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Business Unplugged™
This blog features Carol Roth's tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol's community of contributors.

Carol’s Tips on How to Engage an Audience

Written By: Catherine Morgan
This morning I am off to inspire some professionals with my “Re-Launch You: Liftoff After Layoff” talk. It’s my signature talk...

Labor Day Weekend 2016

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Where did the summer go? That’s the question that many of us are asking ourselves. Kids are going back to school,...

What to Do When Business Is Slow

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Most businesses have some predictability about them as to when you can anticipate being busy – and when you may be...

Sometimes It Really Pays to Hire a Pro

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Many of us are bootstrapping our businesses, and we want to get the most value out of every dollar we spend....

Successful Entrepreneurs Don’t Have These Qualities

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Carol shares a golden knowledge nugget in her recent post on CNBC’s blog, “4 signs you don’t have what it takes...

Carol’s Vacation Takeaways

Written By: Catherine Morgan
It took Carol many years to understand the value and benefits of a real vacation – away and unplugged. In her...

Solo Business Owner? It Still Takes a Village.

Written By: Catherine Morgan
I’ve had the same conversation with no fewer than five solo business owners over the last week. Whenever that happens, I...

Why Being Flexible Is a Strength for Small Business

Written By: Catherine Morgan
What can most small businesses do even better than the big guys? Change strategy and direction in order to capitalize on...

Best Ways to Keep Information Secure When Traveling

Written By: Catherine Morgan
Business travel is often part of getting new clients and growing your business. You probably know that you need to take...

Can Small Businesses Benefit from Big Data?

Written By: Catherine Morgan
All businesses generate data. In fact, it can feel like we are awash in data. We hear a lot about big...