2020 has just begun, kicking off not only a brand new year, but a new decade, too! This is a great time to set your intentions and goals for a prosperous business year ahead. And so, we have carried on the tradition of asking our fabulous contributor network of business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs to share their own business-related New Year’s resolutions for 2020. Use their resolutions as fuel to inspire your own business prosperity for the new year and new decade! Their answers are presented below in no particular order.

You may notice some similar resolutions listed, but I kept them separate, as something in the way one is framed may resonate differently with you.

1. Put On Blinders

Blinders are put on horses that race or pull carriages to keep them from getting distracted and to help them remain focused. For that reason, my Business-Related New Year's Resolution for 2020 is this: focus on marketing ONE group coaching program and promote the heck out of it for 90 days (3 months). Rinse and repeat and relaunch every 3 months; this equals 4 launches per year. Tweak as need after each launch.
Thanks to: Carmin Wharton of Carmin Wharton Coaching.

2. Better and Seamless Service

As a business, we want to focus on providing a more seamless and smooth service to our customers. We have identified a few areas of improvement, but unfortunately have been going a bit slow on them. In the new year, we want to go full throttle on improving our weaknesses and thus, providing a much better service to our customers.
Thanks to: Saurabh Jindal of Talk Travel.

3. New Year’s Resolution

Bringing Job Rotation Culture in My Company

I have been observing for 1.5-2 years that resignation on short notice or urgent absence of employees sometimes creates trouble for the whole team. At that time, we cannot hire a new person or freelancer for that particular task. In 2020, I will bring job rotation in my company with the assistance of HR executives. I hope that it will enable me to discover the strengths of all staff members and to substitute the best person at the place of others.
Thanks to: Jacob Seiter of MyBestWallets.

4. Let's Dream Together!

My business New Year's Resolution consists of setting short term goals to increase overall productivity in helping individuals one by one with a little piece of their dream. For years, I have heard people say what they dream of; I want to partner with them by providing a tiny piece of that puzzle. Whether it's helping a person purchase their first home, starting an online store for someone else. Regardless of the hope, taking those desires from a realm of wishing to reality.
Thanks to: Chantay Bridges of Chantay Bridges, Sr. Realtor.

5. Empower Social Change in 2020

Having many clients feeds your bottom line. Having clients whose mission aligns with your own values and ethics feeds your purpose AND your bottom line.

My 2020 business New Year's Resolution is to contract with clients committed to social change for our world. In empowering my clients' brand awareness through my PR and social media strategies, I can invest in my personal and business mission to be an agent for change.

In 2020, good business must be fully linked with social change!
Thanks to: Jackie Abramian of Global Cadence.

6. Stop Chasing Losers!

We sell video campaigns, and every lead that we respond to takes at least several days' efforts on our end. Looking back at 2019? About half of the potential clients we tried to help ended up being loser leads. Tire-kickers for pricing. Projects that never happened. And so on. In 2020, we're going to be a lot less helpful to these losers and concentrate more on the winners.
Thanks to: Patrick Ortman of Pluck. (A creative studio).

7. Expand Our Charitable Efforts

We want to spread sock love! One of the main goals we have this coming year is to make giving back our number one priority. We are perfectly positioned to help provide one of the most needed yet least donated item for shelters; SOCKS! Our plan is to create a way for customers to donate, then we will match all donations pair for pair. Our hope is to inspire others and, in the process, to help as many people as we can.
Thanks to: Emily Killian of Sock City.

8. Outsourcing One Task

As a business owner, I always think that if something needs to get done, I should be the one to do it. In fact, I feel like I *need* to be the one to do it.

It's very hard for me to let go. But for next year, I'm going to make a resolution to outsource one task to a consultant or contractor.
Thanks to: Jim Wang of Best Wallet Hacks.

