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Labor Day Weekend 2015

Where did the summer go? That’s the question that many of us are asking ourselves. Kids are going back to school, and entrepreneurs are planning what they want to accomplish before the end of the year. As we head into this final stretch, don’t forget to Read More

Strategies to Make Capital Raising More Successful and Less Stressful

One of the biggest issues always top of mind for entrepreneurs is raising capital. Fortunately, the lending environment has improved and with historically low interest rates, it’s a great time for entrepreneurs to access the money that they need to manage and grow their business. But Read More

3 Fatal Flaws for Business Blogging

Businesses are always searching for ways to gain new customers, enhance the customer experience and engender customer loyalty. One great way to hit upon all three of those points is through having a business blog. But it’s not enough to just start a business blog and Read More

How to Make Change Easier

Some of us love change – but many of us do not. In fact, many of us dread it, even though we know that it can be good for us, and can make us more successful in the long run. Carol’s recent post on “How Read More

Four Easy Ways to Boost Revenue

Do you want to grow your small business? Of course you do! But sometimes you get stuck, and need some suggestions for what to try next. Carol’s recent post on the Nextiva blog “Four Ways to Grow Your Business With New Products and Services” might spark Read More

How to Give Customers a Seat at the Table

Customers are your company’s most valuable asset – and yet most companies don’t have a person in place whose sole responsibility is to advocate for the customer. In Carol’s latest post on “Why Your Business Needs a Chief Customer Advocate“ she states: “Businesses of all sizes Read More

Regulations and the Small Business Owner

“Do you live in the county?” I stopped short at the question. After many attempts, I’d found a local recycler to take some old CRT monitors stashed in the basement. I’ll admit my first instinct was to lie. I really wanted to get rid of these Read More

Silencing Your Biggest Critic

Many small business owners have an enemy. A critic who seems bent on making you fail. This person is unfailingly harsh, judgmental, and often just plain rude. In fact, far too often it seems like this person’s sole purpose in life is to humiliate you into Read More

Overcoming Big Business Obstacles

No matter how successful a business is or becomes, one thing is certain- there are always going to be obstacles, difficulties and stumbling blocks along the way. And since it can be so easy to get discouraged or want to give up, I thought that we Read More

The ABC’s of Recruiting Top Talent for Small Business

There’s no denying the ubiquity of big companies like Apple and Google—heck, when a company becomes a verb recognized in the dictionary, you know that they’re kind of a big deal. For small businesses, it may seem impossible to compete with the status of these companies, Read More
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