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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

Three Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Sometimes business owners aren’t able to see when they’re doing things the wrong way. Let’s call these business blunders. You know it when it happens to you, but you might not recognize when you do it to others. And there are some important things that people […]
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Productivity: Spend More Time Doing, Not Reacting

I think of Sundays as my last day of the week. I know, I know. It’s technically the first day of the week, but I use Sunday to reflect and plan for next week. It’s a great time to get centered and prepared for what I […]
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120+ of the Best Motivational Quotes

Let’s face it, entrepreneurship can be frustrating, overwhelming and even downright depressing at times. So, since we can all use some extra motivation during those down times, we have asked our inspirational contributor network of business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs to share their own […]
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Cheapness Is Not a Sense

“I’ll sniff out a deal. I have a sixth sense.” “Cheapness is not a sense.” ~ George and Jerry, in Seinfeld, “The Reverse Peephole” Seinfeld was chock-full of sage business advice, and these cautionary words about cheapness are a case in point. Indeed, cheapness got Seinfeld […]
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How to Position Your Entrepreneurial Experience When Looking for a Job

Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. Sometime the best ideas don’t work out, and sometimes the timing just isn’t right. Since I’m a career transition expert and have had success helping entrepreneurs become employees, Carol interviewed me for a post on titled “How to Transition Back […]
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The Myth of Working Harder

Decades ago, when I was an engineering student and my father was an engineering professor, I would go to him for help with tough assignments. His answer was always the same: “You just have to work harder.” Nowadays, I feel that this is one of the […]
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How Fast Should Your Business Grow?

If we are in business, we probably have growth objectives – revenue, employees, etc. We hopefully even have a plan to accomplish them. But are there ways that we can make our business grow faster? And if we can grow faster, should we? This is an […]
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Does Your Pricing Reflect Your True Value?

Bob Burg is a friend of Carol’s and mine. (He is the nicest guy you will ever meet.) There is a video of his that really hit home for me because I, like most service providers, struggle with pricing. When you start out, and especially if […]
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Pitching Investors: Sometimes Ground-Floor Opportunities Aren’t Best

You always hear about startups pitching investors the opportunity to “get in on the ground floor.” What if that isn’t a great deal for the investors? In a recent post for, “Why I Don’t Want to Get in on the Ground Floor of Your Company,” […]
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How to Work with International Small Businesses

If you are a U.S.-based business, working with a non-U.S. small business can be challenging, but also rewarding. I was working with one of my clients recently.  He has a relationship with a small technology company based in Europe.  This company had developed an excellent software […]
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