Making something as seemingly mundane as grocery shopping a fantastic customer experience

For my current blog post, I was afforded the wonderful opportunity to write a guest blog for master communications skills author and trainer Rich Gallagher on his Point of Contact blog.  You can find the post, How Trader Joe’s Gets Customer Service Right (and not mentioning any names, *coughWholeFoodscough*, how one of its competitors gets it wrong) here

If you aren’t familiar with Rich, or his books such as the #1 national customer service bestseller What to Say to a Porcupine or How to Tell Anyone Anything, I recommend that you check him out. He is very genuine and excellent at teaching communication skills, one of the areas we could all improve upon in our businesses (and life in general).  The direct link to his blog is: and his consulting company, Point of Contact Group’s website is at:

Thanks again to Rich and hope you enjoy this customer-service oriented blog…