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The Worst Business Negotiation Mistakes

Business owners and entrepreneurs frequently have to negotiate- with everyone from clients and customers to service providers. And since sometimes, it’s just as important to learn what not to do, we have asked our contributor network of business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs to share Read More

Gone Fishing – Happy Fourth of July 2015

In celebration of the Independence Day holiday weekend here in the United States, we will be taking today off. Please remember to unplug, connect with friends and family, and recharge your battery. This is incredibly important for small business owners. Have a wonderful holiday and be Read More

The Most Important Must-Do for Managing Multiple Projects

As a solopreneur and professional services provider, you’ve got two options when you have multiple clients to satisfy, and multiple projects to tackle. Focus on just one project at a time, finishing one before starting on the next. Work on multiple projects simultaneously. I’ve discovered A Read More

How to Write Effective Job Descriptions on Your Website

It’s hard enough to attract high-quality job applicants — but what do you do when you drive applicants away by posting shoddy job descriptions on your website? Here are a few tips to make your job descriptions generate interest from the people you most want to Read More

Providing Benefits May Have Big Benefits for Your Company

This post brought to you by MetLife Small Business. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Carol Roth – Administrative burden or sound business strategy? This is an issue that small business owners will need to weigh when they consider whether providing comprehensive Read More

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Small Businesses

With every passing week comes a story about some technological snafu at big companies—and even in the government. But small businesses are very vulnerable to cybersecurity issues, both because they lack the resources of big enterprises, and because their lack of resources means that an attack Read More

3 Tips for Getting Your Business Groove Back

Think back to before you launched your business. You were brimming with excitement, focused on all of the wonderful future possibilities, positive opportunities and lucrative windfalls that were surely coming your way. Fast forward a few months or years, and after being bombarded with naysayers, lagging Read More

The Most Critical Component of a Conversation

Start at the beginning. Makes sense, right? Not when it comes to communicating. The most critical part of any conversation takes place before the beginning. Here’s what we mean… [Mary-Lynn] I called Michael, one of our tech people. I started talking about an issue we needed Read More

Do Business on Your Customers’ Terms – Not Your Terms

“You fly one million miles, and then you can board in group two.” Waiting for my flight in Baltimore, I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to the people around me. But this sentence was loud enough that I looked up to see who was flaunting Read More

The Best Small Business Resources

With so many resources out there to help small businesses- everything from apps and organizations to blogs- it can be overwhelming to find the right resources for your own business. So, in that spirit, we have asked our incredible contributor network of business owners, experts, Read More
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