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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

Why Your Ideas Have No Value

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Carol’s recent post on is a very important one. Many entrepreneurs think that their idea for a...

Gone Fishing – Labor Day 2014

Written By: Catherine Morgan
It’s the end of the summer season here in Chicago. We are taking a few days off to...

How to Write with Clarity to Get Better Results

Written By: Gus Hulander
As a business owner, you need to convey your messages directly and clearly. Whether it’s a short note,...

5 Tips for Writing Faster and Better

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Love it or hate it, as a small business owner you will probably have to write. You may...

How to Re-Launch Your Offerings to Save Your Sanity

Written By: Catherine Morgan
“I have tried everything!” you may be screaming at the mirror. Are you at your wits’ end? This...

You Are What You Eat

Written By: Rich Gallagher
The foodies are out to kill me. Seriously. As a public speaker, I often travel and have to...

4 Tips for Getting Paid Speaking Gigs

Written By: Carol Roth
Getting booked for speaking engagements (especially paid ones!) is something that many would-be speakers struggle with, especially when...

Best Type of Social Network? Not What You Think.

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Editor’s note: As you probably know, Carol writes for several other sites. Her recent post on is...

5 Things Entrepreneurs Are Wasting Time On

Written By: Brad Shorr
Time is the entrepreneur’s most valuable commodity, and great entrepreneurs know how to make every minute count. Do...

How to Ride the Coattails of the Biggest Website

Written By: Lou Bortone
Leverage the power of this site for more visibility, traffic and sales… YouTube recently passed Facebook as the...