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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

3 Examples of Short Video Formats to Grow Your Business

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Like many of you, I didn’t want to do video. I like the process of writing and don’t...

How to Have an Easier Time Talking About What You Do

Written By: Catherine Morgan
As a service provider, especially a solo practitioner, you can get really stuck talking about what you do....

55 of the Best Sales-related Quotes

Written By: Carol Roth
As we enter into Q4, businesses generally place an even bigger emphasis on sales for the end of...

A Valuable Benefit You May Not Have Considered

Written By: Catherine Morgan
As our population ages, more and more people will be at risk of not being able to afford...

Everybody Fails. Here’s How to Talk About It.

Written By: Catherine Morgan
If you are growing a business or doing anything new and different, you will fail. A lot. As...

Tips for Mentees and Mentors to Create Successful Mentoring Relationships for Startups

Written By: Mark J. Carter
Successful mentoring relationships are about more than the “one-off” approach, it’s about building a long-term relationship, instead of...

The Consultant’s Dilemma: You Care More Than They Do

Written By: Catherine Morgan
The consultants I know care deeply about their clients, and are committed to bringing the most value they...

Entrepreneurs Need to Talk About Depression

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Putting yourself out there, growing a business, and trying new things ensures that you will have more than...

Uniqueness Can Set You Apart, but Also Constrain Growth

Written By: Catherine Morgan
We always hear about innovation and creativity being critical for small business success. However, in “Why Creativity Can...

Driving Traffic: The Key Component to Making Your Website Work for You

Written By: Catherine Morgan
I think most of us will agree that a good website is an important part of a business...