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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

2 Critical Questions to Ask Your Customers

We took advantage of the beautiful weather in our area over the weekend. We love to get out of our small city and go for a drive. There’s an outlet mall about thirty minutes from us. So we stopped and shopped! We like to combine work Read More

Dead or Alive: Surviving the Busy (or Slow) Holiday Season

When I started in the packaging business, November and December were dead. Customers dead like us were partying nonstop. Busy customers were packing 20 hours of work into 16-hour days. Nobody had time to talk about packaging. But with the Internet coming to town, e-commerce took Read More

How Your Small Business Can Take Advantage of the Biggest Technology Developments

Technology has really been democratized over the past few years, allowing small businesses to access many of the same tools previously only available or affordable to big businesses.  So, how can your business best capitalize on all of these technological developments?  Moreover, how do you know Read More

Why You Might Need a Business Refresh

People start businesses for many reasons, but my reason seems a little ridiculous in hindsight. I was bored. Unlike entrepreneurs with a driving passion to change the world, I wanted to see if I could make my day-to-day life more interesting. Granted, it’s probably not the Read More

Bad Business Advice: Over 50 Experts Weigh In

When you own a business, suddenly everyone that you know becomes a business expert. And often, with the good advice also comes the not-so-good (or even the downright bad) advice. So, we have asked the contributor network of business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs to Read More

Why Your Book – or Business – Will Be a Flop

People often ask me for advice on how to land a book contract (I’ve penned nine and ghostwritten several others) or start a business (I’ve been successfully self-employed for much of the last two decades). And I gladly give it. But the vast majority of them Read More

Networking: How Your Friends Influence Your Success

Who do you choose to surround yourself with professionally and personally? Have you thought about the way these people affect your professional and personal success? One of the reasons I continue as editor for Business Unplugged™ is because I get to interact with Carol on a Read More

Four Ways to Prioritize Your To-Do List

I am the accidental productivity expert. I speak frequently on productivity techniques for finding more time and getting more done. In my previous corporate jobs, my managers always commented that I was a good time manager and project manager. But as a small business owner, I Read More

Winning Against Goliath Competition

As we head into the shopping season and the holidays, I thought it made sense to publish this post that Carol wrote for the Nextiva blog. While we are tempted to believe that the big guys will always win, she shares some strategies on how small Read More

When Working for Free Can Work for Your Business

To work for free or not to work for free – that is a question. Most small business owners will struggle with this, especially if they are newer in their businesses. Carol’s recent post on sheds some light on this sticky issue. She describes some Read More
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