Carol Roth has become the go-to expert on entrepreneurship and small business, appearing regularly on MSNBC, Fox Business, Fox News, WGN TV Chicago; blogging for outlets like The Huffington Post and Crain’s Chicago/Enterprise City; appearing widely in radio and print media; having a NY Times bestselling book and more.

For less than the cost of a one-month PR firm retainer, Carol can teach you how to transform yourself into the go-to expert in your industry.

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Who can benefit from being an expert?   

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners  If you own a business, being seen as an expert in your field has multiple benefits. First, it gives you an opportunity to leverage your presence, creating PR opportunities and more awareness for your company’s products and services.  It also sets you apart from the competition; do your customers want to work with the company whose owner wrote the industry article or the company whose owner read the industry article? Being acknowledged in the media gives you additional credibility that you can’t get elsewhere. The focus for your expert strategy is always to gain more business, customers and clients. All awareness you create always comes back to this key focus.  

Employees The job market is competitive and progressing up the corporate ladder is harder than ever. Being an expert in your field creates more opportunities for you to be promoted within your existing company and a significantly enhanced resume and competitive advantage when seeking jobs. It may also open up new opportunities and even create side revenue, if appropriate and allowed in your industry. Like the example above, would you rather hire someone who wrote the book on a subject or who read the book on a subject? How about the person who speaks regularly at conferences vs. attends industry conferences? Becoming an expert sets you apart from your peers by an exponential factor.

Individuals Seeking to Become Media Personalities and Experts  If you want to be the go-to media personality or industry expert and create a business or career around that, well, then obviously you need to start building up your credibility. The program will be released soon.

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