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The Problem With Horrible Customers? You!

I admit it. I am making a pretty outrageous claim in the title of this blog. And I know the audience of really smart business owners well enough that many of you are saying, “This Gallagher guy obviously has never met some of *my* worst Read More

Let’s Stop the Broad Brush Bashing of CEOs

It’s quite fashionable these days to complain about CEOs as if they are a sub-species of human that is on par with mice and other rodents. There are some good reasons for this trend. The fall-out from irresponsible CEOs of companies like Lehman Brothers is still Read More

Holidays: Tips for Attracting Customers

Now that the holiday season has officially started, customers are bombarded with all kinds of businesses vying for their monetary attention. So, how can a business break through the noise to attract customers this holiday season? To help answer this question, I have asked the fabulous Read More

3 Free Marketing Resources to Grow Your Business in 2013

Now is a perfect time to create and implement a strategy for growing your business next year.  To kick-start that process, why not grab one of the following free whitepapers and eBooks to help with your social media and marketing strategy for the coming year? All Read More

5 Lessons from Santa on Running a Successful Small Business

Some people think Santa runs a fly-by-night operation. We disagree; we think he is the best entrepreneur in the world. We visited the North Pole to find out the secrets to his success. So here are five takeaways from Santa on running a successful business: Keep Read More

Open Letter to a Client

Dear Client, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for entrusting me with your project. It is my intention to do the best possible work I can for you; but based on a few things I’ve begun to see, we need to talk. Can Read More

Speak to Ultimate Benefits, Not Intermediate Benefits

Look around—even the firms that communicate benefits over features are failing because they emphasize the wrong benefits. Instead of offering clients a way to increase profits, they talk about the efficiency of a product or the variety in design options—but do they say why clients should Read More

Are Entrepreneurs Made or Born?

Are entrepreneurs made or born?  It’s a debate that rages on continually, but certainly having an early affinity towards entrepreneurship can be a predictor of entrepreneurial success.  Moreover, with technology lowering the entry cost for service businesses in particular, more young people than ever are entering Read More

Your Holiday Video Shopping List

With Chriskwanzaukka just around the corner, you may be wondering what to put on your holiday gift list, especially if you’re ready to finally delve into video marketing in the New Year.  (You ARE planning on doing more video in 2013, right?) I often preach that Read More

5 Simple Steps to Growing Your Business with Gratitude

Though we live in a modern, fast-paced society, spend a lot of time communicating via text message, email and social media, and are extremely pressed for time, there is NO substitute for grace and expressing your appreciation in business. This is especially true when it comes Read More
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