As we continue to kick butt and take names…

On Monday we started out with a man who really does walk his talk, Terry “Starbucker” St. Marie, the co-founder of SOBCon. In Walking the Walk After Talking the Talk of Leadership, Terry makes a compelling case for the value of face-to-face conversations and IRL meetings.

We followed that on Tuesday with How to Ride the Revenue Rollercoaster, a classic that should be read by anybody with a service business – consultants, coaches, etc. Mary-Lynn Foster and George Krueger of BIGG Success suggest a process to even out those revenue swings caused by delivering and not marketing, and then marketing like crazy, and then being too busy delivering…well you get the picture.

Who hasn’t wondered how content creators consistently come up with great ideas? Well, I reached out to one of my favorite writers, Margie Clayman, and asked her if she would share some of her secrets for finding inspiration. She over delivered on Wednesday with Ten Super Sources for Content Ideas.

It’s counterintuitive, especially to new business owners, but on Thursday, Charlie Gilkey told us that we should try to take ourselves out of our business when possible. Read this post and see what you think. Do you Relentlessly Make Yourself Obsolete in your business?

We have some excellent posts scheduled for next week as well. I hope you will join us. And please tell your colleagues about the guest blogger event on Business Unplugged™. This month we are featuring people you know – as well as people you need to know.