Your Ideas Have No Value

Carol’s recent post on is a very important one. Many entrepreneurs think that their idea for a business, product, or service is precious and valuable in and of itself. Carol shares why this isn’t true. Here is an excerpt: That’s right: ideas have little to […]
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Gone Fishing – Labor Day 2014

It’s the end of the summer season here in Chicago. We are taking a few days off to unplug, recharge, and enjoy the Labor Day holiday. We will be back again on Wednesday, September 3. Enjoy!
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How to Write with Clarity to Get Better Results

As a business owner, you need to convey your messages directly and clearly. Whether it’s a short note, a business email or a blog post, you need clarity in your communication. Clarity, above all else, is king. If people don’t understand what you’re saying, they won’t […]
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5 Tips for Writing Faster and Better

Love it or hate it, as a small business owner you will probably have to write. You may actually have to do quite a bit of writing! I thought you might find Carol’s recent post on helpful: 5 Tips for Writing Faster and Better.
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