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Carol’s Vacation Takeaways

It took Carol many years to understand the value and benefits of a real vacation – away and unplugged. In her latest post on, “The Internet Is Bad Brain Food and Other Vacation Learnings,” she shares some best practices for getting the most enjoyment from […]
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Solo Business Owner? It Still Takes a Village.

I’ve had the same conversation with no fewer than five solo business owners over the last week. Whenever that happens, I know the topic is something we should cover here on Business Unplugged. My specialty is working with solo consultants and helping them find great clients […]
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Why Being Flexible Is a Strength for Small Business

What can most small businesses do even better than the big guys? Change strategy and direction in order to capitalize on a market need or industry trend. Carol’s latest post on the Nextiva blog, “5 Ways to Make Your Small Business Innovate Better Than the Big […]
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20+ Small Businesses That You Should Know

Here at, we love to shine the spotlight on the small business community, because there are so many amazing small businesses out there that get it right when it comes to customer service, quality, branding and more. So, with that in mind, we asked the […]
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Best Ways to Keep Information Secure When Traveling

Business travel is often part of getting new clients and growing your business. You probably know that you need to take extra precautions to keep your personal information and client data safe when traveling. Carol shares some of the best and easiest strategies to stay secure […]
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Can Small Businesses Benefit from Big Data?

All businesses generate data. In fact, it can feel like we are awash in data. We hear a lot about big companies trying to gain insights from data, but small businesses also can benefit. Carol interviews marketing expert Marina Erulkar in a recent post on titled “The Big […]
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Managing Anxiety: The Small Business Edition

Running a small business and anxiety often go hand-in-hand – particularly in those tense early days where money is tight, success is uncertain, and new challenges seem to lurk around every corner. For many people, anxiety is an unwelcome guest that can sap your energy or […]
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Gone Fishing – Summer 2016

We are taking some time off – and we hope you schedule some time off as well to unplug, step back, and reconnect with friends and family. We’ll be back on Tuesday, August 2.
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Customer Service: Don’t Play the Blame Game

What is the most frustrating experience when a product isn’t working? Trying to get someone to own up to the problem – and fix it. You might spend 20 minutes (or several hours) on the phone while companies and their vendors point fingers at each other, […]
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Summer Reading List: Must-Read Business Books

Summer is here and we’re all ready to spend our days sipping margaritas pool-side. So, while you’re having fun in the sun, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of must-read business books for your summer reading list. These are recommendations from the fantastic contributor network of […]
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