9. Scale for Quality Not Quantity

I've realized that the end-goal for any and all work that I do is to have an impact — not necessarily on the client, but on the reader, the user, or the customer they're serving. So as I move into 2020, I'm focused on bringing in a smaller number of clients who value my pricing and services. This allows me to focus on the quality of the impact we can have when working together, rather than bringing on dozens of one-time, quick-fix clients, where the potential for impact is minimal.
Thanks to: Jessica Thiefels of Jessica Thiefels Consulting Inc.

10. Tripling My Audience

My main business-related New Year's Resolution is to triple my podcast listenership. A lot of financial advisors find me by listening to the "Financial Advisor Marketing" show. I will be taking proactive measures to increase my audience so I can reach more people and change more lives.

I've found that a lot of business owners could grow their business by leaps and bounds if they focused on growing the top end of their funnel.
Thanks to: James Pollard of The Advisor Coach.

11. Delegate More and More!

There are just so many things to do in a day that thinking of it makes me tired.

The thing is - you can only work so many hours in a day without feeling stressed and exhausted.

Delegation can help with it. It is the key to achieve work-life balance! While it may take time upfront in training, it will save up a lot of time in the future.

Just remember to communicate with the people you hire and you will be set up for success (and, extra ME time). In 2020, I plan to do more delegation!
Thanks to: Chhavi Agarwal of Mrs Daaku Studio.

12. Become My Own Media Company

My business New Year's Resolution is to become my own info-product media company, with multiple content products all under my personal brand. I've begun this process already in a foundational way, but 2020 is going to be the year that it all comes together: I'm launching courses, eBooks, more content on my blog, and a lot more... all with the singular purpose of turning my own brand and name into a content destination that serves multiple audiences with value-packed content.
Thanks to: Samuel Rexford of CHILLREPTILE.

13. When to Be Fearful

My New Year's resolution is to save a minimum of 10% of my income. My favorite quote is from Warren Buffett: “Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful.” This is great guidance for investing, especially in real estate.
Thanks to: Mark Shandrow of Asana Recovery.

14. All In (Kicking and Screaming)

In 2020, I'm diving headfirst into LinkedIn Marketing! As a digital marketer, you'd think I'd have done that a long time ago... but I just don't enjoy the platform (boring!) I have a decent presence and a ton of connections, but just haven't been "feeling it". This past year, I'm seeing a ton of growth, new features, and more engagement there and it's time I get over myself and make a real commitment to leveraging the power of that platform!
Thanks to: Bobbi Baehne of Think Big Go Local, Inc.

15. Use Google Search Console

In the new year, I plan to update at least one post a day since Google likes fresh content. Then, I will submit the link with the modified content to Google Search Console. Google's bots will then recrawl the content.
Since I started submitting my changed URL's to Google Search Console, I have noticed a dramatic upswing in Google search traffic.
Thanks to: Janice Wald of Mostly Blogging.

16. Beware the Brilliance

Prussian military strategist Carl von Clausewitz warned us to "beware the brilliance of transient events." On more than one occasion, I've regretted moving so quickly in reaction to an event that, within a few days, has lost its luster, its urgency, its importance. In 2020, I'm resolving to wait before adding "accompli" to "fait." I fully intend to do much more looking before I take that leap.
Thanks to: Marlene Caroselli.

17. Less Blogging, More Vlogging

My ONE main New Year's "Resolution" for 2020 is to start publishing on youtube. When it comes to content creation, I personally prefer blogging, but the video platform cannot be ignored. Youtube processes 3 billion searches a month and is the second largest search engine after Google. If you're at all interested in organic search traffic, you need to have a presence on youtube. We've already started analyzing the top performing articles on the blog with the idea of repurposing for video.
Thanks to: Ilir Salihi of FreedomRep.

18. My Resolution: Delegate More

In 2020, my New Year's business resolution is to delegate more of the small tasks, so that I can focus my time on more important tasks.
Thanks to: Mike Walsh of Mike Walsh Guitar Lessons.

19. Skyrocketing With a Coach

My New Year's Resolution for my business in the year 2020 is to hire a coach in my field to help take my business to another level, meet amazing people, exercise more and eat better quality food.

Out of the above New Year's Resolutions, that which stands out which I can't wait to start taking action on is investing in getting a coach.

