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Luxury Travel Accessory Company Tumi Sets IPO Range


One of the favorite weapons of the road warrior is durable, good looking luggage and travel accessories. Tumi is a name that is pretty much synonymous with that. The company, which has been catering to working women on a more focused basis with collections in pink and a collaboration with Anna Sui, has set the terms for its Initial Public Offering (IPO), which is set to price the week of 4/16.

The expected price range for the stock of $15-17. This will allow the company to raise up to approximately $320 billion off of a valuation of up to $1.15 billion. This is quite a turnaround (not to mention a profit) for Doughty Hanson and the other private equity firms that bought Tumi about 8 years ago for a reported $276 million. Tumi will trade on the NYSE under the clever ticker: TUMI.

Luxury goods, including accessories, have been strong performers. Michael Kors Holding’s IPO did so well late last year that they raised more money through a follow-on offering just a few weeks ago. So, despite a rich valuation, keep your eye on Tumi.

Anna Sui International Carry on by Tumi.


5 Beauty Tricks I Learned from Professional Television Makeup Artists


One of the best parts of being on television is having the best makeup and hair professionals in the business working on you.  Here are a few of the beauty tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way from these fabulous professionals that you can incorporate into your daily routine.  And a huge thanks to Rhonda, LaToya, Krystyn, Zofia, Ashana, Nicole, Debbie, Dawn, Michelle and all of the other fabulous pros I get to work with on a regular (and sometimes not so regular) basis!

Use a Makeup Sponge for a Straight Line: Not so great at drawing the perfect line under your eye or around your lip?  Hold a makeup sponge underneath your eye or above/below your lip while you do the lining.  It will help keep the line from going down to far (and catch any mess that you make)!

Use a Glove for Straight Hair: Sick of burning your hands when you use a tool like a straightening iron?  Use a knit glove on the hand that isn’t using the tool (one in a material that won’t burn, obviously).  This will allow you to use a higher temperature setting and not burn your hand, and also apply more pressure.  I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this myself, but I love this trick.  I use a cheap knit winter glove, but beauty supply stores have ones made just for this purpose.

Fill Your Lips in With Liner for Longer Lasting Lipstick: Truth be told, I have been doing this for a while, but the artists reconfirm it.  Fill in your lips in full with a liner before you add lipstick or gloss for a longer lasting colorful pout.

Use False Lashes Sparingly: I love me some falsies from time to time, but I have been counseled that over use can make your real lashes fall out (from the glue, apparently).  If you are going to use them, use them sparingly.  Also, consider only using a few individual ones at the corner to just open your eye slightly.

If You Find a Style that Works for You, Go with It: While it is fun to try new trends and each artist has their own style, if there are things that work for you, then stick to them.  For me, I do better with a more sleek hairstyle that teased “television hair”, so I try to keep to that, like the picture below from a recent Piers Morgan Tonight appearance.  Remember, the goal is to always look your best (and most natural).



And take great care of your skin, always! Find an anti-aging cream that works for your skin type and use it every single day. Don’t forget to take your makeup off every night and use a retinol product every few days if your skin can tolerate it.

Wine & a Workout?


All aspects of our life- from personal to professional- have now merged and it’s hard to compartmentalize.  However, are there some areas that really should stay separate?

At NYC’s Uplift Studios, they have combined workout and wine.  The reward there for finishing a crazy cardio workout is unlimited cocktails.

Do you think that the bar belongs near a barre class? It’s one thing to share multiple interests with others or to combine your own interests, but perhaps these two are more oil and water than yin and yang.

Read more about Uplift Studios via The Huffington Post.


Taking Fashion Cues Where Art Imitates Life In Fashion


One of my favorite clients is Integrity Toys, who brings to life impeccable fashion dolls wearing to-die-for fashions and accessories in miniature. It’s truly art imitating life in fashion.

As I had the pleasure of hosting an online event that unveiled their newest lines to approximately 1,000 of their VIP customers this past weekend, I saw some fabulous fashion ideas that can provide some great inspiration for your own daily looks.  Keep an eye out for ways to incorporate these trends into your professional wardrobe.


Call it shirring, ruching or whatever you want, but I love it, even for the office. Not only is it figure flattering, but it can take something as basic as a pencil skirt up a level.  Check out this gorgeous skirt modeled by Integrity Toys’ Kyori Sato of the Fashion Royalty Line.


This was a big trend on the Fashion Week runways and here is a great example of it in practice.  Fashion Royalty’s Eugenia Perrin Frost shows off multiple textures in one great blazer, paired with different textures in her chartreuse blouse and tweed skirt.



Chic Layering

Take a modern suit to the next level like Fashion Royalty’s Adele Makeda does here, pairing a beautifully tailored suit with a chic bustier and faux fur-wrap.  Contrasting accessories creates a look that is full of attitude but still means business.




Another trend that we have seen on the runway incorporated in a way that is work-appropriate.  Fashion Royalty’s Dania Zarr pulls off the peplum to perfection, adding a fabulous detail to what would otherwise be a rather standard look.


Now if we could only transform into those dolls’ bodies!  For more information on Integrity Toys, visit

Avon Turns Down Coty’s Acquisition “Marriage Proposal”


Coty, the multinational company known for marketing licensed fragrances like Calvin Klein, has been on an acquisition tear lately. They have bought nail polish fave OPI and skin care fave Philosophy, amongst others. It’s latest attempt for takeover is Avon Products, which has been having all sorts of business issues lately and is on the hunt for a new CEO.

The $23.25 informal offer would value Avon at about $10 billion, but the company thinks that is not enough, so it turned down Coty (perhaps looking for a bigger “engagement ring?”). You can read more about this at The Wall Street Journal.


Ted Baker’s Working Title


I had the pleasure of heading over to Ted Baker in NYC recently and checking out their Working Title collection.

