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Sales: What Goes Wrong and How to Fix It

Building and managing a productive sales team—any team!—is a full time job, and quite often I’ve seen  things go very wrong, so here are a few rules for solving common sales management problems, which also can be extrapolated for your employee population in general. Rule #1:  Read More

A Trick for More Stable Cash Flow

It turns out we haven’t evolved much after all. Research shows we view risk much like our pre-historic ancestors. We analyze it two ways – logically and emotionally. Most of the time, we instantly use the second way – our feelings. It’s just how our brain Read More

4 Ways to Be a Better Leader

One of the biggest drivers of success in businesses big or small is having strong leadership. But, for many in the small business community and those entrepreneurs just starting out, their expertise may be in pie-making, consulting or dancing, which does not necessarily translate into effective Read More

Emotional Intelligence: We All Lead Someone

You know what “they” say … perspective is everything; perception is reality. If that’s true – we ought to pay attention to the way we are perceived. What would others say about your capacity to lead? How do others perceive you? As uncomfortable as this question Read More

Surround Yourself with Smarties If You Want to Succeed!

“Board of Advisors.” It sounds so official, doesn’t it? And perhaps even expensive. Well, if you’re in business, you probably need one. Either an official board, or an unofficial set of go-to smarties; but one way or another, you stand a much better chance of success Read More

5 Tips for Managing Small Business Challenges

When managing a small business from the ground up, it’s all too easy to be afraid of your company’s shadow. From finances to marketing, the tasks that lie ahead may be so daunting they tempt you to hibernate — but you shouldn’t. If you know what Read More

Stop Sugarcoating Bad News

Although Valentine’s Day is approaching, the reflections in this post are anything but sugary. Reason being, business today has become a tad too sweet for my taste.  We’re getting flabby by gobbling up verbal candy instead of taking our medicine, swallowing the bitter pill. As a Read More

A.I.M to Create Video Marketing ROI

Now that online video has proven to be such a powerful marketing tool, entrepreneurs and small business owners seem to be falling all over themselves in a race to get their marketing videos online. Creating marketing videos is the smart thing to do, since we’re now Read More

Policies for Helping Small Business Growth

While small business is often heralded as a major catalyst for improving our economy, the small business community rarely ever gets to contribute their voice in shaping the policies that would best help to spark their own growth, and consequently, the economy at large. So, in Read More

Why Small Biz Owners Should Partner With Non-Profits

Have you ever wondered what advantages businesses gain from partnering with non-profits? Do you think that your business is too small to do it? Have you wondered what the benefits might be? Are looking to “give back”? Businesses of any size can benefit from partnering with Read More
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