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Business Strategy

Carol Roth (along with her firm, Intercap Merchant Partners) is hired by companies, from small to mid-sized to the biggest companies in the world to provide strategy and consulting work.

Leveraging her two-decade plus history as a former investment banker, public company director and strategist, Carol has completed billions of dollars worth of transactions and hundreds of millions more in strategic initiatives.

With her strengths in monetization, strategy and problem solving, Carol can be hired for:

  • Monetization strategy and execution (how to get existing customers to buy more frequently and how to get new customers at scale);
  • Customer loyalty program design, leveraging content and experiences (not “points” programs);
  • Maas and CaaS- Marketing and Content as a Service and at scale;
  • Marketing and selling to small businesses (strategy and execution);
  • “Big ideas”;
  • Other business strategy initiatives; and
  • Corporate finance strategy.

Carol will also entertain interim CEO, CCO, COO and C-level strategy positions and turnarounds for appropriate entities, as well as Board of Director opportunities.

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