As is always the mission here at, to shine the spotlight on small businesses, we have put together a fabulous 2024 Small Service Business Guide, only highlighting services from small businesses! These small service-based businesses were all provided by our amazing contributor network of small business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs and are presented below in no particular order.

We encourage you to support small service businesses everywhere and use our 2024 Small Service Business Guide below!

*Please note that all companies listed below were submitted by our community members as a courtesy. Intercap Merchant Partners, LLC, Carol Roth and our affiliates neither endorse nor recommend any of the following and should you hire anyone, please ask for references and do your due diligence first.

1. Reduce Stress Through Design

Your home or office's design affects your mental health more than you know. The colors, textures, decor, and lighting create an ambiance that will portray a certain feeling when you are in that space. This is why I'm passionate about creating Sacred Spaces that allow you to live and work in beauty, style, and comfort. Nikki Klugh Design Group uses a multi-dimensional design philosophy with cutting-edge & evidence-based design applications to create transformations that are undeniable. Let's create yours today!
Thanks to: Nikki N. Klugh of NIKKI KLUGH DESIGN GROUP, INC.

2. Get a Book Deal

Author One Stop, Inc. edits and ghostwrites books, and helps authors get book deals with literary agents and New York publishers. Books sold include: The Tao of Influence - Wall Street Journal Bestseller. Power Your Profits – in Cosmo. Words Whispered in Water - Publisher's Weekly top pick. Nice Girls DO Get the Sale – in TIME Magazine. Hired! – in FedEX Office stores. Pivot – 6-figure deal, Simon & Schuster, WSJ & USA Today bestseller lists. In airport bookstores.
Thanks to: Randy Peyser of Author One Stop, Inc.

3. Mike Walsh Guitar Lessons

With Mike Walsh Guitar Lessons, learn from a guitar teacher with almost 30 years of teaching experience, live performance experience and a music education degree.

Our music school welcomes students from any skill level (beginners, intermediate or advanced), any age (children, adults or seniors), and any style of music (acoustic, rock, metal, country, classical, etc.).

Reach out for a free consultation if you're located near Chicago's Northwest Suburbs and learn guitar from the guru of guitar technique!
Thanks to: Mike Walsh of Mike Walsh Guitar Lessons.

4. New Orleans Catering Company

Elysian Events Catering a catering company based in New Orleans. We serve traditional New Orleans favorites like gumbo, étouffée, and beignets at weddings, business events, parties, and more. As a husband and wife team, we understand that major life events can be stressful, without the right vendors to help you. In fact, the first wedding we catered was our own! We love being able to provide a stress-free and elegant New Orleans experience.
Thanks to: Brandon Blackwell and Jen Sherrod of Elysian Events Catering.

5. Debt-Free Diva: Slay Your Debt

Harris Financial Coaching provides a comprehensive approach to managing your finances. The experienced staff guides you through managing your finances from start to finish, focusing on understanding how to build a budget, save money, and invest for retirement. Annette Harris, the owner, has helped hundreds of people, including herself, become debt-free and manage their debt successfully. The goal is to identify the client's objectives and help them navigate goals successfully.
Thanks to: Annette Harris of Harris Financial Coaching.

6. The Best Home Service Business

Starting a lawn care and landscaping business like those listed on GreenPal is an ideal way to understand the essence of running a business. It teaches you about marketing, customer service, and bookkeeping, among other essential skills. With an initial investment of less than $500, it's a low-barrier entry to entrepreneurship, offering invaluable lessons in business management. You can literally learn 90% of what it takes to run a business, making it a perfect venture for budding entrepreneurs to cut their teeth on.
Thanks to: Bryan Clayton of GreenPal.

7. Words That Work Wonders

In the bustling world of business, hiring a professional copywriter through 3 Waters Marketing through isn’t just a smart move—it’s a game-changer. Picture this: your business is thriving, not just because you offer exceptional stuff, but because of how you tell your story. That's where a top-notch copywriter steps in. They know the formula for crafting content that doesn’t just inform but inspires action. By bringing in a pro copywriter, you're not just getting wordsmithing expertise—you're investing in a key player.
Thanks to: Royce King of 3 Waters Marketing, LLC.

8. Your Branding & Market Team

For businesses looking to give their brand a professional digital facelift-- meet your one-stop-shop marketing and branding solution! Visionary Advantages is here to support small to medium businesses that are looking to bring their business to another level. They offer full-service brand guide design, website design, copywriting, SEO, Social Media, trade show consulting, and product/packaging design. If you're operating without marketing, give them a call so they can take it off your plate!
Thanks to: Blaire Brown of Visionary Advantages | Brand Lab.

9. Written Content Solutions

I provide busy business owners like you with the written content you need to stay top of mind with your target audience. You’ll never have to worry about your blog posts, newsletters, or website copy again!

I’m business-minded (I’m an MBA-toting entrepreneur) & I understand how people think (my undergraduate degree is in Psychology!). Couple that knowledge with my wordsmithing capabilities & an unwavering commitment to your success, & partnering with me through Every Day by the Lake should be an easy choice.
Thanks to: Laura Gariepy of Every Day by the Lake, LLC.

10. Blogger's Haven

Mostly Blogging Academy offers budget-friendly courses on blogging, SEO, and marketing. Access their virtual campus on their website. Their focus on affordability and practical skills empowers aspiring bloggers and marketers to thrive in the digital landscape, making them a standout choice for skill enhancement.
Thanks to: Janice Wald of Mostly Blogging.

11. Title Is Vital!

Hallmark Abstract Service protects what may likely be the largest purchase of your life!

We provide the title insurance for commercial and residential real estate transactions.

What many people don't realize is that title insurance is NOT a commodity, but can and typically does vary in significant ways from provider to provider.

Visit our TikTok channel to learn about the 12 areas of difference here.
Thanks to: Michael Haltman, CEO of Hallmark Abstract Service LLC.

