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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

100+ Ways to Spark Creativity When You’re in a Rut

We’ve all been there before- you need to work on an important project, write a killer new blog post or come up with a winning marketing campaign, but several hours in, you remain staring at a blank screen. So, when lacking that inspiration, how do you […] Read More

Vision Statement: Why Every Company Needs One

Developing content for a new website? Trying to determine if a customer or prospect is a good fit for your business? Recruiting that next superstar employee? Hoping to motivate a recalcitrant supplier or vendor to go above and beyond?   Use your company’s vision statement as […] Read More

The Five Parts of A Successful Book Proposal

Quick question: why are you here on Yes, she is a great small business strategist, a lovely person, and one of quickest wits in the business community. But I am guessing you first heard of her through her media platform. Which in turn was fueled […] Read More

Failure Isn’t an Endpoint. It’s a Pivot Point.

Carol is a guest judge for the season on the new TBS show, “America’s Greatest Makers” – and the show’s premiere is TONIGHT at 9:00 p.m. Eastern/Pacific. Her recent post on is about what we can learn from the show. In “What Entrepreneurs Can Learn […] Read More

How Having a Narrower Focus Can Boost Your Business

It is counter intuitive, but narrowing your focus and specifically targeting a smaller, more tightly focused demographic can actually boost your business. A classic mistake that new business owners make is using a scattershot approach. You may have a product/service that could benefit everybody – but […] Read More

5 Business Mistakes Entrepreneurs Can Easily Avoid

Sometimes you just need a little tough love and wisdom from Carol. Few people can serve up knowledge nuggets the way she can. Carol ticks off five mistakes small business owners can easily avoid in her recent post on, “Not Promoting From Within? Ignoring Financial […] Read More

How Entrepreneurs Can Make Tax Season Less Stressful

As we inch closer to April 15th, you may become more stressed as you have to figure out how to finalize your tax filings while you run and grow your business. Plus, with changing tax laws, the filing process can create extra confusion. That’s where we […] Read More

Hate Marketing? Let Others Do It for You.

Many (OK, most) small business owners struggle with marketing. They get uncomfortable with the idea of blowing their own horn. However, if they don’t do it – who else will? Carol’s recent article on MasterCard Biz may be just the boost your small business needs. What if […] Read More

Sweet Deduction: 5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Mileage

If growing revenue and maintaining cash flow are among the top concerns for small business owners (spoiler alert: they are), then finding ways to generate and maintain a positive cash flow is always top-of-mind. One place you might be overlooking when it comes to cost savings? […] Read More

Client Gift Giving- Not Just for the Holidays

We often give gifts around the holiday season to our valued business partners, clients and customers to show our appreciation. But, since most companies get gifts around that time, yours can easily get lost in the holiday shuffle. So, a great way for your business to […] Read More
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