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When a Venerable Institution Closes

I am sad that the Career Resource Center (CRC) in Lake Forest, IL is closing after 30 years. I was shocked to read that email. It was a great organization that helped so many white-collar professionals.  I was lucky enough to also work with some of those professionals because I spoke there three times a […]

Best Quotes for a Positive Mindset in Business

Sometimes, entrepreneurs and small business owners can get so discouraged, frustrated or bogged down in the day-to-day tasks of running a business that their mindset might need a boost of positivity to keep moving forward. With that in mind, we reached out to the motivational CarolRoth.com contributor network of business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs […]

How to Buy Gold and Precious Metals for the First Time

If you have never bought physical metals before it can be scary, but with the current economic backdrop and bank failures, more people are looking to hedge their wealth.  Carol Roth talks with account executive Sherrill from Goldline about the process of buying physical gold, silver, and other metals. (Full disclosure: Carol works with them […]

It’s Not For You – And That’s Okay 

When you write anything – an email, a web page, a newsletter, a book – you need to write it to a specific reader. If what you’re writing isn’t targeted, specific, and most importantly, relevant, your reader will move on.  As marketing expert Seth Godin said in “It’s not for everyone”: “It’s not for everyone” […]

Small Business Hiring: How to Spot a Bully Before They Work for You 

Workplace bullying is something nobody should have to experience, and yet it does happen. As I was being interviewed on a podcast about my book, the host asked me how HR professionals or hiring managers could potentially spot a bully before they hired them.  One bully in a leadership position can wreak havoc on an […]

How to Stay Focused and Accountable in a Distracted World 

As a small business owner, you can accidentally get distracted (or deliberately distract yourself) at any time. However, you started your business to create some result or achieve some goal, so you may need to get support to help you stay focused and accountable.  Schedule focused time  If you need to do business planning and […]

Small Business Lessons From Food Trucks 

Food trucks have been around for a long time. My first memory of them is as a child. I loved the Mister Softee ice cream trucks. I swooned for a chocolate and vanilla soft-serve twist dipped in chocolate sprinkles. Growing up in New York City, there were lots of food vendors serving the constant flow […]

Best Low-tech Hack to Improve Productivity 

In a world full of apps, sometimes the very best thing you can do to improve your productivity is to go low-tech and get hands on with your calendar. What does that mean? It means that you schedule everything – professional appointments, personal appointments, fun things, white space to envision and dream (or to goof […]

Lies You Tell Yourself While on Vacation as a Small Business Owner 

This is a post to call me on my own nonsense – and maybe help some of you as well. I am currently sitting in a lovely room in Maui thinking about my business and book launch. Time makes no sense as I am spanning two time zones – my laptop on Central time and […]

Mental Health in the Workplace: Can Small Businesses Lead the Change?

Workers aren’t happy and burnout is affecting over 40% of workers.  “Forty-one percent of those in the U.S. felt burned out at the end of last year, compared with a 42% rate globally, and slightly less than a year earlier. The poll also found that flexible conditions, including when and where people worked, played a […]