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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

How Can You Supercharge Your Business Growth? Start Here.

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Growing a small business is hard! That’s why Carol and I teamed up with Microsoft* Community Connections to reach out to...

Social Media: Why You Should Post the Right Content on the Right Platform

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Each social media platform is different. The type of content and the way you post should vary, and be appropriate for...

An Entrepreneur Is an Entrepreneur

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Is there a difference between genders when it comes to being an entrepreneur? You don’t often hear male entrepreneurs saying, “I’m...

Best Ways to Leverage LinkedIn to Build Your Business

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Most business owners know that they could – and should – be using LinkedIn more effectively to build their businesses. But what...

Small Business Week 2016: Technology and the Stylist

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Happy National Small Business Week small business owners and would-be entrepreneurs! There are lots of great virtual and local events happening...

How to Sanely Evaluate Business Opportunities

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Entrepreneurs and small business owners LOVE ideas. We have them all the time! We get giddy with excitement sometimes. New ideas can even...

What’s In a Name? A Lot! And It Varies by Location.

Written By: Catherine Morgan
What’s the first thing that comes into your head when someone says “Mercedes”?* If you’re in Europe, we’ll guess that you think...

Customer Loyalty: Engagement, Not Transactions

Written By: Catherine Morgan
In Carol’s latest post, “Customer Loyalty 3.0 Is Never About Transactions. It’s About Getting to Know Your Customers” on, Carol...

Bringing Small Town Values to Online Business

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Internet-based technologies continue to transform businesses in ways scarcely imaginable just a few years ago. Online travel services, for example, have...

Failure Isn’t an Endpoint. It’s a Pivot Point.

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Carol is a guest judge for the season on the new TBS show, “America’s Greatest Makers” – and the show’s premiere...