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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

Paying Processing Fees? That Can Be Good News.

In Carol’s latest post on MasterCard Biz she talks about something that many small business owners complain about – processing fees. She shares a few compelling case studies about why these fees aren’t so bad, and can actually be the good news. Carol begins: It seems […] Read More

How to Deal with Business Burnout

Are you feeling burned out? You have lots of company. And there is no lack of chirpy articles on how to deal with burnout in your life. They tell you to take a walk, see a movie, or stop and smell the roses. Or perhaps take […] Read More

Tips for Building Consumer Confidence in Your Company

It’s a fact that people want to do business with those that have the KLT factor (those they know, like and trust). But, how can businesses successfully build up that confidence and trust with their customers and clients? Well, we have asked our fantastic contributor […] Read More

Is Your Website Ready for Smartphones and Tablets?

Your website provides a lasting impression of your business. A dated online presence suggests a business that is behind the times. The profusion of smartphones and tablets has initiated changes in how websites are displayed and what kind of content is required. Increasingly, users are expecting […] Read More

Strategies to Make Tax Season Less Stressful

So, it’s that dreaded time of year again- tax season.  I know it can be stressful, not only because you have to give up a part of your hard-earned income, but with changing tax laws, the filing process for small business owners can be complex and […] Read More

How to Boost Employee Morale to Increase Productivity

Entrepreneurs always want to do more with less. We want to get great results with less money. And we also want to get more productivity from our current employees. Carol recently started writing for, and I think many readers of this blog will want to […] Read More

What Topics Should We Cover?

As the editor of Business Unplugged, I have a question for you: What topics would you like to see covered here on the blog? I know what gets shared the most, but what would you like to learn about? What could we cover in more depth? […] Read More

Guest Blogging: The Right Way to Pitch a Blog Editor

Guest blogging on someone else’s site can be a good way to gain exposure for yourself and your product / service, and to boost yourself and your company in search results. It is a sound business strategy for some types of businesses, especially service businesses. I […] Read More

One of Small Business’s Biggest Advantages—Flexibility

While being a small business “fish” among the larger corporate “whales” has its challenges, there are some benefits that you can really make work to your advantage. One major advantage that your small business has over the big fish is flexibility. Those large corporations have all […] Read More

Being a Ulysses Leader: 4 Ways to Stop the Sirens’ Song

Business is full of ups and downs. These are created by a combination of market forces, luck and our preparedness. We also go through natural ups and downs. What happens when a good mood coincides with a good period of business? It can be a fantastic […] Read More
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