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Let’s Stop Saying This in Enrollment Calls

If you’re a coach, at some point in your sales process you will have a “strategy session” or an “enrollment call” where you talk to a prospect about what working together would look like and how much it would cost.  This can be an awkward conversation for a new coach. They may need to work […]

Some Things To Consider When Buying an Existing Business

I had an interesting conversation with someone who was referred to me by a former client. This young man had been very successful in his career for the past decade with a track record of promotions. But something was causing him to consider other options because he didn’t want the job his manager’s supervisor had. […]

5 Effective Marketing Channels Small Businesses Should Focus On in 2024

The survival of every small business depends on the ability to identify as many customers as possible and communicate in a way that will convince customers to buy the product or service it sells.  That is part of the role of marketing, and many small businesses struggle with identifying effective marketing tactics. Some opt for […]

7 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Learn to Love Their Business Again

When you start your business, it might feel like you are having a mad and passionate love affair. You may find yourself thinking about what you are going to do, dreaming about the success you are going to have, and spending the money you’re going to make.  But at a certain point, as with every […]

7 Ways to Make Your Customers Love You

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, so I thought we would spend this week talking about love – how you can make your customers love you and how you can stay in love with your business.  You probably do whatever you can to create a good product or service, but you will have competitors, and one of […]

Hey Elmo, We’re Not Okay

Did you hear what happened on X (the platform formerly known as Twitter) when Elmo from Sesame Street posted this question to his followers? People shared that they were struggling, sad, depressed, hated their job, could barely get out of bed. There was such an outpouring that even Joe Biden replied.  It was an innocent […]

What Are You Excited About? 

When you meet new people in a professional networking situation, and often in a personal situation, the first thing they will ask you is, “So, what do you do?”  Depending on how you’re feeling about your business or career, that could be a question that makes you freeze up. You might not have practiced your […]

My Book Was Published One Year Ago

My book was published one year ago yesterday. Yes, my brain child; This Isn’t Working! Evolving the Way We Work to Decrease Stress, Anxiety, and Depression; was published on January 31, 2023. And oh what a year it has been… I started out all starry eyed and filled with excitement and possibility. Author friends and […]

My Coaching Group as a Proxy 

As renowned coach Martha Beck said in this article, “As every life coach knows, the way we do anything is the way we do everything.”  One of the best things I have done for me and for my clients is create a job search coaching group that meets twice a week. We meet twice instead […]

Inside Scoop on Running a Doggy Daycare with Bob Duncan

If you love dogs, you may have thought about being in a business where you could spend more of your time with dogs. You may have even considered starting a dog walking service or a dog grooming business – or maybe even a doggy daycare.  I put on my consultant hat and talked with Bob […]