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Best of Posts Day 5: In the Beginning

Written By: Catherine Morgan | Comments Off on Best of Posts Day 5: In the Beginning

New in your business? Just starting to think about becoming an entrepreneur? Or maybe you need to change direction a little? Today is the last day of the “best of” posts so I present you with great content from successful entrepreneurs who have been there, done that, and gotten the t-shirts.

Rich GallagherThe Law of Twice. Think you have a new idea for a business that nobody has ever done before? That’s not necessarily good news. Here’s why it’s good to have some competition.

Greg HartleTop 10 Most Important Lessons from 13 Years as an Entrepreneur. Greg has lived the entrepreneurial dream and been very successful. He also has faced some major challenges. He shares his wisdom and lessons learned in this post.

BIGG Success3 Entrepreneurs You Never Want to Meet. Sometimes I just love this job! Do not miss this post. Belly laughs are guaranteed. And you will definitely see some folks you know. (George and Mary-Lynn took it to a new level with this post.)

Greg HartleBusiness Shortcuts and Secrets to Making Money. OK, seriously folks, if you came to this blog for that, you obviously don’t know what Carol is all about. Or Greg for that matter.

We strive every day to give you the information that you need to succeed. We are back to daily fresh content next week. Enjoy the holiday weekend. Connect with friends and family. And don’t forget to unplug and recharge.

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Catherine Morgan is the founder of Point A to Point B Transitions Inc., a virtual provider of coaching services to individuals who are in business or career transition. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs transition to corporate jobs they love. Catherine is the author of the eBook Re-Launch You: Discovering Your Point B and Embracing Possibility. An experienced independent consultant who was employed by three of the former Big Five consulting firms, Catherine speaks frequently on topics related to career transition, small business, productivity, and mental health. She doesn’t take herself seriously, but takes her subject matter very seriously.