12. Personalized Matchmaking

One great service-based small business is "Matchmaking Services". This company specializes in personalized matchmaking services, helping individuals find compatible partners for meaningful relationships. Whether it's for companionship, romance, or long-term commitment, Matchmaking Services uses a combination of expertise, psychology, and personalized attention to connect people with similar values, interests, and goals.
Thanks to: Katerina Elbahey of Matchmaking Services.

13. One to One PR Service

Marquet Media, a dynamic boutique firm, specializes in tailor-made PR and branding solutions for small businesses. With a focus on personalized consultancy and comprehensive services, we help your brand stand out, connect deeply with your audience, and navigate the competitive market with ease. Whether you're looking to elevate your narrative or amplify your presence, Marquet Media is your go-to partner for impactful results.
Thanks to: Kristin Marquet of Marquet Media, LLC.

14. We Help Nonprofits Succeed

Laurel and Associates, Ltd. has 45 years of providing workplace learning & performance improvement services to nonprofits on a local, national and international basis. Our services include board development, strategic planning, leadership development, staff development, teambuilding, & train-the-trainer programs. We ensure nonprofits have the leadership and staff capabilities necessary to sustain and expand their services. More information can be found at
Thanks to: Deborah Laurel of Laurel and Associates, Ltd.

15. Virtual Assistance Solutions

An outstanding service-based small business for your guide is RemotePad. RemotePad offers virtual assistance services, aiding businesses with administrative tasks, scheduling, customer support, and more. Their remote team ensures efficient operations for companies, allowing flexibility and cost-effectiveness in managing tasks.
Thanks to: Rehana Aslam of RemotePad.

16. Parallel Economy IT & Security

Liberty Spectrum, a family-driven IT solutions LLC, prioritizes security-first IT for the parallel economy. Specializing in cyber security and incident response services, they offer expertise in IT consulting and support, web and cloud hosting, third-party cloud service management, and integrations. Emphasizing in-person and remote tailored offerings, they provide subscription, project-based, or hourly pricing options to reshape IT and security services for small businesses.
Thanks to: Lydia Leitermann of Liberty Spectrum LLC.

17. More Than Biceps & Bubble Wrap

True Friends Moving Company is not your average moving company. We recently expanded our services to include Senior Relocation, helping with gentle transitions to a new chapter filled with comfort and familiarity. For seniors, moving is more than just boxes – it’s about preserving memories, respecting routines, and ensuring emotional well-being. We offer picture hanging, furniture arrangement, and appliance set up to ensure their new space feels instantly familiar and welcoming.
Thanks to: Chris Knowles of True Friends Moving Company.

18. Personal Branding Online

If we learned anything during Covid, it's that your online presence is only growing in importance; everyone is a brand today, not just Beyonce/Lebron/Taylor Swift. You don't exist if you can't be found online. Being invisible is a terrible strategy; if you don't brand yourself, then others will brand you instead. Having a brand is what helps you stand out from all the noise/competition. Without a brand, you're a commodity that competes on price. Contact Mavens & Moguls and pick your platform; authenticity matters most.
Thanks to: Paige Arnof-Fenn of Mavens & Moguls.

19. Europe Flea Market Adventures

Taking adventuresome people to shop the flea markets of Europe is our boutique, unique business. Myself, my husband and my daughter created an LLC called Vintage Adventures 2 years ago. We build hybrid, customized antiquing tours twice a year for groups of 20-25. We find antique wholesalers, neighborhood flea markets and large massive markets that only happen once or twice a year. Exploring the countries we visit along with the wonderful food, wine and beer creates a well rounded way to travel.
Thanks to: Deb Haupt of Vintage Adventures.

20. Photos for 1st Impressions

First impressions count in business, like any place else. Make sure the photos in your marketing look as professional your customers demand. Mckee Commerical Photograpy works with you to help you look like you, on your best day, in front of your best prospect.
Thanks to: Matt McKee of Matt McKee Commercial Photography.

21. Financial Justice Champions

Vernon Litigation Group protects the rights of individuals who have been wronged financially nationwide. Our service is unique in that our knowledge is deeply rooted in the financial services sector. Christopher Vernon is a registered investment advisor as well as an experienced attorney. We extend a guiding hand to those entangled in business and financial dilemmas, from thorny contract claims to commercial property tiffs, probate intrigues, or the unique challenges of managing a business.
Thanks to: Christopher Vernon of Vernon Litigation Group.

22. Andorran Relocation Experts

Relocate To Andorra helps expats move to the gorgeous micro-nation nestled in the Pyrenees mountains. With over two decades of experience, their small yet knowledgeable team is dedicated to assisting clients with all aspects of their relocation—finding a home, obtaining residency, choosing a school, opening a bank account, setting up a business and more—to make the transition to life in Andorra as smooth and enjoyable as possible.
Thanks to: Peter Lucas of Relocate To Andorra.

23. Prolinx: Secure Hosting & More

Prolinx offers secure hosting and managed IT services in the UK, focusing on ensuring data integrity.

Their expertise in secure data collaboration, Microsoft 365 security, helps organizations securely manage their data.

With over 25 years of experience and a commitment to excellence, trust, and 24/7 operational support, Prolinx are a trusted provider of resilient and high-quality IT solutions.
Thanks to: Alex Sayers of Prolinx.

24. Grow Your Leaders

No more “Check the Box” training – we know how to make it stick!

Let's Grow Leaders helps human-centered leaders find clarity in uncertainty, drive innovation, and achieve breakthrough results.

Live-online, hybrid and in-person training, keynotes and team innovation programs, keynotes and workshops by global leadership experts and award-winning authors (Courageous Cultures and Powerful Phrases for Dealing with Workplace Conflict), Karin Hurt and David Dye.
Thanks to: Karin Hurt of Let's Grow Leaders.