I have always been scared to invest in my overall development during the past years and that has affected my growth. It all ends in 2020.
Thanks to: Khris Steven of Khrisdigital.

20. Run More A/B Tests

Just because something is working well, doesn't mean it can't be improved. A/B testing can provide you will a lot of insightful information that in-turn will give you a higher conversion. Regularly running A/B tests in 2020 will ensure that you're utilizing the best possible version for your users and your business.
Thanks to: Stuart Leung of Breazy.

21. Invest in Your Employees

Managers need to dedicate more of their time to their employees. It is vital for managers to understand that employees are the company's biggest assets. This call to spend more time with employees is an opportunity to retrace steps and ensure their business model is understood from the ground up. Sticking to this resolution for the entire year can help highlight overarching goals and provide more oversight for all future projects.
Thanks to: Matt Edstrom of GoodLife Home Loans.

22. Optimize Customer Experience

Taking the time to enhance your customers' experiences across all touch points is going to be a beneficial resolution for both your business and your customers. The process of understanding your customers and optimizing for them is going to give them the best experience possible. Keep in mind that their experience is always evolving, so you should always continue adapting and refining.
Thanks to: Nathan Wade of WealthFit.

23. Give Back!

There are all sorts of worthy organizations that make a difference in my community. I've always believed that those who give, well they get. Nothing will seed and grow goodwill for me and my business better than giving back to my community in Los Angeles. I'm going to make this the year that I serve more and take less.
Thanks to: Zondra Wilson of Blu Skin Care, LLC.

24. Work On Your Business

My best business tip to other entrepreneurs is to not forget to work on the business while working in the business. It is easy to get caught up in daily activities while remaining stagnant and solely reactive. Though it is important to tend to immediate-term problems, make sure you create opportunities to be proactive. Network with entrepreneurs, attend professional development events, stay up to date on trends, and hold meetings with your team to begin initiatives to advance your business.
Thanks to: Jacob Dayan of Community Tax.

25. To Reach My Business Goals

I achieved a lot in my business in 2019, even though it really looked bad for me at the beginning of the year. But, I believe I can do more in the year 2020. I have made a New Year's resolution, which is to improve on what I have learned, and pursue all my business goals aggressively. Taking them one at a time with parameters to measure the progress I make.
Thanks to: Chuks Chukwuemeka of DepreneurDigest.

26. Build a System - Build a Team

You cannot grow or scale as an entrepreneur or a business without a system and a team. You can be the best in your field, but someone with a better system will always be able to get better results. That is why I have decided to focus on creating a system for all of our business goals and find & train the right guys to run that system.
Thanks to: Sadi Khan of RunRepeat.

27. New Year's Resolution for 2020

To be successful in business, it is extremely important to be aware of your vision and to stay focused on it. It is easy for entrepreneurs to get caught up in the mundane stuff as there is always too much on their plate. Therefore, my new year’s resolution is to not lose sight of my long-term goals. Delegation is the key here. When you free yourself from everyday tasks, you have time to focus on the bigger picture. Think ahead to see what actions you can take to make your dreams a reality.
Thanks to: Hamna Amjad of Centriq.

28. Help Clients Help Themselves

Beginning a new year and new decade, we resolve to spend even more time and effort to help solve our client's business challenges. We are passionate about retail. You will regularly find our people walking into new stores at a nearby mall or browsing websites to find new products. Keeping a pulse on the market, sharing what we see with clients, who are focused on becoming more successful, can help us spark new ideas or ways to drive their business forward while bringing success to our own firm.
Thanks to: Carlos Carlos Castelán of The Navio Group.

29. Expand Your Knowledge

Being a specialist is great and requires years of study and learned experience. However, widening your horizons and studying in new related fields can help give you fresh perspectives and insights. So, be open to finding new digital courses that will challenge your mindset. Set aside some time each week to ensure you stay on track and give yourself time to properly immerse yourself in the new material. It's oh so easy to make excuses as to why you can't. So, stay the course!
Thanks to: Alistair Dodds of Ever Increasing Circles.

