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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

Mastering Your Most Difficult Workplace Conversations

Written By: Rich Gallagher
Do you have trouble giving difficult messages to people? Like telling people they need to work harder, or...

40+ of the All-time Greatest Leaders

Written By: Carol Roth
Great leadership is one of the most important keys (if not the most important!) to having a successful...

Why Entrepreneurs Need to Embrace Storytelling

Written By: Carol Roth
Whether in marketing, sales or inspiring employees, great stories can be an entrepreneur’s secret weapon. To talk about...

Better Mindset, Better Business

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Owning (or working for) a small business is stressful. In Carol’s latest post on the Nextiva blog, “5...

Why It Could Be Time to Try Amazon Business

Written By: Carol Roth
Just because your business is small, doesn’t mean your purchasing list is, too. There was a time when...

How Big Is the Gig Economy? Close to $8 Billion.

Written By: Catherine Morgan
You read that right. That’s billion with a “B.” A lot of moolah is being spent on freelancers...

Small Businesses Come In Various Shapes and Sizes

Written By: Catherine Morgan
All small businesses are not created equal. What you think of as a small business may be very...

3 Tips to Rev Up Your Productivity

Written By: Carol Roth
When productivity is running high in your business, it’s like a well-oiled engine. But, when productivity starts to...

Solo Business? You Still Need to Plan Like a Bigger Business.

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Whether you’re a solo business owner or a freelancer, you will still need to remember that you’re running...

There’s More to Freelance Rates Than Getting What We’re Worth

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Among freelancers, the most cherished business objective, as expressed on the internet, is to “get paid what I’m...