25. Yoga Therapy for Trauma

Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy is a small business that proudly provides trauma-informed yoga therapy as a service. We offer one-on-one private sessions online via Zoom, helping to make safe, ethical, and practical yoga therapy as accessible as possible to people across the country. Unlike group yoga classes, yoga therapy is tailored to the individual. A trained yoga therapist applies yoga techniques to specific physical, spiritual, emotional, or mental health conditions.
Thanks to: Anna Passalacqua of BreathingDeeply Trauma Yoga Therapy.

26. Astrological Consulting

Led by Brad Williams, who has 25 years of experience as a professional astrologer, North Node Consulting works with individuals and entrepreneurs to create, engage and retain conscious leaders through the lens of astrology. Services include individual readings, team workshops, and coaching.
Thanks to: Brad Williams of North Node Consulting.

27. Give to Receive

Awaiting admission to a hospital with an ‘irreparable’ broken neck, a near-death vision appeared. I pledged to give back to communities upon recovery. The staff called me ‘The Walking Miracle.’

Blogging on Smooth Sale serves communities by sharing my experiences and those of guest bloggers. The boomerang effect returned the appreciation. My book Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results transformed into an international bestseller and is now among the classics.
Thanks to: Elinor Stutz of Smooth Sale.

28. Treat Each Other Like Family

Our small family-run business is a personal injury law firm. Biren Law Group provides legal services for people who have been injured and deserve compensation. I know we provide the best service in our area. As a family-run business, we treat each other like family because we ARE family, and we extend that care to our clients. It’s not just an empty promise; we take that very seriously. Our clients are facing some of the most difficult times in their lives and we care about getting them through it.
Thanks to: Drew Biren of Biren Law Group.

29. PR Coaching to Empower You

Personalized 1:1 PR coaching and publicity campaigns from In Retrospect Writing Services empower entrepreneurs to gain the confidence to push past limiting beliefs to harness the power of PR to reach their goals by building and launching successful campaigns. Through mindset and strategy coaching, entrepreneurs take action to become global industry leaders and fulfill their fullest potential.
Thanks to: Lilian Sue of In Retrospect Writing Services.

30. Think Unique!

Potent, Persuasive and Powerful should be your brand message. No matter how big or small your business is, elevating your brand to influence positive change is essential in today's business climate. As an award-winning multi-media agency, Unique Image excels in developing marketing and outreach campaigns for clients that are effective and influential. Every client has a story behind their success and their brand. Unique Image uses their 3P methodology to empower your brand and tell the world.
Thanks to: Wafa Kanan of UNIQUE IMAGE, INC.

31. AI-Enhanced Impact

30 Second Success empowers heart-centric, impact-driven entrepreneurs to redefine their brand and boost their impact with powerful messaging. By harnessing ChatGPT's capabilities for targeted brand communication, they help clients attract their ideal audience, enhance offerings, and save time. Discover more at 30 Second Success, where clarity, confidence, and compassion meet innovation to elevate your brand's voice. Delivering brand brilliance in 30 seconds with AI enhanced impact.
Thanks to: Laura Templeton of 30 Second Success.

32. We Make You (More) Famous

At The Content Factory, we believe digital marketing is equal parts artistry and science.

• We’re SEO experts.
• We’re social media marketing wizards.
• We’re public relations geeks.
• We’re insatiable learners.

Since our founding in 2010, we’ve only grown more obsessed with staying on top of shifting trends in digital marketing and PR.

Above everything, we’re about delivering results for our clients. Simply put, we make our clients (more) famous.
Thanks to: Jason Myers of The Content Factory.

33. Small Business With Big Helper

Dropbox provides a reliable and secure way to store and share files. Our small business, Heirloom Video Books, is a user-friendly platform to create customized video productions loadable onto our hand-held video books. When our customers are struggling to load and transfer a video file, we instruct them to use Dropbox. Our engineers are able to complete the compression and organization steps. This combination of Dropbox and our personalized customer service has earned us very satisfied customers.
Thanks to: Ashley Kenny of Heirloom Video Books.

34. Launching Biomedical Products

StratCraft partners are strategic leaders with hands-on engineering and operational experience. We are passionate about getting new medical technologies into the hands of patients and providers faster through our structured, comprehensive approach to commercialization planning. Our team is lead and advised by top experts in defense, aerospace, life sciences, biotechnology, and manufacturing technologies with over 50 years collective expertise in technology development and commercialization.
Thanks to: Dasha Tyshlek of StratCraft.

35. Your SMB Growth Advisor

Moving Forward Small Business is the ticket to turbo-charged growth. Offering comprehensive support, this ambitious organization aims to help a million small businesses smash their strategic goals by 2050. Catering specifically to entrepreneurial, business-oriented individuals, MFSB provides strategy alignment and execution memberships for honing your productivity and growth strategies. Their dedicated, non-hype approach puts the focus back on YOU, carving your path to success on your own terms.
Thanks to: Jimmy Newson of Moving Forward Small Business.

36. Navigating Hard Conversations

Navigating hard conversations, constructive feedback and conflict and difficult and uncomfortable for most people.

At Hammond International Inc., our 5 step proven conflict resolution model as well as our training and consulting services help teams navigate difficult conversations, and help leaders lead through change and conflict. Our services help teams work better together and confidently deal with the tricky but stressful issues that get in the way of team and business success.
Thanks to: Charmaine Hammond of Hammond International Inc.

37. Mediation Services

Lee Jay Berman began as a full-time mediator 29 years ago, and has successfully mediated over 2,700 matters as, many of which were high profile cases, as a private, independent commercial mediator. The Association of Media and Entertainment Counsel named him 2024 Counsel of the Year for Excellence in Alternative Dispute Resolution. Chambers USA ranks him among the top commercial mediators in the U.S. annually since 2017, and recently Band 1, among the top 13 in the country.
Thanks to: Van Cao` of Mediation Offices of Lee Jay Berman.

