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Event at Ted Baker’s 5th Avenue Store 10.24


If you are in NYC, make sure to join me from 6-9 pm for a fabulous event at Ted Baker London’s 5th Avenue Store (at 48th & 5th). See below for details!

Wine & a Workout?


All aspects of our life- from personal to professional- have now merged and it’s hard to compartmentalize.  However, are there some areas that really should stay separate?

At NYC’s Uplift Studios, they have combined workout and wine.  The reward there for finishing a crazy cardio workout is unlimited cocktails.

Do you think that the bar belongs near a barre class? It’s one thing to share multiple interests with others or to combine your own interests, but perhaps these two are more oil and water than yin and yang.

Read more about Uplift Studios via The Huffington Post.


Avon Turns Down Coty’s Acquisition “Marriage Proposal”


Coty, the multinational company known for marketing licensed fragrances like Calvin Klein, has been on an acquisition tear lately. They have bought nail polish fave OPI and skin care fave Philosophy, amongst others. It’s latest attempt for takeover is Avon Products, which has been having all sorts of business issues lately and is on the hunt for a new CEO.

The $23.25 informal offer would value Avon at about $10 billion, but the company thinks that is not enough, so it turned down Coty (perhaps looking for a bigger “engagement ring?”). You can read more about this at The Wall Street Journal.


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