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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

Money Won’t Save a Crappy Business Model

Access to capital always ranks as a top issue that faces entrepreneurs.  Today, more than ever before, it’s incredibly difficult to get capital from any of the ‘usual suspects’, like banks or private lenders and investors.  However, a lot of the time, the need for capital Read More

Leadership Lessons from Lincoln (Part 2)

From Catherine: This week we continue with Margie Clayman’s epic collection of leadership lessons from one of the most revered presidents in U.S. history – Abraham Lincoln. If you missed last week’s post, you can read it here. We hope these lessons will inspire you to Read More

Magic Wand for Entrepreneurs

If you’re a regular reader of Business Unplugged™ I’ll bet this is the LAST place that you would go to look for a quick fix. We are all about doing the work, showing up, and achieving mastery, but there is one technique I’ve been using lately Read More

Failure- it’s Not if, it’s How

Why do we never learn how to fail? When we are mere children, we are taught a right way to do almost everything.  If we follow that path, we get a gold star or a smiley face.  If we don’t and we fail, we end up Read More

5 Career Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs

In the age of Facebook, Apple, and Groupon, everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. The Internet has helped tremendously in lowering the barriers to entry, meaning that everyone CAN be a successful entrepreneur, if they have a strong work ethic, a bit of luck, and the Read More

Election: Biggest Issues Facing Small Businesses

The 2012 US Presidential Election is fast approaching and with over 28 million small businesses, those entrepreneurs will make up a significant portion of the voting public. So, with that in mind, I have asked real life business owners and entrepreneurs to weigh in on what Read More

Leadership Lessons from Lincoln (Part 1)

From Catherine: With the U.S. Presidential election just over a month away, and the debates going on in full force, a lot of voters are going to be thinking about leadership. Every Friday for the next five weeks we are going to be presenting leadership lessons Read More

Customer Service: Don’t Say No – Use the LPFSA!

Do you ever have situations where you feel you have to say “no” to clients? And then they get upset about it? I have a story for you. I am a huge baseball fan. And I often travel to games in Philadelphia, the closest major league Read More

What Happens When You Outgrow a Customer?

When you realize a customer is holding you back instead of pushing you forward, it’s one of the most bittersweet growing pains you’ll ever experience. Justifiably so, companies hate to fire a customer. First, there’s the dollars-and-cents part: nobody likes to forego revenue that’s already in Read More

Networking for Introverts

Most people are surprised to find out that I consider myself an introvert.  While I have a big personality and a public persona, the reality is that I am more comfortable with alone time and if I had a choice, more often than not, I would Read More
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