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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

Video Marketing Mistakes: 6 Rookie Missteps

Written By: Lou Bortone
Most businesses are seeing the writing (or images) on the wall and quickly realizing that video marketing is...

Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest, or Easiest, Word

Written By: Carol Roth
Small business owners and entrepreneurs tend to like to think out of the box.  I’m all for that. ...

Customer Service Horror Stories: The Small Biz Edition

Written By: Rich Gallagher
Do you run a small business? Then this Halloween, I am going to share a very frightful observation...

3 Tips for Solopreneurs

Written By: Carol Roth
So, you’ve decided to branch out all by your lonesome and start a business. Now, you’re free to...

It’s Not Online Versus Offline, It’s Personal Versus Professional

Written By: Margie Clayman
The other day, I was rolling through my Twitter stream when I saw a post about the ROI...

Why You Need to Mentor Yourself

Written By: Britt Raybould
It seems like there’s a bit of an obsession of late with this idea of finding a mentor....

Hosting Successful Webinars and Driving More Traffic on a Budget

Written By: Carol Roth
I’m always looking for ways to refine business tactics to make them more effective, as well as find...

12 Signs You Might Be a Workaholic

Written By: Shanna Mallon
Overworking is more than a bad habit—it’s a dangerous one. People who work round-the-clock are much more susceptible...

5 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Made by Small Businesses

Written By: Brad Shorr
Marketing is tough for any company to get its arms around, and for small firms in particular, it’s...

Even (Video) Cowboys Get the (Techie) Blues – Surviving Technology Meltdown

Written By: Lou Bortone
I hate technology.  That might sound blasphemous coming from a video marketing guy, but technology is a double-edged...