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This interview with Tommy Spaulding shows how you can help others and at the same time impact your business, life and community.  Tommy says of himself that he learned at a very young age that he was not destined to be an academic star when he achieved a 4.0 grade point average by adding together both his high school and college GPAs.  However, his natural leadership abilities and gift for connecting with people have propelled him to great success, including founding the Leader’s Challenge, acting as CEO of Up With People and founding the Spaulding Companies, a consulting firm based in Denver. 

We talk extensively about the principles in his newly released book, It’s Not Just Who You Know, including:

 -What the five floors of relationships are and how to utilize the relationships in each category;
 -Why you should focus on “netgiving” rather than “networking”;
 -How building relationships is like kissing;
 -Why you should seek “advice” rather than “business”;
 -Why personalization is so important to relationship building;
 -And more

You can listen to the player below (it may not show for some of you) or click here to download or stream the MP3 file.

Learn more about Tommy at and make sure to check out his new book, It’s Not Just Who You Know.  Feel free to leave comments here as well and I will pass them on to Tommy.


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