30. Be Creative and Executive

As marketers, it is easy to get distracted. Ideas come and go and sometimes, the thirst for creativity can distract us and limit our ability to complete all the projects we want. My goal in 2020 is to stick to a handful of big-picture initiatives and follow through on them with everything we've got. This also includes improving my personal processes, delegation, and goal setting, and keeping myself accountable and really listening to my team if I am getting off track.
Thanks to: Bernard May of National Positions.

31. Avoid Fishing Expeditions!

Doing a better job of qualifying leads is our New Year’s Resolution. Each proposal includes in depth analysis of what the potential client needs and how our agency can surpass their expectations. This requires much research, thought and cost determination. However, many firms are fishing for information such as how to improve their brands or ways to get media coverage. Too often, after reviewing our proposal, the “we can do it ourselves” attitude kicks in and the proposal gets kicked out.
Thanks to: Lisa Porter of Porter PR & Marketing.

32. Joint Ventures

My resolution for 2020 is to create far more joint ventures with other like minded organizations where we can mutually benefit each other's clientele.


Who here can I help?
Thanks to: Ben Baker of Your Brand Marketing.

33. Have More Fun!

My goal for 2020 is to have more fun at work! Too often in 2019, we got bogged down with deadlines, case loads, and internal growth quotas. My goal is to focus on the larger picture and really make a point to enjoy the parts of the business that I enjoy - even when I am pressed for time and things aren't going as smoothly as I'd like. I've been grinding away for nearly a decade now, so I think focusing on happiness in 2020 is overdue!
Thanks to: Jonathan Rosenfeld, Esq. of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC.

34. Open Minded in 2020

My New Year’s resolution is to go the extra mile in listening to my customers, asking them questions, and thoroughly addressing all of their concerns and requests. It’s important to view things from different perspectives and I want to be more open minded in 2020.
Thanks to: David Reischer of LegalAdvice.com.

35. Celebrate!

I will celebrate my team even more. We accomplished great things in 2019 and I have no doubt we will continue to do the same in 2020, so my goal, as a leader, is to celebrate the people behind these great things even more.
Thanks to: Michael Stahl of HealthMarkets.

36. New Year’s Resolution

Preparing for Tax season

In order to rescue my fitness training business from unexpected taxation and its relevant financial costs, I have taken a vow to prepare myself prior to tax season. As the tax season is quickly approaching, and last year I had undergone many rounds for having clean chit from the tax department. Now, for this year, I make this a new year's resolution to prepare draft and documents before the arrival of tax season.
Thanks to: Tyler Sellers of Total Shape.

37. 2020 New Year's Resolutions

As the CEO of NAI, I've already made our 2020 New Year's resolution - to become the go-to investigations firm in the NY/NY/CT area. Whether it's a cheating spouse or a security background check for a government job, we want the case. It's time this private investigations firm became a very public thing.
Thanks to: Darrin Giglio of North American Investigations.

38. New Year’s Resolution

Conduct More Screenings

To evaluate the workout performance of gym members, I will conduct screening and fitness assessment tests. Due to this new year's resolution, I will narrow down whether any member is injuring himself by doing an improper workout or taking an inadequate diet. This will enhance the productivity results of my gym and will bring satisfaction to my fitness trainees.
Thanks to: Daniel Demoss of Dumbbells Review.

39. New Year's Resolutions

Simply put, my New Year's Resolution for our G4 dental practices in 2020 is to continue to change lives by literally bringing smiles back to our patients' faces. I'd like to see another 500 to 1000 patients restored in 2020. That's a resolution to smile about.
Thanks to: Mike Golpa of G4 by Golpa.

40. Heart-Centered Leadership

For my clients and the world: Raising the consciousness of clients and their teams. This is about connecting with what really matters and seeing the results that come from leading with your heart. If mindfulness is about leaders getting quiet to think about why we are doing what we are doing, then “heartfulness” is about how we going about do it. The results can be palpable and increased profits will come. My book on heart-centered leadership will be released in the first quarter of 2020.
Thanks to: Billy Goldberg of Billy Goldberg + The Buckeye Group.

