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Trading for Services Isn’t Always a Good Trade

Written By: Catherine Morgan | Comments Off on Trading for Services Isn’t Always a Good Trade

I should have called this post “Carol Roth and Catherine Morgan’s Advice for Better Bartering.”

Is trading services a good idea for you and your business? Sometimes yes – but often it’s a bad trade.

Recently, I traded services with someone and we both felt that we got tremendous value. This has been the exception for me, however.

More often, I have felt that people didn’t bring their best because money wasn’t exchanged. Somehow, my project and my needs always ended up on the bottom of the other person’s to-do list. Or, they just phoned it in.

Trying to track people down and hold them to timelines isn’t fun. Carol says that aggravation is an underrated issue and has a high value for entrepreneurs.

I couldn’t agree more. The trade wasn’t a good trade if I was constantly annoyed and my blood pressure kept spiking.

And, Carol points out that you’re actually supposed to declare the value of the service to the IRS. (Yep!)

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Catherine Morgan is the founder of Point A to Point B Transitions Inc., a virtual provider of coaching services to individuals who are in business or career transition. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs transition to corporate jobs they love. Catherine is the author of the eBook Re-Launch You: Discovering Your Point B and Embracing Possibility. An experienced independent consultant who was employed by three of the former Big Five consulting firms, Catherine speaks frequently on topics related to career transition, small business, productivity, and mental health. She doesn’t take herself seriously, but takes her subject matter very seriously.