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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

3 Ways to Amp Up Your Business Network

Written By: Carol Roth
No matter what kind of business you have, from the smallest solopreneur to the biggest organization, you will...

Tips for Building Consumer Confidence in Your Company

Written By: Carol Roth
It’s a fact that people want to do business with those that have the KLT factor (those they...

One of Small Business’s Biggest Advantages—Flexibility

Written By: Carol Roth
While being a small business “fish” among the larger corporate “whales” has its challenges, there are some benefits...

Tips for Dealing with Internet Trolls and Haters in Business

Written By: Carol Roth
Businesses today need to be on the Internet, period. And with all of the positive things that come...

4 Tips for Interviewing Potential Employees

Written By: Carol Roth
The employees that you hire can make or break your business. And while first impressions are important, it...

Expert Tips for Promoting a New Product or Service

Written By: Carol Roth
So, you’ve got a great new product or service offering at your business…now, what? What’s the best way...

3 Tips to Prevent Business Regret

Written By: Carol Roth
When I talk to entrepreneurs and business owners, a common theme that I frequently hear about is their...

New Year’s Business Resolutions for 2015

Written By: Carol Roth
2015 is now upon us! And since sharing a resolution or goal with others often helps with the...

The Best Client Holiday Gifts and Customer Giveaways

Written By: Carol Roth
The holiday season is now upon us and this can be a great time to show your appreciation...

3 Ways to Gain More Holiday Sales

Written By: Carol Roth
The temperature outside has started to drop and with the falling mercury comes the blizzard of requisite holiday...