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Best Ways to Leverage LinkedIn to Build Your Business

Most business owners know that they could – and should – be using LinkedIn more effectively to build their businesses. But what exactly should they be doing? I think I use LinkedIn pretty effectively, but I wanted to reach out to an expert for the best tactics. Phil […]
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Small Business Week 2016: Technology and the Stylist

Happy National Small Business Week small business owners and would-be entrepreneurs! There are lots of great virtual and local events happening this week to share strategies and celebrate successes. You can follow along on Twitter with the hashtags #NSBW2016 and #DreamSmallBiz. Below is an interview that […]
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7 Things To Loathe, Hate And Despise About Social Media

Social media makes me sad. When I joined Twitter in 2006, it was a terrific experience. I hear people talk about Facebook the same way, back when that platform was the exclusive territory of college students. What happened? What went wrong? Marketers, rather than conversationalists, dominate. […]
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Small Irritations Add Up for Customers: Lessons from the TSA

“You need to remove your computer and liquids from your suitcase.” I stopped short at the X-ray machine in airport security. Wait a minute. I’d just come down the TSA Pre lane. I could keep this stuff in my bag. Positive it was a mistake, I […]
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Use “the Buddy System” to Market Your Business

Your business can offer the absolute best products or services on the planet, but if nobody knows that they exist, your business will fail in the same way that unfortunately, so many other small businesses do. Marketing is key for getting the word out, but it […]
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How to Sanely Evaluate Business Opportunities

Entrepreneurs and small business owners LOVE ideas. We have them all the time! We get giddy with excitement sometimes. New ideas can even wake us up in the middle of the night.  Unfortunately, we can’t move every idea forward. We don’t have the time or the money. Or, […]
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Is Your Business Running with Scissors?

True story: Last week when my husband and I were taking our one-year-old pit bull mix, Lulu, for a walk, we found a pair of scissors along the road. Some people have the good fortune of finding cold, hard cash while walking their dogs. We find […]
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What’s In a Name? A Lot! And It Varies by Location.

What’s the first thing that comes into your head when someone says “Mercedes”?* If you’re in Europe, we’ll guess that you think of a company that has a car, truck, or bus for every market niche. In the United States—where General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler own that positioning—Mercedes brings […]
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Customer Loyalty: Engagement, Not Transactions

In Carol’s latest post, “Customer Loyalty 3.0 Is Never About Transactions. It’s About Getting to Know Your Customers” on, Carol talks about the future of customer loyalty, and why it’s so important. She begins: “At Entrepreneur and Microsoft’s Accelerate Your Business Event, I was able […]
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Bringing Small Town Values to Online Business

Internet-based technologies continue to transform businesses in ways scarcely imaginable just a few years ago. Online travel services, for example, have become the norm – a matter of convenience for customers, and for businesses often a source of access to larger markets. This also includes online customer […]
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