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Business Unplugged™
This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

Reasons and Seasons for You and Your Business

Written By: Catherine Morgan
I am starting to wonder if reevaluating your business, your strengths, and your personal and professional goals shouldn’t...

Are You Leading the Status Quo?

Written By: Ben Baker
What does leadership mean to you? That was the start of a two-hour conversation I had with a...

Have You Orphaned a Critical Part? It May Be Hurting Your Sales.

Written By: Catherine Morgan
When you start a consulting or coaching business, there is a moment when you were this person –...

What Banks Really Want to Know About Your Business – The Four Key Questions

Written By: Niles Costello
It is critical for business owners to understand how banks really analyze loan applications. You may have heard...

Tips for Overcoming Doubt and Imposter Syndrome in Small Business

Written By: Carol Roth
The response to the pandemic has really affected so many of us in profound ways, especially small businesses....

Getting Butts in Seats Kicked MY Butt

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Anyone who does group coaching or training events will tell you the hardest part of the whole thing...

Is PPP the Future of Traditional Banking?

Written By: Niles Costello
COVID-19 has transformed so much of our daily life – maybe you’ve heard. One industry primed for permanent...

How to Improve the Performance of Your Small Business Blog in 2021

Written By: Chuks Chukwuemeka
Your business blog is one of the ways to grow the online presence of your business. By improving...

Why Carol’s Rule of Three Is More Like Nine Now

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Entrepreneurs are an optimistic group. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t start businesses. Carol’s Rule of Three has always...

Carol Roth Interviews Catherine Morgan for The Roth Effect

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Few things are more fun for me than chatting with Carol Roth. She’s one of the smartest women...