38. Tutoring Gets a 24/7 Makeover

Because there are only so many hours in a tutor's day, traditional 1-on-1 tutoring can only help a small number of students. That's why we designed CramBetter to be a scalable online study service. Our platform allows us to inexpensively serve an unlimited number of students whenever they need help (even the night before an exam). CramBetter makes college math and science tutoring more accessible with study guides, short review videos, and solutions to practice exam questions available 24/7.
Thanks to: Steven Keys of CramBetter.

39. PEO Services

At Canal HR, we’re a small business headquartered in Metairie, Louisiana. We provide high-quality PEO services for customers across the country. We take pride in our services, which include employee benefits administration, payroll processing, risk management, workers’ compensation, and more. Our business functions behind the scenes to ensure that business leaders don’t spend time on the paperwork but can spend time on the big-picture goals of their organization.
Thanks to: Mitch Chailland of Canal HR.

40. Unique and Relaxing Getaway

Creole Gardens is a female-owned bed and breakfast in New Orleans. We provide a unique stay that is pet-friendly to provide guests with a charming New Orleans experience. From free breakfast to a banana courtyard to local musicians on Friday nights, we try to provide our guests with an authentic yet relaxing experience. Creole Gardens is centrally located, making it easy for tourists and locals to get around, and is the perfect place to stay when you need a little getaway to New Orleans.
Thanks to: Keith Domen of Creole Gardens.

41. Plumbing and Drains Service

At Goodbee Plumbing, we’re a small family-operated, and female-owned business headquartered in Covington, Louisiana. Our business focuses on educating people about their plumbing and providing our professional expertise without draining their wallets. Our services range from traditional plumbing issues to drain cleaning and water filtration. Our mission is to help people maintain their plumbing to avoid costly repairs down the line. We have not just built a business but a community.
Thanks to: Allison Harrison of Goodbee Plumbing and Drains.

42. Car Show Booth Design Services

At Cardinal Expo, we’re a small business headquartered in New Orleans. But we provide end-to-end trade show booth management for customers around the country. We pride ourselves on attractive, efficient booth design—as well as fabrication, shipping, installation, deconstruction, warehousing, and more—for a variety of industries. One of our top industries is the auto industry, providing exhibit design and services for everything from regional auto shows to SEMA.
Thanks to: Thomas Samuels of Cardinal Car Show Booth Ideas.

43. Financial Empowerment

Unlock Your Financial Potential: Empower Yourself Today!

Are you ready to take control of your financial destiny?

No more blaming yourself for not knowing the secrets of financial success. It's time to learn & grow. Imagine a life where your money works for you.

Take charge of your financial journey & empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to thrive from Empowering You LEC. Rewrite your story. Start today & watch your dreams become a reality! Embrace a brighter future!
Thanks to: Joyce Blue of Empowering You LEC.

44. Transform Your Presentation

Polish your sales presentation, pitch for funds or presentation to the team with Superior Presentations. Get more of what you want when you speak.

I coach executives and business leaders to deliver the intended message for million-dollar presentations. It’s not for everyone because you must be open to constructive criticism and willing to change. Senior executives and ambitious entrepreneurs appreciate my direct advice and transformative coaching.

Mention Carol Roth to enjoy a 20% discount.
Thanks to: George Torok of Superior Presentations.

45. Your Success is MY Business

Overwhelmed? Anxious? Too much to do in a day and not enough time to LEAD your business or professional career?

I use the wisdom of over 30 years of experience in coaching and psychotherapy to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals of becoming a stronger leader, more adept at decision making, and able to move forward with ease.

My only agenda is what is in YOUR best interests. Schedule your complementary Zoom consultation from The Dr. Anita Group by emailing
Thanks to: Anita Marcheasni of The Dr. Anita Group.

46. Own Your Financial Data

YourOwn enables true ownership of personal financial data via an encrypted wallet aggregating income, investments, debt, taxes and more into a unified financial profile. The key innovation is frictionless utilization - with just a few clicks users can securely share verified financial credentials to apply for services like apartment rentals, home loans, and advisory services instead of needing to manually collect paperwork.
Thanks to: Joshua Lory of YourOwn.

47. Phoenix Junk Removal Services

Junk Removal Phoenix LLC offers comprehensive junk removal solutions in Phoenix and surrounding areas. Specializing in furniture removal, mattress disposal, property cleanouts (pre and post-move out), garage cleanouts, and more, we tackle clutter with efficiency and professionalism. Let us help you reclaim your space today!
Thanks to: Gary Murray of Junk Removal Phoenix, LLC.

48. Ultimate Recycling

InTechgrity Automotive Excellence uses technology and skill to keep vehicles running great.

Too often, our throw-away culture retires a tired vehicle rather than keeping it at peak performance.

When we keep vehicles running right, we never have to retire them and they never become trash. This is good for the owner and the planet.
Most mechanical problems grow over time and can be kept to a minimum with proper and timely maintenance. Our custom tracking technology ensures each vehicle gets that timely maintenance.
Thanks to: Edward Beery of InTechgrity Automotive Excellence.

49. Tech: A Love/Hate Relationship

TechLoveHate is an in-home and small business IT company. We do Mac, Windows, Linux, and server maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and custom builds as well as network installs and upgrades, you know, techie stuff. Our clientele includes entertainment lawyers, artist managers, musical artists and actors, recording labels, doctors, and non-profits. Owner Craig A. Mason is a recovering music industry executive turned tech guru. He resides on his llama farm outside of Music City USA [Nashville, TN].
Thanks to: Craig Mason of TechLoveHate.

