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4 Ways to Make Your High Heels More Comfortable



High Heeled Shoes may be the most loved and hated fashion accessory for the working woman.  They can completely make an outfit.  They can also be very painful, especially if you are putting in long days or have to walk around.

Here are a few tips to make those lovely leg extenders a bit more bearable.

Get them stretched: Most department stores and shoe boutiques can stretch out the heel using a shoe stretcher, so just ask.  If you want to try it at home, think about investing in one, like any of the ones available at If the lip of the heel is too tight, a bunion stretcher can also be used to give you some extra relief!

Use an insole to create the perfect fit: If there is too much of a gap in your shoe, your foot will move around and the friction will be painful.  Use a half or full insole to help close up the gap.

Blistop: If there are certain areas of your foot that tend to get blisters (for me it’s the back of the heel), try Flexitol Blistop.  It’s a quick spray that creates a bond so that you don’t get the friction.  Cheap and easy!

Change ‘em up: While heels are fabulous, don’t wear them constantly.  Carry a pair of flats to wear under your desk, while driving, or while you are walking around the streets (to your commute, to grab lunch, etc.).  I’m loving these bow flats by Ted Baker.

Do you have any suggestions for taking high heels from pain to pleasure?  Share below!

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