If you are not familiar with Ted Baker- which is expanding its footprint rapidly in the US, including an upcoming Flagship store on 5th avenue in NYC- the mantra there is 3x the value for a third of the price.  Once again, think affordable luxury.

I love Ted Baker because of their impeccable tailoring and attention to detail.  For example, they may have a luxurious print lining or whip stitching that carries through each collection.

The Working Title collection brings the sophistication and style that is Ted Baker’s signature for the modern working woman.  Plus, the extra special details allow you to go effortlessly from day to tonight.

Here I am at the store wearing this amazing grey and black print dress with black collar and waist ribbon and fabulous attention grabbing shoulder pads:


And then later on Cavuto wearing the dress again*:


For more on Ted Baker, visit or check them out on Twitter at @ ted_bakerusa


*A special thanks to the Ted Baker team for dressing me!


Fashion Forward: Lauren by Ralph Lauren One-Shoulder Island Fuchsia Dress


Why blend in when you can stand out?  That ended up being my guidance when I went fashion forward for a business show.  Here’s the clip with me wearing an amazing one-shoulder Island Fuchsia Lauren by Ralph Lauren dress for the Tom Sullivan Show on Fox Business.

Once again, business does not have to be boring!

Thanks to the Ralph Lauren team for sending this dress.

Which Fashion Week Trends to Bring to the Office (and Which to Leave at Home)


There is a common misconception that dressing professionally means that you have to wear boring blazers and plain pantsuits.  But, dressing fashionably is not mutually exclusive from dressing professionally. On the other hand, just because a hot trend catches your fashion fancy, it doesn’t mean that it’s always the best choice for the office.  Below are the top fashion trends to take to your office, as well as which to leave in your closet for after office-hours.


Paneled Silhouettes:  From Jason Wu’s chic pencil skirt and Victoria Beckham’s formfitting dresses to Preen’s two-toned pants, the use of panel details creates a fashion-forward look that is entirely office appropriate. Not to mention that they can also create a very flattering silhouette.  To take this trend to work, look for individual pieces that create a little unexpected drama in colors that work with other pieces already in your wardrobe.




Textured and printed fabrics:  Who said that business has to be boring?  One of my favorite office-worthy trends for the season was the great use of textures and prints in fabrics.  Look to Nanette Lepore’s chartreuse and berry houndstooth, Michael Kors’ mix-and-match textures and Derek Lam’s allover printed dress and for inspiration.  To make this really work for the office, use the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) principle for the rest of your look and keep your hosiery, shoes and other accessories simple and elegant.




Menswear:  As one who is partial to a suit and tie from time to time, I love the continued emphasis on menswear with a feminine touch.  Ralph Lauren did his with fabulous patterns and Rachel Zoe amped up the femininity by pairing hers with a romantic blouse.  To avoid looking like you are playing dress up in your daddy’s closet, focus on really well-tailored pieces.  Also, incorporate accessories in flirty colors.




All White:  All white is a sleek and gorgeous minimalist look, but it is completely impractical for an office environment.  One leaky pen, copy machine incident or clumsy co-worker can take you from runway to “I need to run away”.  If you want to give this trend a whirl, during your business day is probably not your best option.

Sheers:  If you work in a professional environment, the only time that sheer should enter your workday fashion vocabulary is after the word “pantyhose”.  Sheers can be fun and sexy, but they are not office appropriate.  Save them for nights and weekends.  If you are looking for a day to night look, try layering a sheer blouse under a fitted sweater and when you head out after work, rock the sheer by itself, but only after-hours.

Fur:  Although fur was all over the runway this season, it’s not a strong choice for the office. Fur is polarizing in the same way that politics are- everyone has an opinion and many take their opinions very seriously.  Bringing fur to the office can cause unintended rifts with coworkers or even clients and customers.  If you are crazy about fur, consider limiting it to your outerwear so that you don’t have it on all day.

Proceed with Caution…

All Black:  This may be a bit of the pot calling the kettle black because I love black, but too much head-to-toe black can make you end up looking like you stepped right out of SNL’s Sprockets sketch from the 1990s.  If you are going to embrace this trend, try mixing different textures of fabric to give the look some extra depth or bring in a pop of unexpected color through your shoes or jewelry.

Military Jackets:  A number of really great military jackets were shown this season.  This can be a great trend if it is not overdone.  Think about layering a military jacket over a simple sheath or pairing it with a great pair of pants to create a pantsuit with a bit of flair.  However, be careful when selecting the military jacket.  Too much in the way of hardware or embellishments can take you from looking like a business leader to the ringleader in a circus.

Metallics:  Metallics are a bit difficult to incorporate into the office environment.  If you are going to go this route, only bring in one metallic element into your outfit and keep it to outfits where the rest of the color palette is more neutral. Incorporate metallics into your accessories, such as a great textured oversized belt over your suit or skirt and top combo or wear metallic shoes to offset a more neutral colored dress or trousers.


Stock Market- Coach’s Affordable Luxury


Disclaimer: This site and video are not meant to give financial advice.  Please seek counsel from your qualified financial adviser.

When I invest, I always gravitate towards businesses and business models that I fully understand. Here I talk about why I like Coach and their affordable luxury positioning in the US and abroad (as well as their fundamentals and metrics at the time).

Kate Spade Brings the Whimsy


(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images via

I have an obsession with outerwear, I admit it. It’s a great way to inject personality into your professional wardrobe. This Kate Spade ensemble is right up my alley.  The whimsical coat and splash of fuchsia with the gloves would be a fabulous addition to a simple black sheath, wrap dress, or even shirt and pencil skirt.  I do think the shoes are too much- consider black pumps or even black ankle boots, depending on your work place.  This creates a great look that is professional and can go from day to night.

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