50. A.C.T.

Supercharge your business directory with A.C.T. Training – Analyze your market, create a standout presence, and drive targeted traffic. Elevate your small business now! Click for A.C.T.
Thanks to: Gwen Hawver of visioninterface.

51. Building Contractor

New Creations Construction is a family-owned commercial and residential building and remodeling contractor in Murfreesboro, TN.
Thanks to: Jason Moore of New Creations Construction, LLC .

52. Writers for the Average Person

You read about celebrity ghostwriters every day. But what happens when the average person has a great idea for a novel? Or wants a memoir of their parents' adventure escaping across the ocean from persecution or war? Or has to speak at a wedding but has no idea what to say? THGM Writing Services provides creative and professional ghostwriters the average person can afford.
Thanks to: David Leonhardt of THGM Writing Services.

53. Exceptional Companies & People

What we know for sure: the only way to create exceptional results is through your people. One person’s personal best is great. However, exceptional company achievement requires everyone's personal best - which is created by a purpose folks believe in.

It takes a great leadership team to create that purpose and an organization that people want to work with and work for. That’s what we do at Enerpace. We turn your leaders & teams into exceptional leaders and teams.
Thanks to: Elene Cafasso of Enerpace Leadership Development.

54. Expert Psychologist 80,000 hrs

Since establishing a full time private practice in 1986, Dr. Christopher Cortman has facilitated upwards of 80,000 hours of psychotherapy. He specializes in treating emotional trauma, depression, and anxiety disorders. He also pursues projects that enable him to meet a larger need for psychological expertise. These projects include frequent public speaking with the use of ‘edu-tainment’ as he prides himself on providing an ‘educational’ and engaging experience riddled with humor.
Thanks to: Christopher Cortman of Dr. Christopher M Cortman.

55. Urban Betty Salon Does it All

Urban Betty is an award-winning Austin-based salon that offers a versatile environment where clients can get all their haircare and skincare needs. It’s an education-based salon with fully licensed and highly trained experts who give clients a curated experience to their needs and preferences.

With 3 locations, Urban Betty has been a force in the Austin beauty scene since 2005, providing the highest level of customer service with style and championing diversity and inclusion.
Thanks to: Chelle Neff of Urban Betty Salon.

56. The Art of Creative PR

Snackbox is a creative PR laboratory that combines design thinking and the art of storytelling to deliver out-of-this-world results for its clients. After escaping the big agency way of doing things, Jenna Oltersdorf created her own path to provide exceptional client service, creative PR campaigns, and excellence by following creative processes and working with the best people in the business. The PR work at Snackbox is award-winning, as the team has a passion for what their clients do.
Thanks to: Jenna Oltersdorf of Snackbox.

57. Your Local Strategic Partner

REED is a woman-owned and Nashville-based full-service marketing and communications firm. We live in America’s best city, but we work with brands across the United States. REED has a smart and relentless team that lives to over-deliver for clients. We believe that time is our most precious commodity, and we’re not going to waste it on campaigns we don’t believe in. After all, it’s more important for us to be undeniably good than really, really big.
Thanks to: Macey Binner of REED.

58. Personalized Plastic Surgery

Smith Cosmetic Surgery is a small business located in the Denver metro area that provides facial plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments. This business provides excellent customer service, whether you are having cosmetic surgery or just a skincare consult. Dr. Bovenzi calls all patients after their procedure to check up on them. Our practice manager has even driven patients when they couldn't find a ride. And our care coordinators bend over backwards to find a pricing plan that works for you.
Thanks to: Dr. Bovenzi of Smith Cosmetic Surgery.

59. Who Stars in Your Life Movie?

We all have a story to tell. In fact, we are living the greatest story ever told: The Story of Our Life. How do we access the manuscript and make edits? How do we rewrite the story to one of purpose, happiness and fulfillment? Carrie KC West is a Life Story Coach that uses her entertainment industry experience and passion for storytelling to help clients unlock the old, tattered script and write a brand new one where anything is possible.
Thanks to: Carrie West of Carrie KC West.

60. helps you fix your online reputation.

Gain command over your online image. With our advanced software, in-house SEO specialists, staff journalists, legal forensics, and exceptional search algorithm expertise, we can develop a strategy that moves the content you want people to see to the top and the negative content off the first page. Our services include creating positive content, removing negative content, monitoring and managing your online reputation.
Thanks to: Matt Earle of

61. Swimming Pool Services

Coastal Luxury Outdoors, nestled in the vibrant city of Jacksonville, FL offers pool cleaning, repair, building and remodel services, setting the gold standard for luxury and reliability in the outdoor living industry. At Coastal Luxury Outdoors, we understand that a pool is not just a body of water; it is the centerpiece of your backyard oasis, a source of joy, relaxation, and entertainment for family and friends.
Thanks to: Rafi Friedman of Coastal Luxury Outdoors.

62. Fits All Your Business Needs

Hart Accounting Services provides complete tax and accounting solutions for all business types and sizes. Outsourcing your accounting ensures regulatory compliance, and accurate performance tracking, and frees up your time to focus on core operations. Our services include corporate accounting for deeper business insights, bookkeeping to handle financial data entry and documentation, and HST filing to simplify tax compliance.
Thanks to: Richard Ford of Hart Accounting Services.

63. Reputation Management

Trusted since 2008, has helped thousands of clients remove their mugshots and arrest records from the internet. As the first company to offer mugshot removal services, we understand this sensitive process. Our DIY ebook explains how to suppress booking info. But we know many clients prefer to outsource this delicate work. We handle everything, freeing you from this burden. Guaranteed claims to be the world’s leading online content removal company.
Thanks to: Alex Adekola of Remove My Mugshot.