41. More Personal Connections

Next year is all about improving connections with our patients, other local businesses, and our valued employees. While we've achieved success on paper, it's nothing without feeling emotionally fulfilled, and I want more of that. Involvement in the community and supporting those who support me is what keeps me going to work every day and I want to make sure that remains a priority in 2020 and beyond.
Thanks to: Dr. Kristy Gretzula of Hawley Lane Dental.

42. Superabundant Searches

Our new year's resolution is to be prolific in Google for all our franchise locations on all avenues: Google Maps, Organic Search and Google AdWords. This means dedicating more time, research and care into our local search strategy.
Thanks to: Maricriz Rodriguez of Bin There Dump That.

43. Get Out More!

While we talk to many people every day, being a real estate investor can be a bit isolating at times. Much of my business can be and is conducted remotely. Networking had previously been low on the priority list while we were working to build our business. However, now I think it's time to take our business to the next level. Part of doing so will include increasing our knowledge base and social network by attending 12 real estate related networking events in the year 2020.
Thanks to: Melanie Hartmann of Creo Home Solutions.

44. Shut it Down

Resolution 1
I am going to set a specific time when I will finish working each day. I will make that call based on the daily schedule and will put that time in my calendar. I am doing this so that I know what needs to be done in the specified amount of time. I will shut down the work so that when I am with my family, I am fully present.
Thanks to: Paul Miller of Lokus Nutrition - CBD.

45. Sell Everything & Sell it Now!

Find buyers for my artwork. Find buyers for my song lyrics. Find publishers for a novel plus a children's book, two spy stories and a lot of poetry I wrote. Find buyers for the video tombstone I invented. Find media companies interested in buying 7 proposals I developed for some projects and promotions that could help generate tremendous new advertising revenues for media companies. PLUS... Get a lot more business for my ad agency... and... Eat more lobster and play more golf.
Thanks to: Robert Barrows of R.M. Barrows Advertising.

46. New Year’s Resolution

Getting the Hang of New Languages

No one can underestimate the power of effective communication, particularly as a great business owner. I have interpreted that to deal with a diverse culture client base and for customer personalization, it is essential to learn additional languages. It will inspire my customers and make them more engaged with our brand. They will recognize and acknowledge me and my team struggles; how we dedicatedly operate to present ourselves more customer-oriented.
Thanks to: CJ Xia of Boster Biological Technology.

47. New Year’s Resolution

Bringing Automation in my Business

I had worked so hard in 4-5 years to take my business at the current level. However, I have realized that I have laid a solid business foundation; it is time to scale it. For this purpose, I must be spending a lot of time in bringing innovation rather than handling all processes on my own. So, 2020 is the right time to bring automation to the sales funnel. It would help me to invest more time in designing strategies and doing important tasks.
Thanks to: Tim Uittenbroek of VPNMash.

48. New Year’s Resolution

Acquire social responsibility

In the global community, every organization aims to serve the world either with their products or services. To become a worthy organization, we need to make a difference in our community. As a business organization, our new year's resolution is to acquire and acknowledge our social responsibility. We will strive for and work from the first day of next year to follow the ethical framework of a business that will benefit society at large.
Thanks to: Aqsa Tabassam of Brandnic.

49. From Dreamers to Dreamers

I'm a personal branding coach and my biggest New Year's Resolution for 2020 is to reach as many women as possible all around the world and inspire them to believe in themselves, go after their dream and start to live in their desired reality. To achieve this goal, I create a special podcast where I interview amazing women who followed their dream, started their own business, and made their hobby their main income stream because they have refused to settle for anything less than they deserve.
Thanks to: Anita Tilly of Personal Branding Coach.

