We are on the precipice of a new financial world order, one where fortunes will change and financial stakes will shift. The global elite see this coming and are jockeying to come out on top in this new order, and, in the process, leave you owning nothing. Carol lays this all out for you in “You Will Own Nothing” plus a plan to fight back—and own everything you can.

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Personal wealth, and the freedom and independence that goes along with it, comes from ownership. So, when Carol Roth first heard that the World Economic Forum, an organization littered with the global elite, was predicting the end of private property ownership in less than a decade, she thought it was a conspiracy theory. Then, she did the research.

Right out in the open, the WEF’s 2030 predictions included the stark warning under the guise of sunshine and rainbows, “you will own nothing and be happy.” And that’s just the beginning.

From killing your purchasing power via monetary and fiscal policy to corporations and investors buying up land and water rights and competing with you when you try to purchase a home, and even Big Tech’s desire to make your life a subscription service, individual ownership is under fire at every turn. You need to fight back.

In You Will Own Nothing¸ Roth reveals how world governments, globalist organizations, Big Tech, Wall Street and other powerful elites are proactively trying to control every finite resource and determining who has access to such resources. This book is an essential guide to stopping the elites’ agenda and taking control to preserve your and your family’s freedom and wealth.

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