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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

Hosting Successful Webinars and Driving More Traffic on a Budget

I’m always looking for ways to refine business tactics to make them more effective, as well as find new ones to help you drive business. To that end, here are a couple of free resources to help you drive more traffic on a budget and to Read More

12 Signs You Might Be a Workaholic

Overworking is more than a bad habit—it’s a dangerous one. People who work round-the-clock are much more susceptible to stress, not to mention the health problems associated with it. Think you might be a workaholic or know someone who is? Here’s how to find out if Read More

5 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Made by Small Businesses

Marketing is tough for any company to get its arms around, and for small firms in particular, it’s easier to go wrong than to go right. Nevertheless, if you avoid making the following five mistakes, you are on your way to having an effective marketing function Read More

Even (Video) Cowboys Get the (Techie) Blues – Surviving Technology Meltdown

I hate technology.  That might sound blasphemous coming from a video marketing guy, but technology is a double-edged sword.  And when you’re on the losing edge of that sword, it’s no fun! To make matters worse, tech woes, like most bad omens, tend to come in Read More

What Not to Do During an Interview

With the unemployment rate being so high, it makes the competition for jobs and business even more difficult. And after reading recent articles where interviewees are now bringing their parents along to interviews, I thought that I should ask the fabulous contributor network of business Read More

Are “Online Friendships” Real?

I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine recently. This friend, for what it’s worth, is someone whom I met first on Twitter, probably about three years ago now. We were talking about how in the past, when we’ve had a junky day, we Read More

Four Rules for Client Selection in Business

Who you work with in a business relationship – whether as a client, a collaborator, an employee or in some other capacity – can often make or break your business success.  However, we often ignore the people and focus more on the business and the operational Read More

3 Ways to Cover Your Tail in Business + Stay Out of Court

No matter how far along you are in your business, and how many clients and deals you have on the table, there is one thing that will always remain true: Stuff (and by stuff, I really mean sh#@) happens. You, dear business owner, have the arduous Read More

Entrepreneurs and the Hero’s Complex

We recently caught the movie Kiss the Girls. Morgan Freeman plays Alex Cross, a detective and forensic psychologist whose niece went missing. Foul play was suspected. It was feared that she was in the hands of a serial kidnapper, who “collected’ young women. Detective Cross tried Read More

How to Really Listen

Are you a good listener? Almost everyone thinks so. But I’ll let you in on a secret: Most people aren’t. Don’t believe me? Try an experiment. Go to the grocery store, the post office, or your favorite restaurant – anywhere where people interact with each other Read More
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