50. Time to Embrace Networking

Networking. I need to network more in 2020! It is a business activity I have undervalued or avoided for too long and yet I know the benefits and have met some fantastic people as a result. I am not an introvert either, so there really is no excuse, I need to put myself out there more. The key is to find a forum where I feel welcomed and among like-minded people. I need to accept that may take a little time and I may take a couple of wrong turns along the way, but that is just part of life!
Thanks to: Simon Royston of The Recruitment Lab.

51. Share Our Growth Journey

To share more of our growth journey. I was surprised by the warm reception we had from content on this topic and will be making more of an effort in 2020 to go behind-the-scenes and down memory lane. By showing people how I built a remote company – starting from my first website build (for my next-door neighbor) – I think we can help new business owners to plan out a realistic path to success.
Thanks to: Tim Cameron-Kitchen of Exposure Ninja.

52. Push That Doorbell!

I'm going to ring the doorbell outside high-profile sites with lots of subscribers that fit my target audience.

I'll say: "I'm your new guest poster!!" And, I'll hand over the post I've written for them. (OK, maybe I'll transmit the file digitally.)

I'm going to be the best guest they ever had: polite, cheerful, enormously helpful. I'll focus on THEIR success, and trust mine will follow. And, it will: I’ll be scaling up my reach, demonstrating my expertise for a much bigger audience.
Thanks to: Mark Armstrong of Mark Armstrong Illustration.

53. Kindness is Paramount

Clareo Aesthetics’ resolution in the New Year is to reaffirm our commitment to kindness. We firmly believe in the power of kindness toward our patients, business partners, and each other. Kindness does not mean giving away or devaluing our services, rather it is an extension of abundance. Kindness unites our team and clarifies our purpose. Kindness is good for us and good for our business.
Thanks to: Michael Tantillo, MD of Clareo Centers - Aesthetic Surgery.

54. Praise More, Reprimand Less

My New Year’s Resolution for 2020 is to praise a staff member every day. Like most business owners, I’m laser-focused on less-than-optimal performance when I see it in my staff. Correction and discipline have a place, but I need to make more of an effort to praise great work when I see it, which is often. Great managers don’t just reprimand, they inspire.
Thanks to: Andre Saad, MD of The Woman’s Health Pavilion.

55. Business New Year’s Resolution

Be consistent with sales. Financial goals are good to have, but if they aren’t met, it may feel like a failure. So, instead of focusing on the actual money, choose to focus on being consistent to guarantee financial success.

To be consistent, follow a daily lead-generating schedule, have no fear in asking for referrals, and provide top-quality customer service. All of these will assist you in being consistent in your sales throughout the year – even during slower months.
Thanks to: Robyn Flint of Expert Insurance Reviews.

56. Finish Creating New Brand

My company was already considered the top rubber duck manufacturer in the world. But, we also have been working on a new lifestyle brand with a children's book we're writing and a new duck character and other products to go along with it. We have been working on it for years and our resolution is that 2020 is the year we finish this book and get this all in motion finally. It's virtually a whole new company, but it's a personal passion project whose time has come!
Thanks to: Craig Wolfe of CelebriDucks.

57. Bi-Monthly Speakers

My new year’s business resolution is to host a lunch and learn with my staff every two weeks. I want to bring in a speaker, cater lunch, and have my entire staff learn about something twice a month. It doesn’t even have to be related to our core business. The last one we did was about the U.S. Constitution, and it was amazingly well-received by every employee who attended. The first one planned for 2020? A book review of Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People.
Thanks to: Stephen Babcock, Esq. of Louisiana Traffic Ticket Lawyer.

58. Take Time Off!

Taking time off is so important for sanity and it's easy to get caught up in too many of the details. My goal is to hire the right people so that it allows me to take time off to head to the mountains for inspiration!
Thanks to: Cindy Jones of Colorado Aromatics.

59. Corporate Comedy: Funny Sells!

Move over, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The fabulous Ms. Fireball is coming to the corporate comedy stage. My 2020 resolution is to launch, write, perform, and produce professional level comedy as an essential element of Fireball Network’s training programs. Laughter connects people and eases fears. Our material will feature nutty networking scenes, re-enact awkward elevator conversations, and highlight the humor in, and power of, building business and personal relationships. *applause*
Thanks to: Deena Baikowitz of Fireball Network.

