I make people think. I make them laugh. I make them money.

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Media + Hosting Business + Money Content Creation
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Media: 12+ years of on camera experience. Judge, America’s Greatest Makers (TBS). Host, Microsoft’s Office Small Business Academy. Panelist, Closing Bell (CNBC) and Bulls and Bears (Fox Business). Radio Host (WGN). Host of Don’t Quit Your Day Job…Yet (CNBC.com).

Weekly commentator on current events, business, finance, markets, the economy, small business, news, current events and more. Featured in documentaries including Live Another Day and Prohibition. Interviewer of celebrities, business moguls and presidential candidates, among others.

Business: “Recovering” investment banker. Billions of dollars’ worth of transaction experience. Public and private company board member experience. Advisor + consigliere to private equity professionals, C-level management and high-performing entrepreneurs. Creator of the Future File legacy planning system. CCO (Chief Customer Officer) and developer of proprietary customer loyalty models. Run and design customer loyalty programs. Expert in finder’s fees. Small business advocate and expert. Investor in private companies, primarily established, bridge to exit scenarios or board roles. Advocate for economic freedom and wealth creation. Speaker, host, emcee and panel moderator for some of the biggest companies and organizations in the world. Received a standing ovation from Richard Branson.

Content Creation: 2x New York Times bestselling author. Books include The Entrepreneur Equation, The War on Small Business and You Will Own Nothing. Writer of op-eds and an economic newsletter. Developing scripted and unscripted TV projects. Created more than 1000 pieces of content.

Other: Big on social media (6-figure Twitter following). Trained in Improv with Second City. Has an action figure made in her likeness. Deep knowledge in collector and collectible spaces. Strong pinball player. Sports fan. Coiner of phrases. Ambidextrous. Individualist.


Below is a sample of some of Carol Roth’s recent and ongoing projects.

Instant New York Times Best Seller- You Will Own Nothing

The elite are jockeying to control and come out on top in the new global financial order. Learn what is happening and how to fight back. Instant New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Publisher’s Weekly bestseller.

The War on Small Business

Carol’s best-selling book on the historic transfer of wealth from Main Street to Wall Street in the 2020s.

Future File

Legacy Planning System

A grabbable physical or electronic file ensuring your loved ones have your wishes and information for emergencies, aging issues and passings.

Historical Fiction Podcast

Scripted historical fiction podcast with major talent in development.

Other Content Development

Currently developing three game shows with production company partners, as well as a slew of other reality, social experiment, competition and other content.

Personal Newsletter

Giving insights on some of the most important financial and economic factors going on in the US and around the world, as well as helpful tips and a dose of humor.

Work With Carol

Carol is interested in specific, high-impact collaboration opportunities, including the following:-TV host, reality-centric, panelist, presenter, judge or other on-camera roles

-Development of scripted and non-scripted TV and streaming content, including game shows and competition formats

-Interim, project-related or board related advisory to private equity/vc investors, C-level management and entrepreneurs with significant businesses

-Speaking and interviewing large or high-profile events, including keynotes, emcee, panel moderation

-Writing books and articles

-Consulting in the collector and audience monetization space or interim CCO (Chief Customer Officer) opportunities

-Finder’s Fee expert in structure or expert witness

-Board roles for public and large private companies

-Expert appearances in documentary films



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