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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

The Most Valuable Sales Advice I Ever Received

Written By: Brad Shorr
When I started my sales career, it was an uphill battle. I struggled with pretty much every aspect...

Breaking Bad Lessons for Small Business

Written By: Brad Shorr
(Note: Some spoilers below.) Manipulator, monster, meth king … Say what you want about Walter White: He built...

Two Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Sales Reps

Written By: Brad Shorr
A sales rep is a terrible thing to waste, and yet many small companies squander their sales talent...

All Things to All People Marketing

Written By: Brad Shorr
KAREN: What, you got a little thing for her? GEORGE: No, No! She’s going out with a friend...

The 5 Least Important Qualities in a Sales Candidate

Written By: Brad Shorr
Evaluating sales talent is a tricky business, but your success depends on it. To appreciate the impact, consider...

5 Marketing Mistakes Companies Make Every Day

Written By: Brad Shorr
Having assisted small, medium and large organizations on marketing projects for a number of years, I’ve watched the...

5 Ways to Maximize Your Selling Price

Written By: Brad Shorr
The biggest obstacle to making money is fear. When it comes to pricing, most sellers go in low....

Are You Good Busy or Bad Busy?

Written By: Brad Shorr
People always advise us to “work smart,” but how do we do that, specifically? Indeed, all work is...

5 Ways to Nurture Creativity in Your Small Business

Written By: Brad Shorr
A new idea can transform a business from good to great. Why are there so few great companies?...

What Happens When You Outgrow a Customer?

Written By: Brad Shorr
When you realize a customer is holding you back instead of pushing you forward, it’s one of the...