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5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Leverage Creativity to Unlock Potential

If creativity sounds like something for people with more time on their hands, think again! As an entrepreneur, you need to leverage the power of creativity to unlock potential in your business. Given the rate of technology changes and market fluctuations, you will need to be flexible in your thinking and adapt to change quickly.  […]

If You Want to Start a Coaching Business, Listen to This First

It’s so fun to be interviewed as an entrepreneur. That might be my favorite hat to wear as a podcast guest. I was thrilled when The Sparking Entrepreneur podcast reached out to me to talk about starting and growing a coaching business.  This is something I know quite a lot about. I founded my business […]

Why We Need to ‘Shop Small’ Every Day

Small Business Saturday was last weekend. Carol Roth is a small business expert and advocate. In her recent article, “Why it’s so important to ‘shop small’ on ‘Small Business Saturday’ and every day of the year,” she shares some compelling reasons why it is critical that we support small businesses now and not underestimate the […]

Thanksgiving 2023

We are celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States. We are thankful for you! Enjoy your holiday, and please don’t forget to connect with friends and family. We’ll be back on Tuesday, November 28. Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

2023 Small Business Holiday Gift Guide

For the 2023 holiday season (and the rest of the year, too!), we have created our annual 2023 holiday gift guide, highlighting amazing products and services only from small businesses! These great gift ideas are all provided by our own incredible contributor network of small business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs and are presented below […]

Not All Opinions Count

Opinions are like noses – everybody has one and they’re all different. Even if you ask several experts for their opinion on a topic they specialize in, you will likely get a different answer from each of them.  You need to be strategic about who you go to for input about your business or personal […]

Three Things You Need to Do to Be an Entrepreneur

I asked Carol Roth, the author of the New York Times bestselling book, The Entrepreneur Equation, to give me her opinion of whether entrepreneurs are born or made.  While quipping that it was the question everyone asks, she believes that while there is nature involved, meaning someone might be more predisposed to entrepreneurship, a big […]

The Curse of Competence 

Being competent seems like it is a good thing, but like all good things, too much can lead to problems.  With my corporate employee clients, I am finding that they raise their hand to take on additional projects even with a full workload because they know they will be able to figure it out.  Conversely, […]

AI Just Killed My Business 

This article, “Celebrating 1 Billion Members with Our New AI-Powered LinkedIn Premium Experience to Elevate Your Career,” by Tomer Cohen, LinkedIn’s chief product officer, stopped me in my tracks.  Like me, you may have gone numb to the constant cadence of AI taking jobs and all sorts of gloom and doom predictions, but is this […]

If Your Business Isn’t Working for You

Owning a business isn’t right for everyone, and what may have been right for you at one point may no longer be a good fit for you. Market changes, technology changes, health issues, elder care or childcare responsibilities – any of these may impact your interest or ability to run your business.  I had the […]