60. Break the Cycle!

In 2020, my one main business-related New Year's Resolution is to get up early to do a Peloton class & give it my all! Exercising improves my mood and reduces my stress - doing this BEFORE I get to work will keep me ahead for the day. I also expect it will improve my job performance, continue a healthy habit for life, and free up my evenings so that I can focus on family.
Thanks to: Christy Stucker of Short Run Pro.

61. A New Year. A New Brand

Our New Year's Resolution is to enrich our brand from being a standard dental practice to experts in caring for medically complex patients average providers avoid treating. The past years have been spent building the foundation of our practice. Now, since our team has extensive training in working with patients preparing to enter cancer treatment, we plan to expand our involvement in the medical community and continue educating and working with doctors as part of a patients' holistic care team.
Thanks to: Jessica Pharar of Drs. Chin and Pharar Dentistry.

62. Face 2 Face

My goal is to do a live streaming video on my Facebook group every week. People love to know that the companies they're working with are REAL people, not autobots! When you spend time with clients and customers face to face, they know that you value them and their time. That speaks volumes in building relationships of trust.
Thanks to: Trina Boice of From Book 2 Business.

63. Grow and Expand

My new year's goal is to expand my business and reach its full potential. I've been looking at the numbers, looking at what it will take to grow, and I think this is the year to finally make that final push forward. It doesn't happen overnight, but having that idea in mind consistently can help finally reach it. That's one of the best things about a New Year's Resolution; it keeps your goals in mind.
Thanks to: Shayne Sherman of TechLoris.

64. Let Go of What's Not Working

In 2020, businesses should learn to let go of methods that aren't working. Not all strategies and tactics are going to work, which is why it's important to track your success and pivot when necessary. By pivoting and changing it up early on, you'll see success much sooner.
Thanks to: Denis Gusakov of Day One Credit.

65. For 2020, Less Mork

I will get better at identifying mork. Mork is a conjunction of “more” and “work” as in “is that something we need to do or is that just more work?” Mork refers to things that might seem like a good idea but are either process for process sake or projects that don’t drive to our core objectives. As a self-professed idea junkie and someone who loves neat and tidy processes, I can sign off on a whole lotta’ mork if I’m not really careful. For 2020, less mork and more walking!
Thanks to: Joyce Shulman of 99 Walks.

66. As a Man Thinks, So is He

This year, I'm going to only think good, healthy, positive thoughts about myself and others. I'm going to do the things I don't like doing first, so that I don't have to spend the day with my mind in a whirl about having to do the thing I've been "putting off". Just get it done, and spend the rest of the day using my brain power for good.
Thanks to: Skye McKenzie of Skye's ESL Cafe.

67. To Be Heard

2019 was a big year for our business, hiring, winning an award and on-boarding new clients, as well as for me personally, following my wedding earlier in the year. It'll be big to top 2019, but my New Year's resolution for 2020 is to create videos full of advice people can easily utilize to benefit their business and to get back on the stage, conducting insightful talks. I'm aiming to become an industry leader, known for providing honest advice, proactive tips and helping businesses thrive.
Thanks to: Anna Morrish of Quibble Content.

68. Stepping Up By Stepping Away

My 2020 business resolution is to work less to become more productive. As an entrepreneur, I've fallen for the idea that, to be successful, I need to grind through days where my motivation is sapped. However, I've found that if I step away from work and do something different that is productive, but not work-related, when I come back, I am far more productive than when I am grinding. 2020 is the year to be more productive by picking and choosing when and how I work to maximize my productivity.
Thanks to: Mark Daoust of Quiet Light.

69. Desktop Piles to Piles of Cash

See all those piles on your desk (or shelf or dining room table or where ever)? Make your 2020 New Year's resolution to monetize one of those piles by turning it into a recurring cash stream that generates wealth far beyond 2020.
Thanks to: Christopher Carosa of Author, A Pizza The Action.

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