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Business Unplugged™
This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

It’s Not Online Versus Offline, It’s Personal Versus Professional

Written By: Margie Clayman
The other day, I was rolling through my Twitter stream when I saw a post about the ROI...

Are “Online Friendships” Real?

Written By: Margie Clayman
I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine recently. This friend, for what it’s worth, is...

World Suicide Prevention Day – Make A Difference

Written By: Margie Clayman
November 14, 2007 was a fairly typical dreary Northeast Ohio November day. Or at least it seemed that...

Everybody Has a Story

Written By: Margie Clayman
When I was in college, I found myself involved in a lot of long and rambling conversations. These...

Is Social Media Really Homogeneous White Milk?

Written By: Margie Clayman
On a regular basis, someone in the world of social media publishes a list of “power users” or...

Four Ways To Determine If You Have A Job Or A Mission

Written By: Margie Clayman
One theme in Carol’s book, The Entrepreneur Equation, is that people can become easily confused as they begin...

Passion, Fun, Or Money – Why Do You Do What You Do?

Written By: Margie Clayman
Generally, I believe there are three reasons why people are working in the places they are working. These...

Questioning Your Way to Contentment

Written By: Margie Clayman
I don’t believe it’s realistic to try to be “OMG Happy” all of the time. Not every moment...

Are You Too “Plugged In”?

Written By: Margie Clayman
From eighth grade until about a year ago, I had an alarm clock, the same alarm clock, sitting...

5 Reasons Why Business Owners Need to Exercise

Written By: Margie Clayman
Last year, I read an amazing book called How Remarkable Women Lead. There are a lot of tidbits...