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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

Safe Containers, Community, and Connection

Written By: Catherine Morgan
In our hyper-connected world, we often feel more personally disconnected than ever. Some descriptive terms and situations that...

5 Ways to Improve Customer Service Using Technology 

Written By: Chuks Chukwuemeka
Helping customers before, during, and after purchase is a hallmark of any business that wants to grow its...

It’s a Big Day – Or Is It?

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Sunday is a big birthday for me. I can’t really wrap my head around it. The big 6-0....

Leadership Should Be More Carrot than Stick

Written By: Catherine Morgan
I am at a loss for words, and that doesn’t happen to me very often. This morning, I...

Susan Eckstein Wants Women to Show Up and Stop Shrinking

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Literally every woman I have coached wrestles with self-confidence, in addition to issues around showing up and speaking...

Are We Enabling Our Leaders to Lead or Fail?

Written By: Ben Baker
Whenever I am collaborating with a new client, two themes typically surface early on in the conversation. ....

Carol Roth on the Supply Chain Worker Shortage

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Our supply chain is stretched thin or completely broken, depending on who you talk to. I think all...

5 Tips to Grow Your Brand on TikTok

Written By: Chuks Chukwuemeka
TikTok is currently the fastest growing social media platform worldwide with 732 million active users. Although most of...

Why LinkedIn Comments Matter

Written By: Catherine Morgan
I am going to shamelessly pile onto this outstanding post by my one of my favorite LinkedIn experts,...

Back Up the Money Truck!

Written By: Catherine Morgan
From time to time, you may find yourself in a position of power, a position where you don’t...