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How to Enjoy Your Vacation and Manage Business Separation Anxiety

Does thinking about taking time away from your business give you separation anxiety? You’re not alone. Many small business owners are concerned that they will lose some business – maybe their whole business – if they take time off. The thing is, taking time away is […]
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No, You Aren’t Too Busy

Every small business owner has a song they sing silently to themselves. It goes something like this: “I’m too busy, yes indeed I’m too busy to breathe Everything would be just fine If only I had more time” Except that this song is a lie. I’ll […]
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7 Marketing Tactics to Help Grow Your Business

It is estimated that over half of the world will be online by the end of 2016. That’s a lot of ideal prospects and customers. More than ever, it is important to consider the marketing tactics that you could employ in your small business. While there […]
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Get What You Need: Practice Your Ask

You know those moments when you make a split decision in seconds? I made one a few weeks ago, and I’ve been kicking myself over it ever since. It’s a small, even stupid, thing, but it drove home an important lesson I keep forgetting: just ask. […]
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Carol’s Suggestions for Shopping Small Business

I don’t know about you, but I like to support other small business owners and “shop small” whenever I can. If you’re looking for some gift ideas and want to support a small business, you’ll definitely want to check out Carol’s latest post on “6 […]
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3 Tips for Jumping Over Common Business Hurdles

Most entrepreneurs and business owners start off their ventures with unbridled optimism about the smooth road to success that lay ahead. But soon, they realize that the path ahead is more like an obstacle course than a freshly-laid yellow brick road with flashing neon signs pointing […]
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Happy Thanksgiving 2016

We celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States tomorrow. We wish you and your friends and family a wonderful holiday. Business Unplugged will be back on Tuesday, November 29.
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How Your Small Business Can Compete with the Big Guys this Holiday Season

For many businesses, the holiday season represents a significant sales opportunity – for some, it literally makes or breaks the year. But with the competition from big retailers, how can your small business compete? Fortunately, entrepreneurs are well suited to offer customers something worthwhile and capture […]
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Negotiation: Know When to Hold ‘Em

Carol’s recent post on is a fun one. In “4 Tricks for Negotiating Like a Poker Pro,” she walks you through different scenarios that happen at any poker table, and how these relate to negotiating as a small business owner. Carol begins: “Entrepreneurs and business […]
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How to Communicate Better with Your Team and Clients

One of the things I stress to my clients is that what you think you’re saying may not be what the reader or listener takes away. In our crazy and distracted world, it can be hard to get through to people. Or to make yourself focus on the […]
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