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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

Ramifications of Regulating the Gig Economy

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Wayne Winegarden, Sr. Fellow in Business and Economics and Director of the Center for Medical Economics and Innovation...

Carol Roth’s New Book: The War on Small Business

Written By: Catherine Morgan
We’ve got some big news to share today: Carol Roth has written a new book! From Carol on...

Reasons and Seasons for You and Your Business

Written By: Catherine Morgan
I am starting to wonder if reevaluating your business, your strengths, and your personal and professional goals shouldn’t...

Have You Orphaned a Critical Part? It May Be Hurting Your Sales.

Written By: Catherine Morgan
When you start a consulting or coaching business, there is a moment when you were this person –...

Getting Butts in Seats Kicked MY Butt

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Anyone who does group coaching or training events will tell you the hardest part of the whole thing...

Why Carol’s Rule of Three Is More Like Nine Now

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Entrepreneurs are an optimistic group. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t start businesses. Carol’s Rule of Three has always...

Carol Roth Interviews Catherine Morgan for The Roth Effect

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Few things are more fun for me than chatting with Carol Roth. She’s one of the smartest women...

How to Humanize Any Product (Even Tech)

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Sue Koch is my go-to person for all things social media. She did a quick live on LinkedIn...

Main Street vs. Wall Street and Market Terms Explained

Written By: Catherine Morgan
In “Mad at Wall Street for the Wrong Reasons,” a recent episode of The Roth Effect podcast, Carol...

Aging and Working: We Need to Stop the Nonsense

Written By: Catherine Morgan
I am sick and tired of the nonsense about aging and working. The internet loves a good rant...