64. Fractional CMO for Growth

Marketing Mayhem? Meet Your Maven! Feeling overwhelmed or not getting what you need from your marketing team, but a full-time CMO is out of reach? Image marketing that fuels business goals, drives results, and aligns with your vision. Stop juggling campaigns, budgets, and agencies – as a Fractional CMO, Maven Marketing helps businesses revitalize their marketing strategy, streamline operations, and relieve leadership of the marketing burden. Reclaim your time, enjoy part-time cost, full-time impact.
Thanks to: Kristyan Mjolsnes of Maven Marketing.

65. We Make Insurance Easy

Guaranteed Issue Disability Insurance & Life Insurance programs are designed specifically for white collar occupations such as law firms, CPA firms, pharma, biotech, engineering, tech and more.

Traditional benefit plans leave a significant gap for highly compensated employees. This is exactly where Guaranteed Issue programs come in. Lifetime Insurance Planning reviews your current disability and life insurance benefits and shows you the gaps and the easy way to address them.
Thanks to: Mike Harrington of Lifetime Insurance Planning.

66. John Reed: The Test Prep Path

As the founder of Test Prep Pal, our core service is to provide meticulously researched and tested reviews of various test preparation materials. We focus specifically on high-stakes standardized tests like the MCAT, DAT, LSAT, OAT, and INBDE. What sets us apart is our dedication to unbiased evaluations and our commitment to helping students find courses that not only give the best value for money but also fit their unique learning styles.
Thanks to: John Reed of Test Prep Pal.

67. What Does Marketing Even Mean?

I.e. is an abbreviation we’ve all seen, but what does it actually mean? i.e. means in other words. That’s exactly what boutique marketing firm IE Marketing does. They put YOUR message in other words.
Better Words.
Words that Sell.
Words that Resonate.
Words that Cut Through The Clutter to reach YOUR Audience.
Specializing in marketing for non-profits, SMBs, and authors, they understand what it takes to cut through the clutter of today’s marketing landscape and get you noticed!
Thanks to: Trish Stukbauer of IE Marketing, LLC.

68. Third-party Litigation Funding

Uplift Legal Funding offers non-recourse funding to plaintiffs involved in personal injury lawsuits, providing them with the financial cushion they need while they await their settlement. What sets us apart is our commitment to fairness, transparency, and compassion. We understand the complexities of legal processes, and it's our goal to alleviate financial pressures so our clients can focus on their recovery and case.
Thanks to: Jared Stern of Uplift Legal Funding.

69. Embrace Your Zone of Genius

The secret to a successful business is knowing where your time, money, & energy is best invested.

If you're short on time, second-guessing yourself, frustrated with a lack of progress, or struggling because it's not your strong suit - it's time to think smarter, not harder.

As a copywriter, website designer & brand strategist for small businesses, Poppins Copy is here to get your words working wonders for you. The business of your dreams is within reach - anything can happen if you let it!
Thanks to: Sarah Sykes of Poppins Copy.

70. Work to Live vs Living to Work

Established in August 1998, Coker, Robb & Cannon, Family Lawyers is an integral part of their community. The firm distinguishes itself by maintaining an unwavering commitment to addressing clients' needs promptly and effectively, while also quite intentionally focusing on work-life balance for all employees. Duane Coker, the founder of the firm, set the tone from day one by becoming the first law firm in the area to close at noon on Fridays, despite colleagues saying he was crazy to do so.
Thanks to: Duane Coker of Coker, Robb & Cannon, Family Lawyer.

71. Get A Reference That Works!

Hiring Managers rely increasingly on personal references in today's AI dominated world.

Job seekers rely on their references to do the best they can, usually with just high hopes and crossed fingers.

Don't leave your reference to chance.

The self-paced video course, complete with worksheets and templates you can use again and again, will train you how to get a reference that will give you a competitive edge.
Thanks to: Amy Feind Reeves of

72. Top-Rated DC-Based Law Firm

The legal team at The Law Firm of John P. Mahoney, Esq., Attorneys at Law, PLLC, is committed to vigorously protecting and enhancing the careers of federal employees throughout the United States and around the World. Not only has the firm been considered an award-winning, AV Preeminent Top-Rated Law Firm for its entire existence, they’ve also won numerous multi-million dollar court, MSPB, and EEOC cases and secured back pay, benefits, interest, compensatory damages for federal workers.
Thanks to: John Mahoney of The Law Firm of John P. Mahoney.

73. Academic Support For Students

Home Tutors Karchi's mission is simple: connecting experienced tutors with students to provide personalized academic support. Specializing in subjects like math, physics, chemistry, accounting, and more, we focus on helping students grasp challenging concepts. Finding a tutor is easy – just fill out a short form with your requirements and location. We'll handle the rest, ensuring you find the perfect match for your learning needs.
Thanks to: Nisar Baig of Home Tutors Karachi.

74. Legal Advocates for Veterans

Veterans Advocacy Law Group is a Veteran-owned law firm that is committed to meeting the diverse legal needs of Veterans across the U.S. The firm’s founder, Joseph Whitcomb, is a former Army Ranger who served in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Joe also represented himself before the Board of Veterans’ Appeals in an appeal that took over 5 years. After learning how unnecessarily complex the VA appeals process was, Joe switched the focus of his practice to representing Veterans.
Thanks to: Joe Whitcomb of Veterans Advocacy Law Group.

75. Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm

For 25 years, the Law Office of Tom Wagstaff Jr. has been providing reliable and compassionate legal services to people who are facing some of the toughest times in their lives. Their firm focuses on complex litigation involving nursing home abuse and injuries. Tom and his team’s legal savvy, as well as their tenacity in the courtroom, have led them in securing numerous million dollar settlements for nursing home residents across Kansas City and throughout Jackson County, MO.
Thanks to: Tom Wagstaff Tom Wagstaff of Law Office of Tom Wagstaff Jr.

