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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

Who’s Your Girlfriend?

Everyone is tempted at one time or another to be unfaithful. Those who run their own businesses are especially prone. We work long hours, oftentimes alone at the office with staff members of the opposite sex. I got home after one particularly harrowing day, kissed my Read More

The Paralysis of Freedom

As I talk to more and more entrepreneurs about their businesses, ironically, one of the biggest areas of constraint for them is having too many choices.  That’s right; they are bound by too much freedom in their businesses. There is always another idea, another path, or Read More

70 Entrepreneurs Share Their Biggest Business Inspirations

From family and friends to colleagues or even celebrities, anyone can become an important business influence. So, I have asked the contributor network of business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs to explain who their biggest influences are for their own businesses. Their answers are presented Read More

Gone Fishing – Happy Fourth of July 2014

In celebration of the Independence Day holiday weekend here in the U.S. we will be taking today off. Please remember to unplug, connect with friends and family, and recharge your battery. This is incredibly important for small business owners. Have a wonderful holiday and be safe. Read More

Lessons From a Broke Entrepreneur Turned Multi-Millionaire

Editor’s note: This post generated some sharing on our Facebook page so it made sense to link to it here on the blog as well. As you probably know, Carol writes for other sites. Here is her latest for Entrepreneur Magazine: Simple Yet Powerful Business Lessons From Read More

How to Get More Time Back in Your Day

Potentially the number one issue facing all of us, both personally and professionally, is not having enough time.  This is particularly an issue for small business owners and entrepreneurs.  In fact, according to the most recent Bank of America Small Business Owner Report, almost three out Read More

Finding Your Own Video Sweet Spot

Video marketing is incredibly powerful, and is a game-changer for your business when you do it right.  The problem is most business owners struggle with video, or get frustrated and give up.  That’s like digging for gold and stopping six inches short of striking it rich.  Read More

Are You a Two-Faced Entrepreneur?

“Find your passion.” It’s a popular piece of advice these days, which fits our generation of entrepreneurs. You spend most of your time at work. You might as well love it. “Don’t get emotional about business. It clouds the judgment.” This is a quote from Gordon Read More

3 Ways to Outshine Your Competitors

Let’s face it, for whatever type of business you have or whatever kinds of products and services your business provides, there are no shortage of competitors, both direct and indirect, all vying for the attention and dollars of your customers. So, on such a crowded business Read More

When Procrastination Isn’t or Respecting Your Process

Most of my clients pay me to help them develop strategies and keep them accountable. Generally, I help people STOP procrastinating and get past blocks. But recently I realized that sometimes procrastination…isn’t. Here is one example: My small business clients frequently hire me to do some Read More
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