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Sweet Deduction: 5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Mileage

If growing revenue and maintaining cash flow are among the top concerns for small business owners (spoiler alert: they are), then finding ways to generate and maintain a positive cash flow is always top-of-mind. One place you might be overlooking when it comes to cost savings? […] Read More

Client Gift Giving- Not Just for the Holidays

We often give gifts around the holiday season to our valued business partners, clients and customers to show our appreciation. But, since most companies get gifts around that time, yours can easily get lost in the holiday shuffle. So, a great way for your business to […] Read More

Hiring An Accountant Can Make or Break Your Business

Let’s face it, accounting isn’t for everyone. Not to say that you don’t have the capabilities, or that accounting is a skill that can’t be learned, it’s just not everyone’s forte. As a business owner, sometimes it’s best to stick with what you know – and […] Read More

How to Give Employees Information at the Right Times

Getting your employees the right information at the right times is crucial to running a successful business. There are situations where structured training makes sense, but there also are times when something quick and easy works, too. Carol’s latest post on the Nextiva blog, “4 Ways […] Read More

When Are You Too Old to Start a Business? Maybe Never!

This is an incredible story. Imagine being 88 years old and, instead of winding down, feeling a burning desire to start and grow a business! In Carol’s recent post on, “A First-Time Entrepreneur at 88, Earl Fultz, Now 91, Says His Business Is the Spice […] Read More

Should You Negotiate for Creative Services?

Buying creative services can be difficult. Obviously, a painting costs more than the canvas and paint that was used. Even if you added in the hours, who is to say that a great painting takes 1,000 times more hours than an ordinary one? In the digital […] Read More

Permission Marketing: The Cookie Bait and Switch

I love the Girl Scouts. More accurately, I love those beautiful boxes of cookies that make an appearance this time of year. Last week, I found some local Girl Scouts set up in front of a store. I happily handed over my money for two boxes […] Read More

What Small Business Owners Want the Next President to Do for Entrepreneurs

As I always say, small businesses are the backbone of the economy. However, they don’t often get the appropriate platform to have their concerns or needs voiced and as a result, are often over-burdened or all-together ignored by the powers that be. So, since we are […] Read More

One Formula for Becoming a Millionaire

Those of you who are new to the blog or haven’t read Carol’s book, The Entrepreneur Equation, might not be familiar with Carol’s background. It’s truly an inspirational story, and one that we can all learn from. She shared it recently on, and I thought […] Read More

10 Easy Ways to Look Professional So Clients Love You

Am I the only one who thinks common sense isn’t all that common anymore? In fact, on my snarkier days, I refer to it as (un)common sense. Want to distinguish yourself from the crowd? The best thing you can do is to act consistently like a professional […] Read More
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