76. Reliable Plumbing & HVAC

A. Fagundes Plumbing & Heating Inc. is renowned throughout Massachusetts for their top quality workmanship. They are a locally owned and family-operated company, and their staff has a stellar reputation for being efficient, precise, and respectful, and for providing upfront pricing with no hidden surprises. Every year, A. Fagundes Plumbing & Heating Inc provides a worthy homeowner with a free heating system, through their Help a Neighbor Program.
Thanks to: Al Fagundes of A. Fagundes Plumbing & Heating Inc.

77. Respected Malpractice Lawyer

James Wood Law is known throughout New Mexico for our specialized expertise in medical-malpractice law. I’m a Double Board Certified Trial Lawyer who represents individuals, children, and families against corporations, insurance companies, hospitals, and others that caused harm through neglect, indifference, malice, or greed. My firm has multiple verdicts and settlements of more than $1 million. I’m also a member of the American Association of Justice.
Thanks to: James Wood of James Wood Law.

78. Renowned NJ-Based Law Firm

The Law Offices Of James C. DeZao, P.A. is a renowned, full-service law firm based in Parsippany, New Jersey. The firm’s founder, James DeZao, is an award-winning attorney who routinely handles cases involving personal injury, immigration, medical malpractice, corporate law, employment law, and business law. Whether you have been injured in a serious car accident or need help fighting discrimination, they’re equipped to protect your rights, and your future.
Thanks to: James DeZao of The Law Offices of James C. DeZao.

79. Marketing Fund for eCommerce

Spread Great Ideas LLC is a Marketing fund that invests in digital startups and e-commerce brands, especially SMBs and helps implement hyper-refined branding, marketing, and strategic expertise to nurture them into multimillion-dollar brands. Since inception, we have helped launch four multimillion-dollar e-commerce brands, including, which acquired for $100 million three years after its launch. Our team helps proven small businesses reach a bigger audience profitably.
Thanks to: Brian David Crane of Spread Great Ideas LLC.

80. Protect from Phishing Attacks

CallerSmart is an anti-phishing and cybersecurity service that protects you from online scams, helps you investigate mystery phone numbers and avoid unwanted calls and texts. Defend your online privacy from spammers and cyber-attacks with this simple service accessible from your phone. Huffington Post, Mashable, Inc., and many others have featured us, and BuzzFeed nicknamed us "turnt up caller ID" in their "11 Things To Do Before You Start Dating Online" article.
Thanks to: Kathryn Boudreau of CallerSmart Inc.

81. Residential Construction

Acadian Windows install windows, doors, siding, hurricane shutters, and retractable porch screens. Our service areas include Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, and Alabama. Counteracting the sometimes negative reputation of the home remodeling industry, we take pride in providing excellent, professional service and installing high-quality products.
Thanks to: Craig Ricks Jr. of Acadian Windows.

82. AI Writing Help!

With Hoppy Copy, users can write better email campaigns, 10x faster!

Our service allows you to save countless hours writing by using AI to generate content for your marketing campaigns.

Hoppy Copy specializes in helping businesses and marketers grow their email newsletters, with a special emphasis on making your campaigns optimized for the best effect!
Thanks to: Josh Bluman of Hoppy Copy.

83. Software as a Service

Our small business provides software as a service (SaaS) for health insurance brokers and TPAs. Health In Tech, headquartered in Stuart, Florida, provides our proprietary technology throughout the country to make the processes behind self-funded benefits simple and straightforward. We pride ourselves on helping make insurance easier to sell and administer, ultimately helping other small businesses and the industry as a whole.
Thanks to: Tim Johnson of Health In Tech.

84. Milepro

Milepro offers personalized travel optimization services, including maximizing frequent flyer miles, securing upgrades, and tailoring travel plans to ensure cost-effectiveness and luxury. Our services are especially beneficial for frequent travelers looking to enhance their travel experience without overspending. We distinguish ourselves through a deep understanding of travel loyalty programs and a commitment to providing bespoke travel solutions.
Thanks to: Tim White of Milepro.

85. Preppy

Preppy is dedicated to offering high-quality, affordable online courses and certifications. Our mission is to save students both time and money, enabling them to jumpstart their careers faster and with less financial burden. We specialize in bridging the gap between traditional education and the demands of the modern workforce. Our courses are designed with input from industry experts, ensuring that students gain the practical skills and knowledge needed for their dream jobs.
Thanks to: Grant Aldrich of Preppy.

86. Real Estate Skills

Our online platform offers courses, live coaching, and a community forum to connect learners with experienced investors. Real Estate Skills stands out by providing practical, real-world education and support that can immediately be applied, making real estate investing accessible to everyone. Our services are designed to simplify the investment process, offering step-by-step guidance for beginners to seasoned investors. We believe in creating opportunities for financial freedom through real estate.
Thanks to: Ryan Zomorodi of Real Estate Skills.

87. Ancient Language Institute

Ancient Language Institute offers a unique blend of online courses designed to make ancient languages like Latin, Ancient Greek, and Hebrew accessible and engaging for students worldwide. Our approach combines traditional learning techniques with contemporary pedagogical methods, providing a service that bridges the gap between historical scholarship and modern language education. This creative and unusual service caters to academic interests and enthusiasts of history, literature, and culture.
Thanks to: Ryan Hammill of Ancient Language Institute.

88. Chad Sultana Marketing

Chad Sultana Marketing Consulting stands out as a premier small service-based business because we blend creativity with analytics to drive results. Our approach is holistic, tackling marketing challenges from all angles to ensure success. We pride ourselves on custom solutions that not just meet but exceed our clients' expectations. Our dedication to client success and innovative strategies make us a great service offering in today's digital-first world.
Thanks to: Chad Sultana of Chad Sultana - Marketing Consulting.

89. Every Investor

Every Investor stands out for its personalized, educational approach to finance, tailored to each client's life stage and goals. We specialize in retirement planning, offering bespoke advice to navigate the complex landscape of retirement savings and investments. Our commitment to demystifying finance and providing clear, actionable guidance tailored to individual needs sets us apart. Our online platform ensures easy access for anyone looking to secure their financial future.
Thanks to: Bert Hofhuis of Every Investor.

