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Catherine Morgan is the editor of Business Unplugged ™, an engaging speaker, and the founder of Point A to Point B Transitions Inc., a virtual provider of coaching services to individuals who are in business or career transition. Catherine is the author of the eBook Re-Launch You: Discovering Your Point B and Embracing Possibility. An experienced independent consultant and former employee of three of the former Big Five consulting firms, Catherine combines strategy development with accountability coaching. Her productivity tips and career transition advice have been featured on WGN AM 720 and WIND AM 560 The Answer in Chicago, and on WCHE AM 1520 in the Philadelphia area. Catherine speaks frequently on topics related to productivity, career transition, small business, and entrepreneurship. She doesn’t take herself seriously, but takes her subject matter very seriously.

Articles by: Catherine Morgan

How to Make Change Easier

Some of us love change – but many of us do not. In fact, many of us dread it, even though we know that it can be good for us, and can make us more successful in the long run. Carol’s recent post on “How […]
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Four Easy Ways to Boost Revenue

Do you want to grow your small business? Of course you do! But sometimes you get stuck, and need some suggestions for what to try next. Carol’s recent post on the Nextiva blog “Four Ways to Grow Your Business With New Products and Services” might spark […]
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How to Give Customers a Seat at the Table

Customers are your company’s most valuable asset – and yet most companies don’t have a person in place whose sole responsibility is to advocate for the customer. In Carol’s latest post on “Why Your Business Needs a Chief Customer Advocate” she states: “Businesses of all sizes […]
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Easy Ways to Entice People to Read (and Share) Your Content

When we create content, we want to do everything we can to get people to read it. There are several easy ways to structure your content so that people are more likely to click on it – and maybe even share it. And if their friends […]
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Gone Fishing – Summer 2015

We are taking some time off – and we hope you schedule some time off as well to unplug, step back, and reconnect with friends and family. We’ll be back on Tuesday, August 11.
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5 Tips for Better Performance Reviews

I love performance reviews – said no one ever. Managers don’t love doing them. Employees don’t love receiving them. They may be a necessary evil, but there are things that you can do to make them better for everyone. Carol shares five tips in her recent […]
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Employee Surveys: One Way to Be a Better Manager

As with many things, often others will be able to see what you should change when you do not. If you have employees (or part-time help), there are always ways to improve your management techniques to boost employee productivity and engagement. Recently, Carol wrote a post […]
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Gone Fishing – Happy Fourth of July 2015

In celebration of the Independence Day holiday weekend here in the United States, we will be taking today off. Please remember to unplug, connect with friends and family, and recharge your battery. This is incredibly important for small business owners. Have a wonderful holiday and be […]
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Business Lessons from Pro Hockey

We have a bad case of hockey on the brain here in Chicago. Our beloved Blackhawks have made it to the finals! What a game is was on Saturday. While I am not much of a sports fan, even I watched the game. If you follow […]
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TED Talks and the Way We Present

Lately, I have been immersing myself in the world of TED talks. Not only are the speakers often presenting fascinating topics, but studying their presentation and storytelling styles can be transferred to other aspects of my business. I am presenting my first TEDx talk on Saturday, […]
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