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This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

Bringing Small Town Values to Online Business

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Internet-based technologies continue to transform businesses in ways scarcely imaginable just a few years ago. Online travel services, for example, have...

Failure Isn’t an Endpoint. It’s a Pivot Point.

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Carol is a guest judge for the season on the new TBS show, “America’s Greatest Makers” – and the show’s premiere...

How Having a Narrower Focus Can Boost Your Business

Written By: Catherine Morgan
It is counter intuitive, but narrowing your focus and specifically targeting a smaller, more tightly focused demographic can actually boost your...

5 Business Mistakes Entrepreneurs Can Easily Avoid

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Sometimes you just need a little tough love and wisdom from Carol. Few people can serve up knowledge nuggets the way...

Hate Marketing? Let Others Do It for You.

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Many (OK, most) small business owners struggle with marketing. They get uncomfortable with the idea of blowing their own horn. However, if...

Sweet Deduction: 5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Mileage

Written By: Catherine Morgan
If growing revenue and maintaining cash flow are among the top concerns for small business owners (spoiler alert: they are), then...

How to Give Employees Information at the Right Times

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Getting your employees the right information at the right times is crucial to running a successful business. There are situations where...

When Are You Too Old to Start a Business? Maybe Never!

Written By: Catherine Morgan
This is an incredible story. Imagine being 88 years old and, instead of winding down, feeling a burning desire to start...

One Formula for Becoming a Millionaire

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Those of you who are new to the blog or haven’t read Carol’s book, The Entrepreneur Equation, might not be familiar...

10 Easy Ways to Look Professional So Clients Love You

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Am I the only one who thinks common sense isn’t all that common anymore? In fact, on my snarkier days, I...