90. Casino Professor

Casino Professor provides a critical service for gamers by offering honest, comprehensive reviews, and up-to-date information on bonuses, game selections, and user experiences across various online casinos. Our platform stands out for its commitment to transparency, helping users make informed decisions in the often complex world of online gaming. We pride ourselves on guiding both new and experienced players through the digital casino landscape safely and enjoyably.
Thanks to: Mika Kujapelto of Casino Professor.

91. ContractorNerd

ContractorNerd goes beyond traditional insurance services by offering bespoke risk management and insurance packages tailored to the unique needs of each contractor. Our innovative approach ensures that contractors are not only protected but also educated on mitigating risks specific to their industry. This unique blend of personalized service and industry-specific expertise sets us apart and highlights our commitment to excellence and innovation in service.
Thanks to: John Hughes of ContractorNerd.

92. Niche Twins

Niche Twins offers personalized coaching and digital tools to guide budding entrepreneurs through the process of establishing and growing their businesses. Our service stands out because we focus on the individual's unique strengths and interests, tailoring our approach to ensure success in their specific niche. We’re committed to supporting entrepreneurs from the ground up. We're all about making business dreams a reality.
Thanks to: Michael Donovan of Niche Twins.

93. TravelFreak

TravelFreak stands out for its in-depth travel reviews and personalized recommendation service. We offer travelers insider knowledge and tips to explore destinations like a local. What sets us apart is our commitment to authenticity and adventure. We connect curious travelers with less-explored locations and experiences, making every trip unforgettable. We believe in the power of travel to transform and inspire, and our service is designed to unlock the world's wonders for every adventurer.
Thanks to: Jeremy Scott Foster of TravelFreak.

94. SuretyNow

SuretyNow stands out by making the often complicated and time-consuming process of securing surety bonds simple and accessible. Our unique online platform allows users to apply, get approved, and receive their bonds entirely online, saving time and reducing paperwork. This is especially beneficial for small businesses and contractors who require bonds to bid on projects or fulfill licensing requirements. Our service is about enabling businesses to grow without the traditional hurdles of bonding.
Thanks to: Jay Xiao of SuretyNow.

95. SelectSoftware Reviews

Select Software Reviews is a service-focused company helping businesses of all sizes find the right HR and recruiting software. We believe in the power of informed decision-making. We offer detailed comparisons, expert reviews, and comprehensive guides designed to navigate the complex landscape of HR technology. We've meticulously curated information on a wide range of software solutions, from applicant tracking systems to employee wellness platforms, all to save businesses time and resources.
Thanks to: Phil Strazzulla of SelectSoftware Reviews.

96. RubyHome

RubyHome specializes in luxury real estate services, helping home buyers find their dream properties. Our team provides personalized, expert guidance through the complexities of the luxury market. What sets RubyHome apart is our innovative approach to pairing technology with personal service, ensuring clients receive the most informed, tailored experience. We're based in Los Angeles but serve clients nationwide through our website.
Thanks to: Tony Mariotti of RubyHome.

97. The Annuity Expert

The Annuity Expert is a specialized financial planning service that guides individuals through the complexities of annuities and retirement planning. We provide personalized advice to help clients secure their financial future, emphasizing the importance of understanding annuity products to make informed decisions. Our service stands out because we simplify the often-complicated world of annuities for our clients, ensuring they're well-informed and confident in their retirement strategies.
Thanks to: Shawn Plummer of The Annuity Expert.

98. GJEL Accident Attorneys

GJEL Accident Attorneys, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, provides an exceptional legal service in personal injury law. Renowned for its commitment to public service, this firm prioritizes the needs of low-income families and individuals. Their impressive track record includes multimillion-dollar settlements, as well as significant systemic changes to medical institutions due to successful litigation, showcasing their ability to help clients on both a personal and a societal level.
Thanks to: Andy Gillin of GJEL Accident Attorneys.

99. The Stock Dork

The Stock Dork is an outstanding small business based in the digital sphere, offering investing and stock market guidance. This business aids individuals in navigating the complexities of investing, offering up-to-date news, tutorials, and analytics. The Stock Dork stands out because of its tailored guides and detailed breakdowns that enable even beginners to understand the nuances of the stock market.
Thanks to: Adam Garcia of The Stock Dork.

100. We're Moving the World Forward

Founded in 2014, Instrumentl was built to help fundraisers make the best use of their valuable time and energy. We make the grant process faster, easier, and more efficient, so you can do what you do best: make a positive impact. We helped over 3,000 organizations win over $1,000,000,000 in 2023 by bringing discovery, research, and tracking to one place. Our customers are on the front lines educating kids, saving endangered species, and restoring watersheds.
Thanks to: Will Yang of Instrumentl.

101. Best Local SEO Agency in NZ

Lead Local NZ is a revolutionary local SEO service provider for small and medium-size New Zealand and Australia-based businesses, particularly featuring trade-based industries such as plumbers, builders, electricians, etc. We combine traditional SEO tactics and innovative strategies, offering clients pre-ranked Google lead generation websites, automated Google review growth, lead tracking, and reporting.
Thanks to: Tom McSherry of Lead Local NZ.

102. Online Yoga Planet

Online Yoga Planet is a global hub for Yoga Wisdom. At Online Yoga Planet, we transcend the boundaries of physical studios, offering a digital haven for those passionate about yoga. Our mission is to be your ultimate resource for learning about yoga, discovering top-notch yoga teacher trainings, and exploring the best yoga studios worldwide. Online Yoga Planet is committed to being your go-to guide on your yoga journey, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all enthusiasts.
Thanks to: Joanne Highland of Online Yoga Planet.

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