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Business Unplugged™
This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

The Magic Number Is Six Months

Written By: Rich Gallagher
Thinking of starting a business, or becoming self-employed? Here is one simple rule that will make you much more likely to...

Five Ways to Help Women in the Workplace

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Carol shares some great advice in her recent post on, “How to Actually Empower Women Professionally.” Carol begins: We’ve had...

Top Technologies to Transform Your Business

Written By: Carol Roth
Today’s blog post is brought to you by Microsoft*, which has an entire technology suite of products and tools to help...

Mindfulness and Practice Create a Powerful EQ

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Can you learn how to be more emotionally sensitive even if you’re not naturally that way? Carol believes that you can,...

Agency and the Gig Economy: Don’t Be an Idiot

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Not one – but TWO clients sent me this article “The Gig Economy Celebrates Working Yourself to Death,” published in The...

Lessons for Your Business from Game Shows

Written By: Catherine Morgan
In Carol’s recent post on, “3 Social Media Tips You Can Learn From ‘The Price Is Right’,” Carol shares social...

Many Small Business Owners Suffer With Depression

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Depression is something that many small business owners wrestle with. I shared my experiences with depression here on the blog a...

What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Cybersecurity

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Cybersecurity is just another of a long list of things that entrepreneurs and small businesses wish they didn’t have to think...

What Your Business Can Learn from NHL Hockey

Written By: Carol Roth
The NHL Playoffs are once again right around the corner (Go Blackhawks!), so I am all-in on one of my favorite...

How to Talk to People When You Would Rather Not

Written By: Catherine Morgan
I would say that about 90 percent of the clients I work with say they “hate networking” or don’t know how...