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Taking Fashion Cues Where Art Imitates Life In Fashion


One of my favorite clients is Integrity Toys, who brings to life impeccable fashion dolls wearing to-die-for fashions and accessories in miniature. It’s truly art imitating life in fashion.

As I had the pleasure of hosting an online event that unveiled their newest lines to approximately 1,000 of their VIP customers this past weekend, I saw some fabulous fashion ideas that can provide some great inspiration for your own daily looks.  Keep an eye out for ways to incorporate these trends into your professional wardrobe.


Call it shirring, ruching or whatever you want, but I love it, even for the office. Not only is it figure flattering, but it can take something as basic as a pencil skirt up a level.  Check out this gorgeous skirt modeled by Integrity Toys’ Kyori Sato of the Fashion Royalty Line.


This was a big trend on the Fashion Week runways and here is a great example of it in practice.  Fashion Royalty’s Eugenia Perrin Frost shows off multiple textures in one great blazer, paired with different textures in her chartreuse blouse and tweed skirt.



Chic Layering

Take a modern suit to the next level like Fashion Royalty’s Adele Makeda does here, pairing a beautifully tailored suit with a chic bustier and faux fur-wrap.  Contrasting accessories creates a look that is full of attitude but still means business.




Another trend that we have seen on the runway incorporated in a way that is work-appropriate.  Fashion Royalty’s Dania Zarr pulls off the peplum to perfection, adding a fabulous detail to what would otherwise be a rather standard look.


Now if we could only transform into those dolls’ bodies!  For more information on Integrity Toys, visit

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