Does Twitter- or any social media for that matter- work for your business?  It can, if you are using the tools effectively (and of course, using the media where your customers are at).

This case study is one that hits very close to home.  Why?  Because I am right in the middle of it.

I first ran into after they started following me on Twitter. They engaged with me by re-tweeting my content and sending me messages that they thought what I was creating was very valuable.

I noticed them right away (great logo/avatar, interesting name), but it wasn’t until they had engaged with me several times that I was compelled to learn more.

I checked out their Twitter bio first, and then their website ( to learn that they provided outsourced services for business, starting with research and virtual assisting types of tasks on up.

A couple of months later, when my staff was tapped out and I needed some extra assistance on a research project, I contacted them and ultimately hired them. I was pleased with their efficient, accurate and pleasant service.

Well, just a few weeks later I was doing a television segment on solutions for small business, and given my own experience, I plugged on television (video below).

So, because this company engaged with me, someone who was a “spender” (who would buy their services) and a “sender” (someone who would tell or influence others), they were able to get a new paying client and invaluable television PR.

So, what are the takeaways for your business?

The Right Location: DeskElf engaged with me on Twitter, an arena where small business owners and experts create, consume and curate content.  For other businesses, other social networks may be more appropriate.

Engage by Giving: DeskElf caught my attention by giving to me first- they spread my message and let me know that they thought my content was valuable.

No Overnight Expectation: DeskElf was consistent.  They stayed engaged for quite some period of time before the results were achieved.

Walk the Talk: DeskElf delivered. Regardless of the engagement level, if their service would have been poor when I used them, then their efforts would have been wasted.

Are you getting an ROI from social media?