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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

(Best of) How To Be Cool on Video: 10 Ways to Make an Impact

From Catherine: Lou Bortone is one of the top online video go-to guys on the interwebs. He also has an awesome offbeat sense of humor, and is definitely not afraid to make fun of himself. You will laugh as you learn from Lou. I have seen Read More

(Best of) Didn’t Get the Gig? Maybe It’s ‘Cause Ur Illiterate

From Catherine: This rant is brought to you by the Number 3 – the minimum number of times you should read something before you hit send or publish. I have seen clients send out cover letters with multiple typos, and I have seen blog posts so Read More

(Best of) How to Network: Stop Barfing on Me

From Catherine: We are starting out the “Best of” year-end posts with a great one. I had to literally beg Bonnie Karpay to share some of her magic with us. I feel like I know Bonnie, but the truth is that we have never met face-to-face. Read More

What Was Your Favorite Post in 2012?

As a preview of coming attractions, we are going to be featuring the best posts of 2012 for the rest of the year. I am going to be posting some of my favorites, but I would love to include some of your favorites as well. Do Read More

How to Get Multiple Referrals From 1 Referral Source

Recently one of my friends asked me for a referral for a service I don’t provide – but that I know several local experts who do. I made three e-mail introductions, and while I don’t know who my friend chose, I do know who I would Read More

Want to Start a Business? Are You Santa or an Elf?

Note from Catherine: In this season of great joy and mass marketing, it seemed to make sense to publish an excerpt from Carol’s bestselling book, The Entrepreneur Equation. This short section really stuck with me when I read it, and given the Santa and elf references, Read More

What Martha Stewart Taught Me about Content Marketing (and Life)

There are women and then there are dames. Martha Stewart is a DAME. I’ve never been the domestic type so Martha wasn’t on my radar. But this month, I won free tickets to the NPR, political news quiz show Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, and Ms. Read More

The Problem With Horrible Customers? You!

I admit it. I am making a pretty outrageous claim in the title of this blog. And I know the audience of really smart business owners well enough that many of you are saying, “This Gallagher guy obviously has never met some of *my* worst Read More

Let’s Stop the Broad Brush Bashing of CEOs

It’s quite fashionable these days to complain about CEOs as if they are a sub-species of human that is on par with mice and other rodents. There are some good reasons for this trend. The fall-out from irresponsible CEOs of companies like Lehman Brothers is still Read More

Holidays: Tips for Attracting Customers

Now that the holiday season has officially started, customers are bombarded with all kinds of businesses vying for their monetary attention. So, how can a business break through the noise to attract customers this holiday season? To help answer this question, I have asked the fabulous Read More
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