Carol Roth is known for her colorful vocabulary and hilarious catch phrases. Here are some her favorite words and phrases, which you may have heard her use:


Business Beer Goggling*: When you are so intoxicated with a new business idea that it looks a lot better than it is in reality

Business Slut*: When someone gives their business services away for free, or for significantly less than their true value

Business Wingman*: Someone (like me) who will tell you when you are “business beer goggling”

Closet Purchaser*: When you buy things and stash them in your closet so that your significant other won’t find them (or worse, have them sent to a neighbor’s home)

Cirque-du-So-Lame*: When something is beyond pathetic and pitiful, it is “Cirque-du-So-Lame”

Don’t Quit Your Day Job: What Carol will tell you if you are not cut out to be an entrepreneur (see the FIRED-UP® entrepreneurship assessment)

Fat Nutritionist Syndrome*: Not practicing what you preach, because frankly, it’s easier to give advice than to take it!

The FIRED-UP® Entrepreneurship Assessment*: This is Carol Roth’s proprietary 5-step assessment to see if you have the makings to be an entrepreneur. It assesses whether you have the Finances, Inspiration, Responsibility, Experience and Dedication & Unbridled Passion for entrepreneurship

GAGOOS Syndrome*: Thinking that the Grass is Always Greener On the Other Side

Jobbie*: A hobby disguised as a business or career

If You Fail to Prepare, You Prepare to Fail: Carol’s belief that a large percentage of success is actually in preparation – taking the time to gather information, plan or strategize, review and practice before a given situation

Mayor of Delusionsville*: If you are so delusional that you are far beyond the realm of reality, you are the Mayor of Delusionsville

Money Hoarder* (aka El Cheapo*): You are afraid to spend a dime for fear of ending up living in a brown cardboard box for the rest of eternity

Recombobulate: What you need to do after you become discombobulated. After you are thrown into a state of confusion, you need to spend time re-gathering your thoughts, or recombobulating

R.O.E. (Return on Ego)*: When you make a decision driven by your desire to feel important or special– instead of as a matter of good business– you are driven by R.O.E. (as differentiated from R.O.I. or Return on Investment)

Spinach in Your Teeth® Advisory Philosophy*: This is Carol’s philosophy on getting and giving advice. She advises that you never trust someone who won’t tell you that you have spinach in your teeth. It may be a slightly uncomfortable or embarrassing conversation, but it is more than worth it in the long run

You’re Playing Everyone’s Favorite Game Show… Pass the Buck*: If you are trying to pawn work or something difficult onto someone else instead of taking responsibility for it or doing it yourself, then you are playing everyone’s favorite game show…pass the buck”

* denotes Carol Roth-attributed word or phrase

You may encounter situations where you need to compromise, but never compromise your standards.” – Carol Roth