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Work it or Leave It? The Pajama Trend


Every season, when bold new trends appear on the runway, the big question is, “Can I really wear this look?”  This becomes a more important question when you think about whether you can wear the look to work.

For Spring and Summer, there is a pajama trend, with flowing pants, tops and even shoes inspired by men’s loungewear.

Louis Vuitton Pajama Printed Suit and Flats

While I have seen various suggestions on how to upgrade this trend, my advice is this is not a work-worthy look.  The cut of the pajamas are loose, sometimes sloppy and well, look like pajamas!  Even if you get clever (trying to pair a pajama top with a pencil skirt or a structured blazer with pajama-style pants), it will still look like half of you just rolled out of bed.

My take, don’t try to work the pajama trend. Leave it for weekend wear (or leave it altogether).

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