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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

Are You a Two-Faced Entrepreneur?

“Find your passion.” It’s a popular piece of advice these days, which fits our generation of entrepreneurs. You spend most of your time at work. You might as well love it. “Don’t get emotional about business. It clouds the judgment.” This is a quote from Gordon Read More

3 Ways to Outshine Your Competitors

Let’s face it, for whatever type of business you have or whatever kinds of products and services your business provides, there are no shortage of competitors, both direct and indirect, all vying for the attention and dollars of your customers. So, on such a crowded business Read More

When Procrastination Isn’t or Respecting Your Process

Most of my clients pay me to help them develop strategies and keep them accountable. Generally, I help people STOP procrastinating and get past blocks. But recently I realized that sometimes procrastination…isn’t. Here is one example: My small business clients frequently hire me to do some Read More

Entrepreneurs and the Minimum Wage Debate

Editor’s Note: Carol believes that entrepreneurs and small business owners are being forgotten in the minimum wage debate. As you may know, Carol guest blogs on several other platforms. Her latest on is one that I thought would be of great interest to many of Read More

Customer Service and the Weary Traveler

My recent trip to and from my Vassar College reunion in upstate New York necessarily involved multiple service and transportation providers. There were some surprising wins and some unexpected fails in my customer experience. Carol recently wrote a post about the one thing that you should Read More

Phone Selling Skills 101

When I got into sales, email did not exist, so the formula was simple – develop outstanding phone skills or fail. Today, salespeople avoid phone calls like the plague, so when they are forced to use the phone, they’re likely to do more damage than good Read More

The One Thing that You Should Tell Every Employee

If you want your business to be successful, tell every employee this one thing: “Your number one job description is to provide outstanding service to the customer.” How many times have you been in a grocery store where you are obstructed from pulling an item from Read More

Tips for Becoming a Respected Business Industry Expert

Being viewed as the “go-to” expert in your industry or field is so important for gaining the respect and trust that is needed for a successful business. But, how do you become that go-to expert? Well, I have reached out to the contributor network of Read More

Why No One Reads Your Blog

Many articles on small business success tell you to “connect with your customers” – and in particular, to write blogs. So you write a bunch, post them on your website, and hear nothing but crickets. Why is that? I am guessing that it is because you’ve Read More

Innovation and Managing Client Expectations During Change

We all have things we like a certain way. Part of running a successful business depends on meeting that expectation. For instance, I know from experience that if I walk into a Five Guys restaurant in North Dakota, it matches my experience at my local Five Read More
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